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    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Yes, but when Stannis captured Mance Jon's suggestion as to how to proceed was "Take him captive and question him" not kill him on the spot. It's not as if Jon kills as a knee jerk reaction and Dany does have a bit of tendency toward that reactive sort of retribution. It's the thin line between justice and revenge. I'm reminded of the old adage "When the only tool you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail," Our deep dislike about how Dany is judged is just a fundamental dissatisfaction with the world in which the events take place. Cry to heaven indeed, but life is not fair and while women are held to a different standard Dany does look to me like a bit of a hothead. We can't take the easy road of blaming misogyny when there is a true fundamental difference in how she handle situations. She's always needed a voice of reason standing beside her to help her pause and see the bigger picture. All the dead Baratheon bastards beg to disagree. Not in Jon's thoughts of course but he was a murderous man.
  2. Pestilentia

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    The press acting as instigating drama lamas is no surprise because that's what the press does anymore- try to generate news by pot stirring. We have a show here where the women are stronger than the men- we have a woman ruling in King's Landing, one ruling Winterfell, one leading the Iron Born army, one yet a child leading House Mormont, one a strong picture of ethics swordswoman, one a sneaky get 'er done swordswoman, and one coming in with armies and dragons to conquer the whole shebang. Of course there is going to be conflict between women. That the press is pushing it so hard tells me that it will resolve easily and quickly and will turn out to be a non-issue in reality- all this Dany Sansa crap will dissipate early on.
  3. Pestilentia

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Well, heck- given that we don't yet know the Night King's history or motivations Bran could even be speaking to him.
  4. Pestilentia

    Jon Snow: He Knows Nothing

    Hence the bittersweet- final fade King Jon sitting on the Iron Throne and utterly heartbroken by the prospect of having to sit there for the rest of his life.
  5. Pestilentia

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I doubt Cleganebowl will be "a small scene." More likely his memento is from a touching moment between Sandor and Arya or even Sansa. OR he was being super-facitious and the fight scene "a small scene" is huge 🙂
  6. Pestilentia

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    So I'm really glad Hugh is back despite that horrid Neanderthal look he had going on while his spirit was manifesting as the Mycelial monster. But I am stupid levels of hung up about where the network got his DNA to replicate him. They made a huge point of needing extra human DNA which they found in the cocoon (why couldn't they have just nabbed some from, I don't know- one of the humans on the other side) but no source of Hugh DNA. If he was most sincerely dead presumably his body was disposed in whatever manner they utilize in space. It just bugs me because usually they toss me a bone so I can wank this sort of thing. Hopefully I have misunderstood and someone can correct me else I just have to make the leap and be happy he's back. Agree that I am loving how Pike operates- a couple of times there he was not entirely sure what was going on but trusted his officers enough to proceed with what they asked for anyway, and that's a great commander. Don't quite know why Ash was brought back just to have to sit around feeling useless but also agree that the hair looks good on him.
  7. Pestilentia

    S04.E12: Providence

    And yet the custom of a widow's self immolation has existed for ages across many cultures- Sati/suttee. For me I thought this episode wasted an awful lot of time on Roger inside that lovely leaf hut when there is so much to yet get through. I just did not care about Priest man and his ridiculous "ethics." Indeed.
  8. Pestilentia

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    Well, I thought Pip/Gemstone Suitor looked so much like Young Ian it made me sit up and say WTF. Their mouths both wrap around that Scottish accent the very same way. And Lord John has more sense than to put himself in a position like that- they've impugned his character by writing that scene in such a coarse manner. Brianna/Sophie sure looked truly pregnant and bloaty in the sketching Phaedra scene.
  9. Pestilentia

    S04.E08: Wilmington

    To clarify, 'twas Bonnet, not Black Jack Randall. Jamie killed Black Jack at Culloden.
  10. Pestilentia

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    I guess I understand but the great love of my life was such a burning, all-consuming type of compulsion that I would have moved heaven and earth to keep- it was everything. I truly would wish for everyone to experience a love like that at some point in their life. And if that love had been cut short by war, if I was denied the ability to have our life together and then somehow got the chance to get it back? You bet I would go!!
  11. Pestilentia

    S04.E05: Savages

    Yeah, I wondered about that but there's so much lore about blankets carrying smallpox and infecting indigenous people that I thought they might have just extrapolated that to measles.
  12. Pestilentia

    S04.E05: Savages

    So no one else thought the doll was what brought the measles into the Mueller household?
  13. Pestilentia

    S04.E03: The False Bride

    Roger was just majorly hurt by her rejection and lashed out at her- people do that when they are wounded. He had set himself up to expect an entirely different scenario are was knocked completely off balance. All sorts of stupid things fall out of people's mouths when they open themselves up to this degree only to be met with a refusal. He got defensive and attacked- it's a very human reaction. When things calm down a bit he'll rethink his feelings on the matter.
  14. Pestilentia

