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  1. This was a rare episode where (mostly) good things happened to the characters. I laughed out loud at Dan's "Owww!" immediately segueing into "I feel good" as if he was singing the song.
  2. I have been watching figure skating for decades and every single jump looks exactly alike to me. I can tell how many revolutions they do but couldn't distinguish a lutz, an axel, a toe loop or a flip if you held a gun to my head, I will try to remember if they are skating forward it's an axel.
  3. Okay, maybe outsourcing was the wrong word. I don't think there is anything wrong with kids doing chores. I've said before that the kids on this show should be doing more chores around the house. I guess George just reminds me of my own dad. While my mom worked very hard keeping house for 11 people and all of us kids did chores, my dad mostly sat around and drank beer when he was home; something the show has shown George doing quite a bit. Yes, they had/have jobs and provide for the family financially. But there is more to being a full member of the family than that. I think it would ben
  4. I understand and agree with do chores because you're part of the family, but the truth is George doesn't appear to do much in the way of chores. He's outsourced the lawn care to Georgie, and probably the auto maintenance too. (I would, if I were him.) So what exactly does he do to set an example? Still, I can see how being disrespected bothers him, though he lets Sheldon do it all the time. He should have talked to Georgie about not ripping off dumb younger kids, though. Oh, Billy Sparks, you poor, sweet, gullible thing.
  5. I like Veronica and I'm glad she won again but that shirt she was wearing today was an eyesore. FJ was an instaget. I loved that book when I was a kid and can still quote from it. I got the TSs of Adam Schiff, Scaliese, Prince of Tides/Great Santini and Rio Grande/Colorado.
  6. Yes, the character assassination of Cara continues.
  7. I thought Pastor Jeff looked quite dapper in his tux. And I liked that he was honest enough to tell Mary she sucked as a wedding planner. Kind of a meh episode overall. I'm surprised Missy didn't put up more of a fuss at taking the chicken back to be "murdered."
  8. Not even if there are other possible answers. They just had a clue on the regular show about the vice president in 1865 and accepted Johnson as an answer. I was thinking, huh, who knew Lyndon B Johnson was so old? 🙄 There have been three vice presidents named Johnson.
  9. I was pretty sure the answer would be a soccer star, but the only two I know by name are Pele (yes, I'm old!) and David Beckham, so I went with the latter. Oh! I also know Megan Rapinoe but figured it wouldn't be a female.
  10. What was the point of throwing in presidential trivia with the first FJ clue? Were they trying to make this ridiculously easy answer seem harder than it really was? I am cheering on James, but they were all really good.
  11. Since they showed her having an ultrasound, which would have picked up two fetuses (feti?) I don't think that's going to happen. But it does sound like something this show would do. What's up with Olive wanting to spill the beans to Danny? First of all, it's not her news to share. Secondly, she knew the score with her Mom and Danny, and she wasn't previously written as being stupid, so I'm sure a moment's thought would have told her why her mom wasn't eager to announce her pregnancy to Danny. I'm okay with Michaela and Zeke being a romantic pairing. Maybe he just looks good to me com
  12. It was a very poorly worded clue. I immediately said Ray Kroc. For some unknown reason they probably would have counted that wrong.
  13. I like Jennifer but her "Uhh....(long pause) before naming the clue she wants is annoying AF. And whenever Alex says there is less than a minute to go she always picks the lowest value clue instead of the one that will add the most to her total. What's up with that? And I don't understand her miniscule wagers. Tonight she found the DD very early in the game. Instead of wagering her entire $1800 she bet $600, on a $400 clue! But, she's a seven day champion, so it's clearly working for her. I am rooting for her to go over the $200,000 mark. Her breadth of knowledge is impressive.
  14. Mary is so over the top worrying about her bay-bee it's annoying AF. And George was 100% right in his comment last week that for a "Christian" woman, she sure lies a lot. I really liked Dr. Sturgis last season, but they way they're writing him and MeeMaw's relationship this time around doesn't work for me. He's all annoyance, no charm. I did like Connie's irritation with the Coach making fun of her friend, until he successfully distracted her with his talk of punishment. LOL
  15. James is my all time favorite contestant but I don't think he has the personality to be a good host. I don't see him easily schmoozing people. It's like with politicians, some are just better at connecting with people. Reagan and Bill Clinton come to mind. Both could effortlessly work a room. The show needs to find a host with the gift of gab who is at ease with people of all stripes.
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