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  1. gingerandcloves

    S.09 E.05: Paradise Lost?

    Yeah, it seems like if he were really set on making the marriage last, he would be determined to work locally, and not be so easily persuaded to return to basketball. I mean, he can't play forever anyway, he's going to have to retire sooner or later.
  2. gingerandcloves

    S.09 E.05: Paradise Lost?

    Last season has 2 couples who are still together, but they started with 4 - so a 50% success rate for that season.
  3. gingerandcloves

    S09.E04: Stranger Love in Paradise

    It looks absolutely gorgeous, I am always admiring the scenery shots during the show.
  4. gingerandcloves

    S09.E03: Don't Kiss On the First Wedding Night

    Yeah, I'm not understanding where all the estrangement is coming from...I could see being estranged from one side of the family, but both seems a little odd. Over a divorce, I mean. If they were all toxic and he had cut them off years ago, I could definitely where he's coming from, but just because your parents divorce (and you're not a child), why would you cut off everyone? Especially because he says they were very close beforehand. Hmmm...
  5. gingerandcloves

    S09.E03: Don't Kiss On the First Wedding Night

    I'm with those of you who think Matt & Amber and Jamie & Big Red had sex on the wedding night. I'd be super shocked if they didn't.
  6. gingerandcloves

    S09.E03: Don't Kiss On the First Wedding Night

    Could Big Red's Dad be any creepier? I felt so bad for Jamie during that breakfast. I'd have been looking at the producers to rescue me. And why does the mom just sit there with a big grin on her face? Ugh. So, so ooky. Deonna needs to loosen up and be a little more playful and lighthearted. If you're going to do this whole MAFS thing, you need to be all in.
  7. gingerandcloves

    S09.E02: Something Borrowed, Something New

    Elizabeth's dad is a creeper. C-R-E-E-P-E-R. I cannot stand Elizabeth. Her personality is so over the top and fake. She seems enmeshed with her dad in some seriously unhealthy ways. I envision this marriage imploding. Run, Jamie! Iris and Keith look like they should be models. They are very attractive, and they seem like they have similar views/lifestyles. They might have a shot at making it. Amber needs to turn it down about 10 notches. If she ever calmed down, she might be personable. Matt seems very laidback by comparison. Deonna and Greg - they seem fairly well matched. I can't too much of a vibe from them yet but they seem to be hitting it off. All the brides this season are a bit (or a lot) aggressive/bossy. I can't say I have high hopes for any of these couples, yet anyway.
  8. gingerandcloves

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    Congratulations to Jaclyn! She looks really happy. I'm glad she found a new guy. Davina's baby is adorable.
  9. gingerandcloves

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    I can not effing stand Luke. I know AJ has anger issues, but at least his are out in the open. Luke has the "if-looks-could-kill" thing going on. Kate is deluding herself if she thinks this is how a happy marriage works. I have rarely seen 2 people be so uncomfortable in each others' presence, let alone a married couple. Jasmine's trying harder, I'll give her credit for that. I think it may be too little, too late, though. I think these two have fundamental differences and never the twain shall meet. Will - put on a seatbelt already! AJ obviously has some issues. He needs therapy and/or meds for sure. He and Steph could still work out, but he needs some better coping skills. Kristine and Keith - they're cute, and they seem the least drama-prone. The "experts" are terrible at matching people. I don't know why they haven't figured this out, after seeing so many couples crash and burn.
  10. gingerandcloves

    S08.E06: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

    Afterbuzz TV does a review/discussion of the show on YouTube, which I enjoy. I definitely miss Reality Craycray though, and Bride and Doom.
  11. gingerandcloves

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    Yes, and I'm sure in the personality department, too!
  12. gingerandcloves

    MAFS Social Media, Spoilers & Speculation

    Interesting. I won't be shocked if Kristine and Keith end up splitting. There's that intense physical chemistry they have, but we've seen that happen before on this show, where it burns out quickly and the couple implodes. Jasmine and Will may agree to stay together on decision day, but I don't think they'll make it long term. AJ and Stephanie are my #1 pick to stay married, they just need to work on communication. I can't remember now about the marriage licenses, I know they've been discussed earlier. They are signed on a later date. I'm just guessing that Lukewarm doesn't want to look like the bad guy, so he'll go along with the show until the inevitable breakdown. I'm sure the money is an incentive.
  13. gingerandcloves

    S08.E05: 'Til Mud Do Us Part

    Oh, I agree with you. I'd be irritated if my partner was dragging me off to the gym every day or trying to make me take up their hobby. I'm just giving my perspective on what I *see* happening. Keith seems willing to go along with Kristine's wishes, at least for now. Of course, if she can't or isn't willing to cook, all bets are off :)
  14. gingerandcloves

    S08.E05: 'Til Mud Do Us Part

    Finally caught up with all the episodes. Like many of you, I am not feeling Jasmine and Will. I personally thought she was nuts for wanting Will to take on paying all the bills, and she just took it for granted that he would want to. And I speak as someone whose husband DOES pay all the bills - but I worked the first 7 years we were married and childless and then I became a SAHM because both of us wanted someone to be home with the kids, and it worked out for us financially to do that. But that took negotiation and mutual understanding - it wasn't a given. Plus Jasmine seems very contradictory - she says she's independent, and she acts very bossy on one hand, but then she wants Will to wear the pants and be the man of the house. She says she's adventurous but she whined at the first moment she had trouble on the ATV and said she didn't feel married. She made fun of Will for not wanting to cross the bridge (legit fear!) but then she wussed out over some paintbrush hairs. I don't think she really knows what she wants. Kristine & Keith - I like them so far, and they seem like a cute couple. He seems pretty willing to go along with whatever she wants. They both seem fairly easygoing, so they may work out. AJ & Stephanie - I had high hopes for these two, but the previews look like there's trouble brewing. I hope for their sakes they can make things work. Lukewarm & Kate - ugh, Lukewarm is a pill. I definitely get the feeling that he doesn't think Kate is good enough for him. He obviously didn't make his true desires known to the experts. He's such a jerk though. I would love to hear from his exes. Poor Kate. I hate that the experts will try to make her stick it out and wring affection from the dry husk that is Lukewarm's heart.
  15. gingerandcloves

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Why does Sunny Fong look so familiar? Has he been a guest judge or something? Trying to think where I might've seen him before. I love Dimitry. I'll even put up with Michelle so I can watch him. Who said "European subtle is different from American subtle"? That cracked me up.