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    Tennis Thread

    I pretty much agree with what everyone has said about Osaka and how basically she didn't handle it well initially but if she needs a break I hope she gets one. It goes to show that no matter how perfect someone's life may seem you never really know what is going on with another person and fame and money isn't a guarantee of anything. I hope for her mental well being she also takes a break from social media as I really feel like that's worse for anyone's mental health then sitting down and asking some inane questions especially for someone that seems to be as loved by the press as Naomi is. O
  2. It's "funny" if you look at Jeanette in 1993 and Kate in 1993 it seems like Kate has it all she's pretty, popular has the guy the money, etc. while Jeanette is frumpy, single, not rich... but then when you see how things really were Jeanette actually had things pretty good. Yeah, her mom was a bit extra but she wasn't horrible, she got along well with her dad, her brother was cool, she had friends (at least one good in Vince) while Kate had a sucky boyfriend, a mom that sucked, a stepdad that was afraid to stand up to his wife, friends that were lame, a stepsister that somehow blamed Kate for
  3. That house looked so familiar to me. I feel like it was either on Insecure or it was used as where Monk had his therapy sessions on Monk (or both or neither :-) - either way really beautiful! Uzo looked great and is owning the role.
  4. I think Damon's issue was that she kept losing millions of dollars and was very nonchalant about it. I think she had already lost like 3M or something like that and she seemed like she'd be okay to just keep losing more money and that's what made Damon upset. I don't think it was so much that she had lost money but it was just there was no explanation or care about it. I wish she would have had the Sharks make the coffee themselves (provided them with hot water then the bag set up) as I have the product but I've only used it once and when I poured the hot water into the bag all the grou
  5. Two (of many things) that confused me was 1) how did Darlene only get $500 for selling 2 first class tickets to Hawaii? That's at best one economy ticket. 2) if Ben had said yes to Darlene's proposal was he going to move back into the house? That's been his issue all along that he wanted to have his own place with Darlene (I wouldn't want to live in that house with 852 people at any given moment either and they never talked about where Mark would live) and I don't see how getting married would change their financial situation. I do not understand why Louise would want anything to do wi
  6. But that was the whole problem with "Penny" from jump. Literally no one communicated anything! If Gabe throws out "let's do seafood" and you don't agree with it - say something. If the plan for FOH is no plan and you don't think that's a good idea - say something. I've noticed that on teams a lot of these cheftestants this season don't understand the concept of brainstorming. You have to throw out ideas to get somewhere that doesn't mean no one else can say something else but if they don't then you get the no plan is our plan. You could see the difference in the two teams in the plann
  7. Hen's mom said she never goes to the doctor. I don't know if she did if this is something that could've been caught earlier as I'm not familiar enough with the condition.
  8. Exactly! What about Mo and the financial benefit he was expecting from this? Couldn't Max of just gotten his own place to stay in NY and did the popup (don't his parents live out there?). I was also pissed that Zoey didn't start questioning the "pause" until Max was with Rose. Very convenient. I am glad Simon broke up with Zoey (I do hope we continue to see him) he deserves better than this push/pull 3rd grade BS. How nice it must be to be Zoey "oh, today I like this hot guy so I'll be with him" "nope, now I like this other hot guy so I'll be with him" while both guys are just "sure I lov
  9. Seriously! And another repeat next week. Last night I forgot this show was on then I watched it but today I forgot that I watched it and could barely remember what happened until I came here. I had such high hopes for this show - serves me right :-)
  10. Well I'm bummed. At first I didn't think I was going to like this show (and didn't watch) because I'd grown tired of Black-ish and thought it'd be more of the same but then I gave it a shot and I really liked it and far prefer it to Black-ish. I'd much rather see another season of this show then another season of man baby Dre and constantly asking myself "where's that baby they had a few years ago?".
  11. yep, that is a thing. While I've never used my neighbor has used someone for his last several purchases (I think he leases). It must be easy money for the "buyer" because every car my neighbor has bought has been a gray honda accord. I think the current one is a hybrid but if he didn't tell me it was a different car I would have never noticed.
  12. so because Bob was a polite host he hijacked them? If I recall correctly it was one of the women that asked him to turn on the music. I also didn't see him in the hot tub. None of these women are shrinking violets. If they didn't want to have a drink they would have said "no thank you" but they said they didn't want to be at the club that early then they started having fun and had drinks, food, music and hot tub so they decided to stay.
  13. Even with extra Chris Noth this was probably my least favorite episode to date. I actually liked the family stuff more than the COW - SMH! I just could not get invested in the COW and kept tuning out. It also seemed to stretch credulity even more than usual And yeah, lots of people got killed but we saved the girl who called us so Cheers!?
  14. don't forget they're also good looking and both are from out of town. Maybe that last part helps.
  15. Do we know if immunity is off the table going forward or was it just for this specific challenge so they could do the double elimination psych out immediate LCK to bring one of the two back? If it's the later and next weeks quick fire winner gets immunity no matter how much you don't like Gabriel I think that's just unfair and sucky all the way around.
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