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  1. I use justwatch.com/us to find them. From the homepage do a search for the show and select it from the list that appears. Scroll down a bit and it will tell you what service(s) have the show. They've been pretty accurate imo.
  2. Make a few substitutions and you have a classic Lox 'n Bagel. Salmon for turkey, bagel for black bread, lose the lettuce add tomato and there you go. So not weird imo.
  3. Ranger Bob

    Cola Wars!

    Dr. Pepper, hands down. For those from Texas you may remember Dublin Dr. Pepper before they were shut down. OMG! So good.
  4. That's what I have and I love it! And yes, ATK rated it as the best. Almost everything in my kitchen comes from their equipment reviews. Don't think I've ever been disappointed.
  5. Ranger Bob


    Esty spoke Yiddish which is a German dialect. If you speak Spanish you can get by in Italy. I suspect this is similar.
  6. Ranger Bob


    Let me start by saying that I know absolutely nothing about the orthodox Jewish community. Nothing I say here should be taken as a comment on that community. But, I can comment on what was presented, and that is all I'm doing here. Etsy (Shira Haas), was such a sympathetic, endearing, powerful and likable character. I can't recall another female character that has had that effect on me recently, if ever. Every male instinct I have wanted to protect her with all my might. Mock me if you will, call me a Neanderthal or a sexist. I don't care. Any man that denies those instincts is eith
  7. Given the total lack of inventory control I'm going to go with no, no they don't have a crisis committee.
  8. Just binged both seasons. I enjoyed it. I really liked the costumes, the set design and the cinematography. Very lush. The characters were a bit one dimensional but still good and likable. Specifically the Crown Prince, the Nurse and the 'rebel without a cause'. The plot was a bit 'see through', if you will, but still the overall arc was enjoyable. I really liked the 'twists' on the zombies. New and interesting. Where this really lacked was the writing/direction. It was overly melodramatic and sophomoric, at times bordering on silly. They employed every known trope w
  9. Watched both seasons of this the other night. If we weren't in the middle of a pandemic and forced to stay home I doubt seriously I would have finished this. Much of the discussion of food was fun and entertaining. It's the need to inject social commentary and politics that makes me insane.
  10. This one got to me. Actually, the whole series did. How can your heart not ache for Loretta? Amazing storytelling and film making. The fact that they had some 10 minutes without dialog during the flashback showing time progressing as Cole was away, and I was captivated, is truly remarkable. The score was sublime. One of the best things I've seen in quite sometime of any genre. I don't think there's any way they can live up to S1 if they do another one, but I'll be happy to watch if they do. Outstanding!
  11. Some kind of water snake I think. I wonder why on earth he would go back to the island at night? I understand facing your fears, but alone at night? No, no for me thanks. This show has a way of evoking a wide range of emotions. I find it compelling.
  12. Poignant and bittersweet. A reminder to appreciate what we have and not focus on what we don't.
  13. I suspect that many won't like this episode, but I did. A look into the psyche of a man overcome with guilt over his son's condition and a (false) sense of responsibility for the safety of his family and his deaf daughter. (Not that he doesn't have a responsibility for the safety of his family, just that's it's not anywhere to the degree that he feels.). As a man, and the father of a daughter, I can at least understand this while never having experienced anything close to what he has. Perhaps the thing I liked most about this episode was the fact that it ended on a hopeful no
  14. Not the best episode so far. Not horrible, but not as good as the others.
  15. When they were having sex in the street the first thought I had was there's a timer on the thermos and time will start again with them in mid coitus. Then I remembered this isn't a comedy. The story arc of the past two episodes seems to be be careful what you wish for. Another good episode. I'm hooked.
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