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  1. OMG! Good news for those worried about the murder hornet. This video is graphic, so don't watch if you're squeamish, I'll spoilerize what happens. Praying mantis vs. Murder hornet (youtube)
  2. Here's a heartwarming story and further proof that despite what some think most people are good and this pandemic isn't the end of the world. 93 y/o Air Force vet sneaks out of his senior community and hitchhikes to local dollar store to get Hershey bars. It seems that he and his 94 y/o girl friend like to share one each evening but he hasn't been able to get any due to the pandemic. Read about the guy that picked him up and posted about it on FB where it went viral and the candy distributors that have reached out to the AF vet. https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/air-force-veteran-93-hitchiking-chocolate-bars-split-one-girlfriend-every-night
  3. I understand completely. I'm in a similar situation. My post was nothing more than a poor attempt at a joke. Apologies.
  4. Sounds like you're getting about a week to the gallon... not bad.
  5. All true, but you're missing one huge factor with respect to NYC... population density. The combination of population density and viral load makes NYC the perfect breeding ground.
  6. God, I hope so! If not lets hope for Holocaust Eagles! 😛
  7. As do I. That's why I use: https://www.bustle.com/articles/20500-10-websites-to-help-you-find-your-new-favorite-book They're not perfect but they do help quite a bit, especially 'Good Reads', imo.
  8. I agree with you that CCD is a big fucking deal, however there has been a significant decline in colony loss due to CCD since ~ 2008. (source: https://www.epa.gov/pollinator-protection/colony-collapse-disorder) It's still a problem and I'm not trying to minimize it by any means. Not all invasive species thrive to the extent they did in their native habitat. If you're old enough you'll remember all the hand wringing and hair pulling over 'Killer Bees'. They were very aggressive African bees coming into the US from Mexico via South America. That was over 40 years ago and today there's hardly any mention of them. I'm hopeful that there will be a concerted effort to control/eradicate these little buggers. Also, there may well be a natural predator here in the US that they've never dealt with before... Genocide Falcons?
  9. Speaking of murder hornet memes: https://www.dailydot.com/unclick/murder-hornet-memes/ Might as well smile as the apocalypse hits second gear.
  10. Great! That's what, two of the four horseman of the apocalypse and we're not even in June yet?? Time to cash in that 401k and spend it quickly on hookers and blow! 😜
  11. Unemployment benefits are a fraction of what the individual was earning and don't come close to providing the necessary funds to satisfy an individuals debt. It was never designed to do that. It was designed to provide a little assistance until the individual could find work again, nothing more. For instance, in TX, weekly unemployment benefits range from a low of $69 to a high of $521. (source: https://www.twc.texas.gov/jobseekers/eligibility-benefit-amounts#benefitAmounts) So an individual making minimum wage would normally earn $290 a week based on a 40 hour work week. With unemployment they'd receive $69 a week. An individual with a better education and better job who is earning $1500 a week, $78,000 a year (not really that much in this day and age) would get $521, at most, a week on unemployment. It is all but impossible to pay your daily living expenses, regardless of 'normal' income level while on unemployment. Once again, there are really only two choices for many people. Go back to work or find yourself living under a bridge with nothing to eat and no car.
  12. I use justwatch.com/us to find them. From the homepage do a search for the show and select it from the list that appears. Scroll down a bit and it will tell you what service(s) have the show. They've been pretty accurate imo.
  13. I understand your concerns completely. As a high-risk person myself I share many of them. I sincerely hope that you and your family will come out the other end of this unscathed. That said, there are millions of people here in Texas, and all around the US, that have limited options. Their choices are simple. Go back to work or find yourself living under a bridge with nothing to eat and no car to drive. A harsh reality for those that have been self sufficient and worked all their lives. There are multiple forces at work here and frustration and anger are setting in on both sides sadly. While I personally believe that the overwhelming majority of people have no ill will towards others I'm also aware that there are a few that just don't care or lack the intellectual capacity to fully understand the situation. Either way, we're all in this together and can hopefully understand the other's point of view to some degree. All the best from one Texan to another.
  14. I also live in Texas, (DFW), and I agree with you completely. Like you I need to eat and have bills to pay. The $1200 stimulus was nice but it only goes so far. It's important to note that every major city in Texas is spread out over a very large area compared to many cities in the east. Our population density is a fraction that of eastern cities. (DFW pop. ~ 7.6M / NYC pop. ~ 8.4M / area of DFW ~ 9,200 sq. mi. / area of NYC ~ 300 sq. mi.) There's too much 'group think / one size fits all' when it comes to these lockdowns. We still need to be careful, maintain social distancing and avoid unnecessary outings, but we're not in the same boat that NYC is.
  15. Make a few substitutions and you have a classic Lox 'n Bagel. Salmon for turkey, bagel for black bread, lose the lettuce add tomato and there you go. So not weird imo.
  16. That's not my understanding. As I understand it, the virus reduces the bloods ability to carry oxygen by attacking the hemoglobin. In effect you begin to shed iron from the hemoglobin and that collects in the lungs. That combined with the reduced oxygen capacity of the blood causes problems breathing.
  17. Well, she wasn't too keen on mowing the lawn so.... Also, if you've been using dryer sheets with your towels regularly then it will take more than one wash/dry without one to remove all the 'oils' from the dryer sheet. If you really want to see the difference use a new towel never dried with a sheet.
  18. Many years ago shortly after getting married I asked my wife not to use the dryer sheets with towels for the same reason. She thought I was crazy but complied for a few weeks then decided to test me. She was honestly surprised that I could tell the difference.
  19. Ranger Bob

    Cola Wars!

    Dr. Pepper, hands down. For those from Texas you may remember Dublin Dr. Pepper before they were shut down. OMG! So good.
  20. Oil tankers are ocean going vessels. They'll be fine.
  21. No, can't be pumped back in the well. Some of the excess will go in the strategic reserve, the rest... who knows. Most likely it will have to stay on the tanker's until there's room for it.
  22. That's what I have and I love it! And yes, ATK rated it as the best. Almost everything in my kitchen comes from their equipment reviews. Don't think I've ever been disappointed.
  23. As far as previous immunity in the community I'm not aware that that plays a significant role until you reach a high percentage of the population. It certainly plays no role in summer temps slowing the spread of the virus. But, being outdoors in the summer most likely does. Heat and humidity is what slows other viruses, hand hopefully this one as well. A good breeding ground for the spread of viruses is inside an air conditioned building. Low humidity and low temps.
  24. It was the tail end of summer in Australia when this all started, just like it's the front end of summer here (northern hemisphere). We haven't seen a full season of summer with this virus yet. This is a dynamic situation, there are many factors involved. It's too early at this point to draw a conclusion. We just don't know with any degree of certainty if summer will actually slow the spread. Remember, it's entirely possible to contract the flu in mid summer. It's just not as likely to do so. ETA: As I pointed out earlier, we know for a fact that summer slows the spread of most viruses. We just don't have the data yet for this virus.
  25. This is not accurate. We know for a fact that summer temps slow the spread of most viruses. What we don't know for a fact is if summer temps will slow this particular virus. It may, it may not. Too early to tell as we're still in April, which is clearly not the height of summer temps.
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