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  1. I would like to see what it looks like when she sits down in that dress. I believe it will be a mess. The veil made it look even more strange.
  2. Sure as shooting, she would cook it with the package of giblets inside.
  3. They're auditioning for their own reality show.
  4. Did I hear right? Did one of the ladies ask the captain if he can make the storm go away? This was right before dinner being served. He had the funniest look on his face.
  5. Did she say they were going to make the full bath part of a bedroom ensuite? That would make everyone else have to traipse through the bedroom to have a bath.
  6. The furniture in the big reveal is staged, not the owner's?
  7. Their house looked huge. Why do they have to host big fancy parties in the pool house? I think it should have been much more casual and water friendly.
  8. She has been practicing for the hula hooping Olympics for too long.
  9. She should go back to being a P.I. Her dress looks like something she got at Goodwill. I would like to ask Zied what is so lovable about Rebecca.
  10. Why couldn't Natalie stay with Tamara overnight, then driven to the airport the day of?
  11. First Rebecca says she wants to spend as much time as possible with Zied when she isn't working, then she leaves him to go visit her daughter.
  12. It's a TV show. I'm sure the gossiping is encouraged by production.
  13. I wonder what would have happened if Elizabeth was still assigned to late nights. I don't think she would have cut them off until they passed out or fell overboard.
  14. June was in the running for worse stew, IMO.
  15. She's so calm now. Somebody's back on her meds.
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