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  1. That's exactly the note I would've given Ms Marvel Butterfield as she strode (stumbled across) the boards many years past. "You're aiming for tragedy dear, not sinus drainage!"
  2. I'm sure I'll think of more than this but I just now watched this episode and all I can see at the moment is Erika with her head cocked to the side and the delicately placed hand with finger under her nose -- her moment of despair😢. Possibly the most affected, cheesy, and absolutely phony, stagey gesture I've ever seen (& I used to do community theatre in the lower Midwest!) She's obviously not paying anyone for optics assessment... Put to rest any lingering doubts that she might not really be putting on a bit of an act🙄. Give it up Ericka.
  3. Whenever I've watched scenes of Erika at "home" there seemed to me to be a quality of unreality to the whole thing. Like it was all an old movie set for her production of the "Erika Jayne" fantasy that's been her only real Love/ reason for living / determined focus since she was a child. Everything and everyone else seemed secondary, peripheral, only worthy of her notice insofar as they're incidentally useful in furtherance of the EJ creation and the sustainability thereof. I believe her love and loyalty is given to this, her own creation, before her child or any husband, other f
  4. Sutton has been doing better with the fashion wearing. For example the short red sparkly dress worn in a segment intro is pretty and looks good on her. Then Kyle's party came about & it seems she had one of those temporary blindness episodes of hers, got dressed during, and hot footed it out of the house before the Minders were able to get a good enough grip on her. I had to freeze the screen to make out the print -- I believe it's insane cartoon cats having an altercation in a dirty alley? Sometimes I think her purchases must be spasm-like -- where perhaps she's having
  5. Started watching because I found Frederick hilarious. While they're all a bit over the top 😉 I find Ryan the most purely theatrical. If he was a small town guy he'd be seriously involved with community theater. I haven't seen him actually tap dance / do a buck & wing off a staircase landing but he probably just hasn't had the right inspiration yet. I do not like Steve's new look. There's a weasel-ish quality to his features that his longer hair mitigated, softened. JMO 'cause I prefer long/longer hair on men. I agree with those who think he's not completely "in love" with the mother o
  6. I know I ran into this morsel while reading unrelated items & following some links therein when this caught my eye. I believe this was either Vanity Fair or Variety & a fairly recent item. I'd already heard about the ABC doc & this did not appear to be the same thing. BUT- I'm mostly using a tablet the past months & the screen is so damn sensitive it drops/changes if I breathe hard & I was startled while reading and got up suddenly. I had to abandon the article for awhile & when I returned it was gone. No mention of it in my history and my searches haven't been
  7. Is this true?: Bravo is giving Erika Jayne a spin-off all about her divorce and post divorce "new life"?!?! Unbelievable if true. Time for tar & feathers. (& Andy you're included in the festivities!)
  8. Dear Lord above. Is Bravo working from a list requiring casting directors to purposely find and hire women that have addiction issues (alcohol-sex-drugs or combo), financial distress, actual criminal activity w resulting arrests/ prison sentences, genuine and concerning mental illness not just the garden variety neurosis commonly found among those who desire to appear on reality shows? Exhibit: Kim Richards & Sonja T. "Morgan", Mr & Mrs Guidice , Jen Shah, Erika Jane & hubby, and etcetera and so forth. I suppose it's a little comforting that we have some proof that quite a f
  9. Every so often producers, casting agents & writers converge and hit it out of the park & smack middle of BULLSEYE ! These 2 actors are so perfect for their parts it gives one the shivers! Completely agree about the sex appeal of Judd. Rob Lowe can just sit down ' cause Judd's the fantasy fuel. That's the man you want your daughter to marry. Heck, that's the man your Mama wants to marry. The actress playing Grace is so physically beautiful and her voice effortlessly conveys the qualities of spiritual strength & serenity, faith and the greater Grace. Perfect casting. I
  10. I hadn't seen Dr. Phil in years and had the misfortune to have this episode be the one I did. I seem to remember Phil used to give a couple of episodes and more serious seeming attention to a situation like this. I was left wondering what was to become of that poor child. A virtual Dr. won't cut it with the immature abusive bozos calling themselves "parental figures". The angry chuckle head boyfriend gave me insurrection- capital-storming-idiot vibes. Just bet he relishes being able to punish the boy and has no intention of taking advice from Phil or any other expert. He should be forced
  11. Ok. Whoever had the bright idea to completely change out the crew and set poor Glen adrift in the Doldrums with the current crew of interchangeably uninteresting cutouts should be set ashore on the corporate equivalent of Napoleon's Elba. Fail fail fail ! It seems as tho' the creators of this aspect of the Real Ships at Sea shows didn't quite grasp this isn't the same "Super yacht" experience as the original or Med. and just decided to cram the same formula onboard the Parsifal. Instead of refining from the first season they just tossed it all and thus present us viewers with an ove
  12. That pic tells you all you need to know about this dissolute wasteoid. The nose says the brain is a pickled shrunken nub. The dull squinty eyes -- lifeless except for remnants of hateful dissatisfaction indicate the state of what he might,at one time, have referred to as a soul - now twisted and gnarled and sour. Lost indeed.
  13. Thanks😊It's better than her being 16, I guess... I get concerned for the kids around these shows. I'm no fan of social media (I barely have email, miss my answering machine and old style phone w the 15 ft. cord😕) I've seen it do a lot of damage to tender and still growing beings. Seems like an unnecessary risk exposure when they already must deal with whatever the mothers generate...😕
  14. I'm a bit behind watching this -- the housewives shows have one by one become mostly unwatchable for me. I have my fingers crossed for Dallas this season 'cause it's one of only 2 left on our DVR. I'm glad to see the addition of Tiffany. I have a lifelong interest /appreciation of Asian cultures in general beginning in childhood with my Great Grandmothers' stories of her travels there in the early 1900's. I spent a year in mainland China in the mid '80's and had some of the most delicious food ever in my life! However I had taken the precaution of letting the Chinese friend I was t
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