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    I watched the first 3 epispdes and they were great. It's funny how enthusiastic Carly is everytime she meets an eligible guy. The jokes are good and I was very entertained.
  2. The moment when Alexis was drinking in the bathtub alone was so relatable. What a powerful image. It's interesting that multiple people would be willing to help her (the doctor, the lady offering the therapist, the asian diner owner) but she refuses it every time if it's not 100% in line with what she wants.
  3. I think she will come close to killing him by the end of the season. If she did it in the first two episodes there wouldn't be a plot for the rest of it.
  4. Oh wow, Rahim is such a skank, moving in on Victor like that just as Benji ran off. Shameful behavior.
  5. I liked the juxtaposition of Lake and Victor both getting upset/offended over nothing and then apologizing at the end of the episode.
  6. The new showrunner was announced and she fired the entire writing team except for 1 person. Safe to say the series will be quite different from now on.
  7. Hooty and Lilith have a very cute friendship. But then again, when isn't Hooty a cutie?
  8. Harvey

    Disney Films

    If you are so uninterested in the premise of a movie, you are not the target demo for it and you shouldn't watch it. Maleficent is an extremely captivating character and how she was interpreted in the movies is amazing. Exploring her roots and why she became the way she is was executed beautifully and it was a very good movie. Just because you didn't like it that doesn't mean that it's bad or that it shouldn't exist. Same goes for Cruella.
  9. That looks so good! I can not wait 😳
  10. Why does every CBS show's finale sucks lately? This, Bob hearts Abishola, Mom...the storyline about losing the ashes was not fun, and no one is excited about Gemma getting pregnant. I am really curious about what kind of changes the new showrunner will make next season.
  11. Nice to see the "Old man yells at cloud" picture again.
  12. I was fully expecting this and yet, I am still sad and disappointed. My week is ruined.
  13. LoL. The "it's the middle of the night. It's 10 O'clock" exchange was so funny and also relatable. I envy people who can go to sleep as early as that.
  14. I binged the 3 seasons over the last few days. I have to agree with the posters in this thread, and I don't get it. Season 1-2 were so good, and then in season 3 it all just fell apart. Too much focus on uninteresting characters, and Jill became so tense and unlikeable all of a sudden. It's baffling how much the show creator managed to screw it all up in just one season.
  15. Olu and Tunde shouldn't feel bad about becoming more American. There must be a reason they chose to live in the USA for decades even if they seem to love Nigeria a lot despite not even entertaining the idea of going back.
  16. Happy about the renewal. This is their chance to get it right. The first season had many good ingredients, but poor writing. Hopefully the new showrunner will reassemble the resources that do exist in this show and make it as great as it always could have been.
  17. Calvin thinking taking the high road meant doing a hit'n'run was hilarious 😁. I liked the Tina-Gemma storyline with the tinder snooping, It's not a storyline I saw played out on a sitcom before so it was interesting.
  18. I remember we were all surprised when the show decided not to drag out the drama with Abishola wanting to get a divorce from Tayo, all of it was done in 2 episodes. Hopefully the same thing happens here.
  19. Oh I see thanks. I am not familiar with the song so I didn't know it was by that person.
  20. I feel like the mood and vibe of this episode was very different from any previous episode of mom. The way the characters talked to each other in the limo and at the gala was just different, maybe more close to life and less focused on making us laugh. I really liked Jill's line about suffering through Margerie's night, that was funny.🤣 Does someone know why it was a problem to make a kindergaten choir sing "man in the mirror"?
  21. Harvey

    Mom in the Media

    The synopsys of the series finale is out. I'm worried, what could it be?
  22. LoL, the line about Calvin never buying Tina something used because he got the bible for free made me laugh.
  23. Abishola and Olu/Tunde forgetting that they also need to pack for Dele was a really cute joke 😄 Abishola's written words to Dele were so adorable 🥺❤️.
  24. Yes it happens in the second half of the episode while they are in the bistro and Tammy is understanding about it.
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