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  1. I so agree with this! I've always adored Flagg & glad I can finally like Altman-- marriage and fatherhood have been transformative. I also appreciate that he recognizes he "married up" πŸ˜‰ Heather is gorgeous, smart, and they certainly present as tho' they truly love each other. What I'm curious about re: Altman is what are those weird circle things on his back? I realize they're likely some sort of tattoo-- but? At first glance I thought he'd had a skin disease of some sort, or perhaps needed skin grafts due to an accident of some sort. Anyone know what they are/maybe where
  2. I think Noellas Egyptian "Cher" look was pretty. Especially liked her neck piece. Really the only one ( outside of the Emily fiasco) that stood out to me.
  3. Actually that's exactly what she was referring to. She thought the open back of the dress which showed Emily's bare back exposing a "jiggly" area with the "crack" formed where her too tight dress pushed the flesh on either side together was somehow her buttocks even tho' they weren't in the usual place ! When I watched the scene again that's exactly what it looks like to me now & I can't seem to unsee it😳! I seem to remember she wore a dress with a similarly placed cutout on a previous episode (maybe the same dress?) Doesn't she have a full length mirror and at least a good ha
  4. Questions posed by a passing 5year old upon glimpsing the back view of Emily at the end of this episode : "Why is she show her bare butt on the tv?" & "How her butt get so high up?" Adult responses-- (mom) "Because God makes everybody different." (dad) "& he has a twisted sense of humour!" (both) -- "Bedtime! Go find a bedtime book!"πŸ˜πŸ˜…
  5. Uh, just a clarification--- if you're referring to the driver of the truck who chased Jimmy out due to his back brace? That's Taylor Sheridan himself. Writer, originator, director, main producer, actual horseman & rider, ranch owner, big boss, top dog & fervent believer in his own omniscience in the world of Western TV Shows. Sheridan is currently engaged in an internal contest between his talent and his ego which is producing too much dust right now for observers to see which is winning (altho' early indicators currently put ego slightly ahead). We judges are sitting on the
  6. Just a word here because I watched episode 1 & 2 of 1883 at 12:03 AM today and I'm already hooked. Found myself already looking for hints of the modern day Duttons in the story. I'll hand it to Sheridan on the writing for these premier episodes. You can tell his heart is in this one. And it's a great cast. Tom Hanks has a cameo! I'm going to be happily immersed in Yellowstone past and present for the next few weeks. I've had Paramount+ since it was CBS+ (for The Good Fight) & now my longing for Westerns can be sated a bit, too. Worth the $9.99. Now to see if the original
  7. I truly do not get why the Project Runway designers aren't able to properly dress women of size. I recommend they tune into The Voice which nearly every season has large and extra large contestants and the wardrobe people manage to find/create beautiful well fitting outfits for all every single week. Sometimes multiple outfits for each person on each show. Those contestants look great in the clothes. And the people who put the looks together do not claim to be "designers" like Project Runways bumblers do. Agree with those who call for Elaine to be removed from judgeship. Brando
  8. While I am looking forward to "1883", my first post re episode 1 I was already complaining about the plethora of ads for that, & "King of Kingston" -I know that's not the true title but my ears won't accept any more-- they literally added extra time to that episode, not for Yellowstone but due to all the damn commercials for the other shows! I'm concerned about Sheridan branching out like this (not to mention his new show on CMT "The Last Cowboy" -- I believe that's the title -- about those million dollar fancy cutters recently featured on Yellowstone). Since I'm pretty termi
  9. Uh , no. Not odd at all. When the kids were small we lived on both Maui and Oahu for a couple of years .It was common knowledge that the last day of school was known as "kill a haole" day and the white kids especially blonde or redheaded had best stay home. This attitude was present all during the school year amongst a certain element. And that doesn't mean there aren't wonderful warm non- prejudiced people all over. But a portion of Hawaii's population -esp Native people- do resent the "invaders". Some say " children of Cook" the same way some mainland Natives use "son/daughters of Col
  10. Somehow, I missed the implication of the name "militia " when Kayce used that during his hot spring chat with John. I took it to be his term for a general organized group of attackers & missed connecting it to the extremists hired by the Becks to kidnap Tate. I accepted without question that both Becks were thoroughly dead at the end of season 2. And now I've heard a theory that possibly Martin survived and organized the blitz attack on the Yellowstone & the individual Duttons. This is definitely interesting. If the attacks were not at the direction of Market Equities
  11. I hate drunks!!! Alcohol makes pigs of people. Actually it elevates swine above the drinkers. Its been responsible for the worst, most destructive, traumatic periods and events in my life & I'd rather catch covid than be near that. Immediately upon these subhuman vats of anal fungus setting foot onboard I would jump overboard & I'm a mediocre swimmer who's terrified of ocean swimming. I made note of the names because I live in the area where these ass- pustules purport to work and intend to make absolutely sure no one of my acquaintance will ever use any one of them for a
  12. Ok. I'm admitting I'm obsessive about this damn show. Might be due to the overlong damn pandemic induced wait between seasons. I just finished my 3rd watch of the premiere which brought some thoughts of possibility as to what may be in store. I certainly might be way off base here,, but I'm currently thinking the attacks didn't all come from a single source. I'm thinking Jamie didn't have anything to actually do with the attack on John. I'm going to predict it was his criminal father who decided that all on his own (and Jamie currently has no idea Daddy did this). Got his buddy from pris
  13. Outside of actual"water snakes" most avoid the water unless they're forced in by a flood or escape from a predator. So altho' they can swim they don't like it much and rattlers & copperheads etc. won't chase you into the water -usually 😁... Yep. The kid will turn out just like his new "parental units". Probably gonna drive someone to the train station as soon as his drivers licence is valid...
  14. Re: The roadside mom & kid from Johns attempted murder. I do wish there'd been some closure there but since we saw the mom gunned down and the kid didn't show up while John was lying by the roadside for what appeared to be some time I suppose we are to assume the kid was killed by a stray bullet. Or possibly ran away and might turn up later on. Wish the writers had addressed this even in passing. But never mind I guess... Also I wasn't thrilled to have so much time devoted to ads for Sheridan upcoming new shows but they do look good!! Particularly want to see the 1890 (?)
  15. Also Beth was telling Bob that he should've read more carefully because she co-owns that land she used the company $$ to buy up.
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