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  1. muessigkeit

    S03.E10: We're Bad People

    We definitely did. Asher in 2B was all about his guilt. He was drinking (most prominently in 2x10), he offered to turn himself in multiple times (twice in 2x12, once in 2x14) and he apologized to everyone with this speech (2x14): "Excuse me, everyone, if I could have your attention. I would like to offer all of you an apology. [...] Uh, I'm sorry for ruining your lives. Uh, yeah I don't know. Maybe none of this would've happened if you all hadn't killed Sam, or if whoever hadn't killed Lila [...] Anyway, the point is, I messed up and made you all stick your necks out on the line for me, and I just want to say thank you. Thank you for protecting me after I, you know - killed" [Connor interrupts] I'm by no means an Asher fan, his antics are like nails on a chalkboard to me, but to say he never showed guilt is completely untrue.
  2. muessigkeit

    S01.E12: Mindy St. Clair / S01.E13: Michael's Gambit

    Actually you bringing that up makes me realize that was a flaw in the script. I mean isn't that an incident that didn't happen in front of any of our four main characters? So who was it "acted" for? Nope, Tahani and Jason are both there to witness that incident. I really can't recall any scene in which we've seen Michael without any of the four main characters (before yesterday's episodes of course.)
  3. muessigkeit

    One is the Loneliest Number: Unpopular GG Opinions

    Now there's an underrated actress. She's great in HTGAWM and Bonnie and Paris are like night and day and nothing like Liza in interviews. Also since we're talking about unpopular opinions: Bonnie >>> Paris
  4. muessigkeit

    One is the Loneliest Number: Unpopular GG Opinions

    People do. Basically every reviewer I've read in the last weeks made it a point to say that they hope she'll finally get Emmy recognition. Personally I'd agree that basically playing yourself and being able to talk really quickly doesn't necessarily mean you're a great actor, but I haven't watched her in enough other stuff to form a solid opinion.
  5. muessigkeit

    One is the Loneliest Number: Unpopular GG Opinions

    I was debating posting this in the nitpicking thread, but I guess the general consensus being that Lauren Graham is the best actress in the universe makes this an unpopular opinion: It really bugs me that I can never tell when Lorelai is supposed to be drunk because LG plays drunk Lorelai the exact same way as sober Lorelai. She doesn't add a "drunk" layer to her performance at all and it really takes away from scenes in which she's supposed to be so drunk that her judgement is impaired. Her excuse for not being able to come up with a nice story to tell at Richard's funeral that she hadn't eaten in two days and "drank [her] weight in single malt scotch" fell completely flat, because she seemed absolutely fine in the "Let's all tell a story about Richard" scene.
  6. muessigkeit

    S03.E09: Who's Dead?

    People always say that as if Pete doesn't watch his own damn show. Yes, he didn't know who would be under the sheet when he wrote that scene for Viola, but he sure as hell took how Viola played it into account when he finally made the decision. There are 2 ways to write a story: The show runner plans out everything from the beginning and then makes sure that the actors play the scenes to match what they (as in the show runner) has in mind for later OR the show runner leaves things up to interpretation for the actors and then makes sure that the actors' interpretation matches the story. Annalise's reaction to the corpse left 2 options: A) If it's genuine, it has to be someone she would get that upset over or B) If it's not genuine, then it has to be an act and she needs to have a reason for that act. Pete chose the first option and he made it work. That's really all there is to writing: providing the context to make something work.
  7. muessigkeit

    S03.E08: No More Blood

    What people always forget is that Oliver did try to walk away. After they had broken up before Sam's murder (because Connor cheated on him) Oliver did not want to get back together Connor, but Connor deliberately wormed his way back into Oliver's life. He used the drug addiction he pretended to have as emotional blackmail to make Oliver let him stay ("If you throw me out right now, I can't guarantee that I'm gonna go straight to a dealer and buy an eightball." (1x11) and when Oliver told Connor "You know how you can't do drugs; that's how you are to me" Connor countered with more emotional manipulation by saying that Oliver was "the only one in [his] life [he] could trust." (don't have time to find the episode right now; will amend later) Connor also moved into Oliver's apartment without any prior discussion. Just came to Oliver's door with boxes of his stuff and said "It's done, Ollie. I'm already subletting my apartment." (2x01) Connor has been using Oliver as a security blanket ever since his freak-out after murdering Sam. Oliver wasn't wrong about that; he just has no idea why.
  8. muessigkeit

    S03.E08: No More Blood

    Did Annalise tell him the whole story about how his mother killed herself because Daddy Mahony tried to force her to testify that she saw Young Mahoney when Young Mahoney was actually killing his fiancée? That was how Annalise got entangled with the Mahoneys in the first place, remember? She defended the guy she's now framing.
  9. I'm so scared for my American friends right now. I desperately want to contact them, but I don't even know what to say. "I'm so sorry your country doesn't care about you, you'll lose your health insurance, your bodily autonomy and your right to marry. *Hugs*" That just doesn't seem to cut it...
  10. Didn't we all learn a thing about polls today?
  11. My heart breaks for her too. Especially because you know that if she loses, people will forever blame her for not being able to defeat Trump and for "stealing the nomination from Bernie, who would have definitely have defeated Trump."
  12. I don't get it either. My country is just as sexist as yours (until a few months ago our laws said it wasn't rape unless the victim physically fought back), but the old, white men making up our conservative party had no problem nominating and voting for a woman as head of state. But your liberal voters can't elect the most qualified candidate ever who just happens to be a woman? I had more faith in you.
  13. Since you guys are all so frustrated by Florida's flip flopping might I suggest an exchange with Bavaria? Bavarians are ultra conservative nitwits but at least they're very consistent about it. Think about the offer; no need to hurry. As long as the deal's done before our general elections next September we're good.
  14. I can't stand this. I have the same feeling as I had when I stayed up all night to follow the Brexit vote results (and we all know how that ended; I walked around like a zombie the whole next day because I was sleep-deprived and in denial.) It's almost 2am here and I should probably just go to bed and spare myself the waiting, but I don't want to miss finding out if the apocalypse is getting averted or not.
  15. muessigkeit

    Season One Talk: FFwSB

    Did you mean this one: http://www.vox.com/a/hillary-clinton-interview/the-gap-listener-leadership-quality I loved that article; it's such a well-thought out piece. Especially liked the analysis about a campaign based on listening instead of talking. I'm so glad we get two shows this week. I wouldn't want to miss out on neither this show nor the one we'll get on Wednesday regardless of what happens tonight.