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  1. I have to admit when I saw last week that Peter Jones was going to be a guest Shark I got a little too excited (sad sad life I lead :-)) I was annoyed though in his introduction the voice over said that he's from Dragon's Den "The UKs version of Shark Tank" to me that it made it sound like Dragon's Den was a version of Shark Tank (like a knock off that came after) when Dragon's Den was on at least 4 years prior to Shark Tank and when I was able to get it on my tv I watched it all the time. Liked Peter there as well. I don't know if that show as changed as much over the years as Shark Tank
  2. I love this show in all it's cheesy glory. I wish more people were watching. I hope we at least get a full season. I'm not sure where it would go after that but I'm enjoying the current ride.
  3. This was so depressing. I know the American justice system generally goes too far in the other direction but I couldn't believe that Meilon was allowed to keep getting back on the street time and time again and it looks like after this he could potentially be out in 22 years?! Then Patron gets a whole 8 years for raping 4 (that we know of I'm sure there were more). And of course the bio-father getting the girls when he first got out of prison (after what 1 year?) for raping and nearly murdering their mother. I'm certainly not saying all men are monsters but the ones that are and that live
  4. This was probably one of my favorite episodes. It was nice to see them all having fun and not complaining about the VIP area at the club supporting capitalism or gender roles or whatever thing Sarah is angry about at the moment. Having Tom cut loose was great and having Sarah and Denise see that their grass is greener was also nice. Kia Sorrento! LMAO at that one. "Kia" never corrected them. Hope she got a 5 star rating and a good tip! Oh and I love Lupe - we don't see a lot of her but she's my favorite character and I love how she just goes with it like the mask and axe body spra
  5. Same and it has nothing to do with them being same sex. I would have the same issues if a hetero couple used a sperm donner then included him in their lives then one day said "no, you're around too much and getting too close we don't like that". I actually felt sorry for Tom and that they kept referring to him as "sperm donor". I get that's how it started and there are certainly many cases where that's all someone is but they reached out to Tom and wanted contact and kept inviting him around and spending so much time. To me they're the ones that changed the terms of the original agreement
  6. I don't think Tom pays much attention to things that don't have to do with or effect him. He's very childish and selfish (and always looking to be offended) IMO.
  7. I Want My MBTV

    Tennis Thread

    same and while I understand people hate Novak I like that he brought Goran onto his team and I missed seeing Goran in the box. He's another one from that time period that aged really well.
  8. Right there with you. I like Rosalyn Sanchez and wanted to like this Fantasy Island but it's just not doing anything for me. I keep feeling like something is missing. On the OG I remember there was like a Twilight Zone sort of feeling to the fantasies where these are all pretty run of the mill. I liked the first episode well enough but the rest zzzzz . I'm also finding Ruby boring and don't know what her role on the island is supposed to be or why she's even there. She doesn't add much. That's nothing against the actress just the character. I hope things pick up.
  9. So far (IMHO) this was the best episode of the season. There wasn't too much relationship drama and was more focused on the actual business. All three owners seemed pleasant enough as well though the the 10% owner and the non-owner kid were my favorite. I did wonder (like others) about the the brother's former debt and being on a show being shown given money. Speaking of money how many times did Marcus say "this is the last check I'm writing" only to write another one 5 minutes later. I also wondered about the division of responsibilities - where was the sister? Did she have another job?
  10. Man, the fire puns are already tiresome. I thought the chef that won his food looked good but I wanted the math teacher guy to win. Though I was happy he lasted longer then the chef who said he should be eliminated because he wasn't a professional chef. Well, somehow the not professional chef cooked the meat the best in that round so don't let the door hit you. I don't get all the talk of food being sexy and it squicks me out. In all my many years of eating food never have I looked at a plate and thought "boy, that looks sexy". And the winner guy kept talking about making love to the
  11. This was a total WTF episode. Thomas was a POS. How the heck was he pulling all these women right and left? It was like he was some sort of cult leader. The new "girlfriend" was totally just there for drama and to push Lila's buttons and make her look bad on behalf of poor sensitive soul Thomas. Does she live in Oregon now too? I wanted to smack her smug little face. I didn't understand why the management "candidate" was in all the meetings and doing work when she didn't even have a job. I felt sorry for that one employee who never spoke. I hope he left and got another job elsewhere.
  12. It was the same for both chef's as the negative comments Larry received were about the conception of the dish and it being "safe" which was totally on Bryan and I'd say a fairly classic knock on Bryan. I thought for sure Larry's strategy was going to backfire on him and he was going to get eliminated. I don't like that the winning team still has to send someone to the elimination round. It seems it should be two people from the loosing team. I don't I'll watch another episode before I write this off. The one thing though I found especially interesting was that the prize is to run one
  13. That was literally all I wanted to know! The whole ep I kept saying "but where is Cheddar?" "why will no one mention Cheddar?" "Cheddar better be okay". I love and will greatly miss this quirky little show. I like all the characters and actors so much. I remember when it very first started I wasn't sure about it, especially Andy Samberg but he really improved and the whole 'gang' just clicks. Andre Braugher will always be my favorite - in this and everything.
  14. Everyone in the family seemed a bit passive and no one really wanted to take any leadership. It's a shame because it sounded like a really great business and the demand is there. What I didn't understand was Marcus kept saying to trade debt for equity with the people they owed money to but he never said how much equity so I'm wondering what if any percentage of the company they had left after all that?
  15. I realize it'll be at a different locale but I really hope they find someway to keep Belinda. She's the only character I'd want to see again. Maybe Quinn to see what happened to him but no on else.
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