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  1. OMG! Is Westworld near or in Palawan?! That would make so much sense.
  2. Just discovered this show. Mostly binged and about 3 eps left. I can't believe no one in the US knows that this show exists. I tried looking up recaps and reviews on YouTube which I usually like to do after watching shows that I am into but there were almost none. Sigh.
  3. It has to be an Atom/Ant-Man type of character spying on behalf of Gus Fring (who is Vought?)
  4. Glad it was Logan and not Keith. Man, some of those old cast member were so old haha. Guess that's what happens when you cast 30-somethings to play teenagers way back when. I had to Google Image a few. Corny, Mercer, Hector, Tim, etc. I dug the shorter season format and this was a good return to form. I hope there's another season as it feels like this season reset the game board for new storylines. I remember being disappointed by Weevil's return to the PCHers as I really dug his redemption arc and trajectory and really wanted him to be a part of Mars Investigations, but his usage this season was fine. I miss Mac but also don't because she was getting too 24 Chloe or "guy in the chair". I thought Max was going to fill that role once we saw him but that's okay that he didn't. I much rather prefer V and Keith doing most of the legwork. Lastly, why didn't Leo and Logan recognize each other? Leo sold Logan the Lily tapes. Leo at the very least would not have forgotten anything Echols-related. Even Logan's past arrogance and forgetting the little people is pushing it.
  5. I liked it but so many more questions. Does Westeros still owe the Bank of Braavos? Who was the guy next to Gendry? Who was the new Dorne Lord? Who freed Edmure and how did he stay alive that long in a cell before whoever rescued him? I guess Lannisters troops took him with them to KL when Cersei needed everyone on deck? Is Brienne, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard? I think that's what that meant when she was able to write in the book? Who are Sansa's Small Council? Shit! Robyn and Judgy Royce? Edmure? OMFG. I guess maybe Meera? And where was she or her dad at the random surviving House Lords summit? So like the Unsullied and Dothraki are just gonna hang out in a way smaller than Esos, Naath? Daario's fucked. Dragon's Bay? Slavers' Bay again, I think.
  6. Dang. I think I might be a narcissist.
  7. So like Ellaria and Silent Sister? Not that their previous circumstances were that great. Has anyone checked up on Edmure?
  8. I resent her because she is the exact same character since Season 1 Episode 1. She has been through a lot but has not changed at all. She's eternally condescending to whoever whenever she wants and reluctantly cordial/nice when she's forced to be but only when around an audience of 1-few. She's like those young people who get their first job or are fresh from graduation or whatever and feel like they're adulting now, but are really still just playing and acting out what they feel people outside perceive as adult behavior.
  9. Oysters, Clams and Cockles!!!!
  10. Absolutely. Me too. Ever since we first saw him first arrive at the Citadel, the audience discovered the intro sundial was an actual in-story thing...that we, the audience, were learning about the history of Westeros, the TV show, as if we were actually in the Citadel as participants. There is also that Season 8 finally has a new intro of sorts. The very last thing Sam did at the Citadel after stealing books and documents was to look up at the sundial. I view the new updated intro as what Sam will add as contribution to historical record. In addition, there is that scene where Sam comments on the name of the history of Westeros master book. I can't recall the name, but he commented on how lame the name was. I have a feeling that as new Archmaester or whatever, he's going to rename that the book series name. Then there's the old curmudgeony, arrogant Jedi Order, err Grand Maesters. They're all far too ineffective now and inflexible (and very "not gonna be my fault when something goes wrong!) Sam comes into conflict with the very problems of the current order through the unsanctioned Greyscale treatment, the diary of shits, not taking the dangers of WW seriously. Sam has to represent a new guard. Shit, even Qyburn represents, in some ways, the failings of the Maesters through all of Pycelle's snooty superiority. Then there's Maester Aemon. On his deathbed, he spoke to Sam about once being in love, rejecting kinghood, etc. This part of my thinking is the biggest stretch, but I think we're supposed to take from it that tragedy will repeat itself but with Sam, Gilly and Little Sam. I think there's a strong possibility that Little Sam and Gilly don't make it out of those crypts alive and it becomes even more of a duty for Sam to take over the Citadel rather than become Super Master Lord of like everywhere South. He had that line when leaving Old Towne about being done with reading all these books about "better men" not only indicating that he will now be an active participant, but also making commentary on the current state of those not better men residing in the Citadel. My initial thought both after the episode and overall was yeah, Jorah's done. Totally done. But then I kept thinking that his receiving Heart's Bane and meeting Lady Mormont is kind of repetitive of Brienne being knighted and receiving Oathkeeper. Similarly, both arcs would be done, so they'd die, but I feel like D&D hate repeating themselves. Instead, I think they're going to subvert our expectations. In Brienne's case, she's probably done-done. With the Mormonts, I think Lyanna is going to bite it instead. While Jorah has completed his redemption arc and has been rewarded for it, he's basically the Prodigal Son, and that part hasn't happened yet as it's more epilogue-y.
  11. After the rest of the Magnificent 7, Dany and Drogon left the North, Jon emerged from the ice water where he was drowning, without Longclaw and battling Wights okay. He was gasping for air, but he somehow got out of that. I thought this at first for sure, but then I remembered that they've been name-dropping Naath the last two seasons in 1/3 of Missandei's scenes. In last night's episode, Greyworm asks about Naath again where she provides a visual description and the desire for Greyworm to see it. We know that she remembers where she's from and Greyworm has no memory pre-slavery. All this tells me, Greyworm has a higher chance than she of surviving, just for the payoff of a scene involving Greyworm seeing with his own free eyeballs for the very first time this thing she described (but has already seen and experienced). It's his for-the-first-time-ever reaction plus having no memory of anything in his life unrelated to slavery that makes me think that if it has to be one of them to make it to the end, it's him. Didn't she also tell Arya, that they would meet again one day? Plus if the new Greyscale girl is Melisandre in-disguise, that would place both in the crypts. And the crypts are for sure the least safe place there since they said it was the safest four different times this episode. That leaves Gendry, Arya, (maybe Nymeria and her pack if that's gonna be a deus ex), Sam, Gilly, and Tyrion as the only ones who can somewhat defend themselves down there. Adding Melisandre to the group would be pretty useful.
  12. I hope we get to see the Church idea revisited. The IRS-free implications of it fascinates me like in Big Love and that HBO Scientology documentary from a couple years ago. This show can reach Breaking Bad, but it hasn't this season. BB had overarching themes and character studies that this show doesn't exactly have yet, but I see hints of it. BB also had far superior directors and storytellers. Even if it doesn't achieve those things, I think I'm still going to enjoy this show. P.S. I still can't tell the difference between a hillbilly and a redneck nor why they hate each other. YouTube hasn't been very helpful here and has totally screwed up my recommended videos. I mean, the best I could find differences in are old-timey days differences, but in the present-day I just don't get it.
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