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  1. Actually, it was one of her bridesmaids who rode the unicycle down the aisle, not Amelia herself.
  2. I don't get the impression that Amelia is "country club"...if you look at her IG, almost all her content is hiking, camping, swimming, hanging with her friends and family. No high society events. I don't know why they split, but maybe just the stress of the pandemic, and trying to balance being in two locations? She might be more of a free spirit, and he might be more of a homebody, if I had to guess. MAFSFan just posted that the honeymoons this season will be in the Florida Keys. And the Boston weddings were filmed this past weekend.
  3. OK, I just finished watching the episode, and I think Bao and Johnny are freaking adorable together. I also have a feeling that both sets of parents are relieved that their in-laws are somewhat of a known quantity. I really hope these two make it because I'm not getting the best vibes from the other couples-to-be. If they stay together they will have some adorable (and probably genius) babies. Also, what was up with Dr. Viviana's Pocahontas cosplay in her talking heads? And, yes, why was Rachel's friend such a beyotch? Way to boost her confidence. I think Rachel's very attractive, a
  4. Jose is a "flight mission specialist" with NASA.
  5. I've only watched the matching episode so far, so I'm behind. I do like Bao and Johnny individually, so I hope they don't let me down. Jose is pinging something, and it seems like a few others here might've picked up on it as well. It was definitely winter time, since when Ryan had his house visit, he had a Christmas tree up.
  6. It appears that Bennett and Amelia are over. This is one couple I do feel bad about because I always thought he seemed like the perfect lid to her pot.
  7. So much messy drama. I'm over it. Next season is supposed to be in Boston, but the season after that is going to be San Diego. I'll admit I'm a bit excited for it as it's the first west coast season. And San Diego is so pretty.
  8. I don't buy Clara and Ryan were having sex the whole time on the show (other than the handjobs). Clara was so obviously frustrated in her ITMs and her talks with the other wives. We saw them try to put on a good front with the experts, but there were issues there the entire time that never got resolved. Clara tried really hard to convince us that she was fine with taking things slow but she wasn't that good of an actress. I just can't believe that everything was hunky-dory ten days ago and then BOOM they decided to divorce. Makes no sense.
  9. Yes/no/sort of...people got ahold of the divorce filing and posted it. Erik and Virginia were back and forth on social media - following, then unfollowing, then following each other again. Rumor had it that Erik had kicked Virginia out of his condo, and another woman posted that Virginia had moved into the same apartment complex as her (solo), so it definitely seemed like they had separated. They kept posting on IG though that they were together still but working through things...most people think they were trying to salvage their Couples Cam gig, but yeah, I think they are dunzo.
  10. Ugh, I'm sad for her if this wasn't a mutual decision. Hopefully she will meet someone in the future who is a better match. I imagine she will change her name back to Fergus from Oubre soon. Glad she has the other ladies for support. Agreed. Wish all Christians were like Episcopalians on those issues. Unfortunately I think he comes from a background where it's just not acceptable. It's so messed up, if that's the case with him. No one wins when people don't feel free to be their true selves.
  11. I'm sad, too, but not really surprised. They both seem like nice people, Clara especially, but very different fundamentally. The sexual disconnect was probably the tip of the iceberg. I'm still not convinced that Ryan isn't in the closet.
  12. I'm not surprised about the divorce filing, although Virginia is on IG claiming that they're "taking their relationship off social media" and "currently enjoying some privacy". Yeah, right, Virginia. Also, I'm not believing Chris without further corroboration. He's a lying liar who lies.
  13. I have no idea what will happen with Couples Cam, that's a really good question. I think it would be hard to fake being together, but maybe they will take the route of "Oh, we're trying to work things out, we're going to counseling". I just do not see these two being compatible long-term, they are so fundamentally different in lifestyles and goals.
  14. The latest tea is that Erik and Virginia are no longer living together. Apparently he kicked her out of his condo (!) and she has moved into a new apartment by herself. They apparently hang out sometimes according to social media but not sure what their status is. Hopefully we'll get an official update of some kind soon.
  15. Virginia and Erik, and Briana and Vincent are scheduled to be part of next season's Couple Cam. Clara and Ryan turned it down, I don't think they wanted to be on camera any longer.
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