    S04.E08: Episode 8

    Because it is accurate. You are watching a period drama after all, not a show set in 2018. History cannot be whitewashed because it offends current sensibilities- we want our historical fiction to be factual. Otherwise what's the point of getting the dresses and the home furnishings right and even the right breed of trendy dog for Caroline? If we want the pretty parts to reflect what really existed at the time then we have to accept the ugly, too. Otherwise you are watching fantasy.
  15. Pestilentia

    S04.E08: Episode 8

    Other than the fact that Valentine is apparently the spitting image of Ross. And is only gong to become more so the older he gets.
  16. Pestilentia

    S04.E07: Episode 7

    Nah, it's just the happy people don't post about it a lot. I'm 28 years in and very happy.
  17. Pestilentia

    S04.E07: Episode 7

    Maybe I'm just cranky but Demelza annoyed me no end this episode- her whole "Poor me I've never been to the city before and don't know how to behave" BS caused a whole heap of trouble and I blame her for it 100%. She can't be that stupid, she just can't. And Ross isn't far behind either- the way Ennys spoke it seemed perfectly acceptable for Ross to simply decline the invitation (so to speak) but no... he had to accept and take part in that ridiculous duel. Over nothing. I swear- I want to watch the Dwight and Carolyn show. It's a sad episode when gloomy Morwenna makes the most sense of anyone with her "It was for the best." And George couldn't have been all that surprised at Jeffrey Charles' comment about Valentine- he spent so long questioning the "eight months baby" and I think he would have called that doubt back up a time or two as Valentine grew. Nice hobby horse, though.
  18. Pestilentia

    S04.E02: Do No Harm

    I understand and agree, but as a book reader I think the way the showrunners pick and choose only the high drama scenes to show us does make Claire and Jamie look like jerks. They bring disaster wherever they go. They make terrible situations ten times worse than they need to be. Claire's bullheaded insistence on forcing her 20th century opinions on everyone and everything is beginning to get to me- it's like she is intentionally abrasive. And yeah, TV needs drama. But the show is slipping and relying too much on violence and turmoil and pain- no one wants to watch this level of thing for entertainment- not me, anyway. Could we not have a bit more quiet time and daily drudgery? Does every episode need to include catastrophic death? It's too much.
  19. Pestilentia

    S04.E01: America the Beautiful

    Loved the song choice- the sudden disconnect and dichotomy mirrored their being jarred out of a sound sleep then as it progressed it only furthered the inequity of their waltzing into this brave new land of opportunity expecting the best and receiving the worst. In my head Bonnet was older and vile and revolting visually even before his behavior confirmed it. And IMO the actor looks a tad too much like young Ian- caught by candle light I had to look twice to know who it was. And speaking of young Ian- did anyone else find some of his mannerisms to mirror those of his mother to a remarkable degree? I very much doubt the two actors are really related, so to me his reminding me so much of Jenny was a real treat- the way he used his hands and his face really resembled her. John Bell was astounding.
  20. Pestilentia

    S04.E06: Episode 6

    To me she is just wallowing. I don't expect her to "shake it off" but I do expect her to stop indulging herself in abject misery and make some a small attempt in some small manner to improve her own life in some small way. At this point she is enjoying being wretched just a bit too much and dancing on the edge of martyrdom. Rosina has a spine so presumably other females in this era have them, too. Fight, girl. Show a bit of moxy. Something. I do hope something happens soon that provides George some humanity otherwise he will forever remain a one dimensional cartoon. SO happy that Caroline and Dwight found themselves again- by far my favorite pairing and couple.
  21. Pestilentia

    S04.E04: Episode 4

    If someone could provide a short explanation regarding how George's buying a borough works to get him a seat in Parliament that'd be great. Is he buying actual property or bribing voters or what? What might a maneuver like that cost? And I must comment on Dr. Enys/Luke Norris- the work he did in this episode was stellar. The death of a child is heartbreaking in any context but his ability to portray the pain hovering just under the surface then erupting when all effort to contain it has failed was remarkable. And the undertones in his and Caroline's words as she left for London- very strong performance. Mining be dangerous- can't they just go farm barley or rye or something? I know it's a family tradition to mine but the meager living they are making doesn't seem worth the extreme risks. Does Ross not receive a salary as an MP? Agree that his continuing to bring up Hugh is infuriating, but then I found the entire Hugh storyline to be ridiculous in the extreme, so that it continues to haunt us in such an jarring manner comes as no surprise.
  22. Pestilentia

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    They are actors. And if it is easy to see then it's because they meant you to see it. Misdirection happens many different ways. .
  23. Pestilentia

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I don't see how the order of filming has any bearing at all on the order in which scenes are aired. I think most of the fuss about who was where when as regards filming locations is people showing off their virtuosity in fantasizing plot and end game, and they all depend on insanely over-precise predictions of where the show is going. I won't quite say garbage in, garbage out, but insanely overprecise predictions in, insanely overprecise conclusions out.
  24. Pestilentia

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Well, I'm going to speed watch season 7 again tonight and overly scrutinize all of Tyrion's scenes.
  25. Pestilentia

    S03.E07: Crème De Menthe

    Well, I thought Ian the elder was looking mighty fine and aged quite well. That said I haven't really enjoyed anything about this show since the Helwater/Willie episode. Everything seems so stilted and off kilter.