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  1. With a quip? With a mending needle? With a - well, you get the picture. 🤮
  2. (and)Kaylee has used ALL the filters. I'd excuse that level of wacky experimentalism if it were one of the 12-year-olds; but maybe nobody ever lets Kaylee hold the camera phone?
  3. Do you know, I’ve been thinking about this (more than I should, which is ‘any’), and it just occurred to me: does Derick mean ‘College Minus’?!? i thought I vaguely remembered someone saying that Jill was filmed at some point pre-Nepal cramming College Plus workbooks like mad; plus Derick’s no education major. Maybe he thinks that Jill doing 48 College Minus multiple choice workbooks in 6 weeks, IS the same as attending 240 credit hours or similar?? I know it sounds funny to contemplate, but he’d only know whatever nonsense the Duggars parroted about College Plus. He wouldn’t know it’s make-work nonsense.
  4. Agreed. Look at how much he enjoyed his Jingle Bells, lol.
  5. I believe I looked at Anna like I wanted to pop her when she made that comment. ‘Our letter!’ Makes me want to 🤮
  6. I think people definitely have current Jill's hair color in nature. I don't think they have it with Jill's roots though.
  7. Yeah, it's... not that anymore, in the overwhelming majority of public libraries. (Source: Master of Library Science degree granted 2016) . They call this, "Library 2.0", because nobody can be bothered to tell their kids that any public place should be quiet anymore; or that anyone should put down their cell phones. The goal is then to get people "using" the library, which they weren't doing anymore when it was the stuffy source of "SHHHHHHHHH!"s and mean looks. Nowadays, this method of getting butts in library seats is done with Story Time, DVD lending, 3D printers, Starbucks (!), my local library was advertising a teen Wii tournament a few years back, etc., etc. As somebody who can't concentrate with extraneous noise anywhere, I pay an annual fee for membership to an academic library.
  8. Neither Derick nor anyone else ever posted a foot picture. Derick talked about them sight unseen: Not sure what to make of the "must be a stock photo" comments. Maybe somebody saw the above photograph somewhere with a photo credit.
  9. And yet, with this piece of information, you'd think the youngsters would be a bit more enthused over getting to travel to England/Israel/Danger America, etc., etc., thinking "hey, at least it's somewhere different to go"...
  10. Pfff. Amateurs. No explanation of Cana is complete without an extra assertion that God "let" the water be turned into alcoholic wine just because the audience expected it; and that sometimes in the commission of Biblical miracles it's OK to "use evil for good". Or that half the wineskins were set aside for the "kiddy tables" and did contain unfermented wine.
  11. And yet, I guarantee there are many evangelicals out there who think the same way Derick apparently does, which is that prostituting yourself on air to show a watered-down sanitized version of Christianity without any so-called righteous shaming and blaming is useless; and only opens the family up to a toehold for Satan a la - drumroll - Josh. They would say that just tra-la-la'ing around like a circus sideshow "doing things a little [vaguely] differently", isn't doing much at all to educate the sinful heathens. And these people aren't jealous famewhores; they sincerely believe it. Which then makes you wonder: is it more "righteous" to maintain a purity of worldview, even if the worldview is flawed (best case scenario) or (worst) downright rotten, than it is to lie to people by omission and covert action? At least the Rods (maybe bad example as we KNOW they'd change places with JB and M in a minute; but bear with me), you know where they stand, and they're remarkably consistent about it to boot. Also, maybe JB&M allow themselves to think that getting invited to their little "marriage seminars" and lecturing the already converted along the lines the converted already know, makes this a "ministry".
  12. Agreed! and Pris super doesn't understand this one, because it's clearly obvious that the author of the Bible book is talking about and to a batch of people, which there's no way she's escaped that fact as someone steeped in the broth. I doubt she'd write "today we ministered to the Namibian's"; or maybe she would!
  13. The Book of "Roman's", Pris? Really???!? How many times in your life have you looked at an open Bible, girlfriend? Those poor kids are doomed, unless David can stay home from IBLP headquarters to be the English tutor.
  14. She, like Jinger, needs a dip in the ProActiv. Either that, or everyone in the family has suddenly developed an affinity for a mystery filter that makes everyone's complexion look pebbly.
  15. Don't ask me why as it's always been a mystery, but my folks live on a very short cul-de-sac. All the houses on the street, naturally, were single digits. They were single digits on the sale agreement and mortgage papers. Not too long after my parents' purchase, the post office started sending mail, indicating that they were requiring us to soon be a four-digit postal address.
  16. She should at least get credit for staying away from Jesusspeak Birthday Greetings...
  17. That would be fabulous for an ugly Christmas sweater party. Even if you did have to walk around explaining it to everyone.
  18. I'm still busy trying to understand... what did they think would lead to their big-time jobs? Probably because it seems kind of counterintuitive, to both point out that the value system of the ebil world gives gifts to individuals with college educations, and that everything is based on this "false system of idols"... it doesn't matter what they think of college educations; the fact remains, this is how the world works. You can't simultaneously acknowledge the systems of the world as status-quo; and then say that simply looking more wholesome and Pleasantville than everyone else will qualify you for things better than the world doles out by following its acknowledged paths to success. At the very, very least, it seems the goal should be to go out and infiltrate the existing colleges and universities; or at least to aspire to creating Liberty University or Bob Jones U. yourselves.
  19. *also connotes last time spirited toddlers allowed outside without pants
  20. Yeah, it generally takes me 2 days to fold the laundry to completion (using closet organizers; hanging wet stuff on shower rod, etc.) so I give Jill a pass. I might even emulate her, as I often think ‘shame that my wall is the other side of the next apartment’s bedroom, or else Alexa could entertain me with some 2020 songs’.
  21. And now it all makes sense though, doesn't it? Your "friend" is really your frumpy mentor; which is why someone thought it was A-OK for a grown woman to be best friends with teen Joy.
  22. Once upon a time after Fundy Christmas, my parents were discussing my aunt's dress (as we often did). My mother: Why must she wear those dresses which look like Laura's dresses from Little House on the Prairie? My father: LOOK like?! It IS a dress from Little House on the Prairie! Mom: But seriously - Dad: No, I mean it is the ACTUAL dress, woman! Laura was wearing it on the episode I saw last night! I of course thought he was exaggerating, but then lo and behold, I saw the dress in person on a rerun of the offending episode (movie?), and it was the literal, actual, in-your-face dress, there on Melissa Gilbert. Red and black plaid, if I recall correctly, with some sort of wide white fichu type furbelow around the neck. I wondered if the costume designer was getting residuals, because clearly some Modesty Wear designer had a lightbulb go off over their head to copy Little House dresses and sell them to the fundagelical. I, too, admit I thought my father was making it up; or had seen some dress "something" like in the family of Laura's red-and-black plaid; but no. He did indeed mean the actual, literal copy of the dress, which I knew because in retrospect I had seen my aunt in many a Christmas photo wearing it.
  23. Based on what we know of Gothardism and the Wisdumb Booklets, I'm almost positive that "ski skirts" came about "working as double duty in case anyone around starts to suspect that the girls possess a crotch".
  24. I'm hoping and expecting it's not, considering the changing pad (?) appears to be folded up inside a black lacquer box far shorter than your average infant 😂 . Either way I don't get it, unless it's a spare set of things and they have a separate table set up; or it's now considered healthier for some reason to change one's baby on the floor, because as I understand it, often you don't really have time to "set up" a changing table anew every time you're gonna use it, lol ("This kid's gonna blow!!! Outta my way!!!").
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