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  1. I'm not a psychiatrist by any means, but I know plenty of people with ADHD and/or anxiety and none of them have ever behaved like Michaela. I hope you're right, that the therapy will lead her into some deeper introspection and recognition of her issues. She needs to stop blaming all her behavioral problems on the fact that her father died.
  2. I follow her on IG and she's still pretty damn quirky. Myrla is on the Hinge dating app. She also bought a little dog from a pet store/puppy mill place that has people upset. It's name is Porsche.
  3. Ha, I came here to say, that have you all forgotten the magnificent "mango"? But I see White Dog beat me to it.
  4. I noticed the unattractive boobage right away too. I do think she's a cute girl though. I'm not holding out hope for these matches any more. Even the preview is saying the new season is "Drama, drama drama". Great. SMH. I might hang on for the San Diego season just to see if it's any better but if it's still as bad, I think I'm done with this show.
  5. It's official...Bennett and Amelia have filed for divorce. I was hoping they would manage to stay together but I knew the chances were slim. I'm bummed, I thought they were a good match. Also, MAFS Fan has managed to get the names and pairings of the five Boston couples. I can share them here if anyone's interested in digging around on social media for more deets.
  6. I don't watch Unfiltered or Couples Cam so I don't really have an opinion one way or the other...but I might be slightly more likely to watch Unfiltered if they get a new host. What cracks me up is that I blocked Jamie on Instagram quite a while ago because I couldn't stand how she always, always has to put her 2 cents in on any post that has to do with MAFS...come to find out she blocked me too. I went to check her IG after I saw the article about her getting the boot as host, and I wasn't able to see her account even after I unblocked her. I had to switch to my backup account. Like, rea
  7. ^^^Agreed. There is a lot missing from their stories. Myrla seemed to be very unwilling to discuss her change of heart. But she is telling lies - either she did love Gil (I choose to love my husband) and she was attracted to him (they kissed and had sex) - in which case she's lying NOW that she never loved him/felt attracted; OR she never did love him or feel attracted - in which case she lied repeatedly on camera during the season. So which is it? Personally, I think it's more about money. But again, we're not getting the full story. We still don't know how much each makes, how much the
  8. I thought I saw it in People on my news feed, but maybe it was the Monsters and Critics article. Anyway, it seems like it wasn't her choice, since it came as a surprise, and Doug is consoling her in the comments on her IG post. I can't picture her ever letting go of that job willingly. I don't know what they'll do now. Might be hard to hold a regular job while they're living the van life. Realistically, Jamie should go back to nursing - it's a good paying, in demand job - and let Doug find some IT work from home job or be a SAHD (in an actual house, not RV). But I don't think that's excit
  9. No, she is gone. It was in People magazine, and Jamie posted a boo-hoo post on Instagram.
  10. So Jamie O IS out as the MAFS Unfiltered host - I'm kind of shocked. I thought she had that gig sewed up. Maybe all the jokes about Gil coming for her job had a kernel of truth. I'd kind of love it if it IS Gil replacing her. Who do you guys think will get the job?
  11. Jose is an angry, bitter, little man. Johnny is an angry, bitter, gawky man. They will be very happy together.
  12. Myrla - wow, she is cold-hearted. I don't love Gil, and I thought he was too harsh on calling out her diva-ness, but come on, she chose to stay married on Decision Day, and then does an about-face a couple weeks later? When Kevin asked her why, first she says financial stability, and after both Kevin and Gil point out that he has a good job with a decent salary and excellent benefits, she pivots to the lack of attraction. Which one is it? Girl, you knew on day one that he wasn't your type but you chose to get intimate and stay with him when you could've pulled a Ryan. My initial impression of
  13. I'm sorry, and I hundred percent feel for you. I guess, in my heart, I was wishing for Zack to dump her early on, because I think the mixed signals made it even worse in the long run. But I don't blame him for reacting the way he did, because I can imagine that either he had no clue how to handle someone like her, or that he was scared to death and just wanted her to not freak out on him. And we saw that she could be fun and charming on occasion. I honestly put more blame on the experts. And I'm glad Zack is free.
  14. I'm laughing, but she IS that wacko. If she has no problem slamming doors and breaking glasses, it's not a far step to hitting a partner (or even more scarily, a child). I really hope she gets therapy.
  15. I think Michaela is sincerely awful, but I do put a little blame on Zack for not dumping her crazy ass after the first time she went ballistic. He kept sending her mixed signals all season with the "We'll divorce but then we'll date; we'll say no on Decision Day but keep sharing a bed in the meantime" - he should've manned up and told her that her behavior was unacceptable. But I also blame the experts for coddling Michaela and encouraging Zack to keep giving the marriage another chance.
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