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  1. She was acting just like a 2 year old needing a nap. Wouldn't it have been fun to see Bethany react to her tantrum?
  2. I'm having trouble telling Denise from Teddi this season when it is just a head shot.
  3. I think he wants to be extra sure she doesn't infect him by taking it after he gets home.
  4. And yet as fast as he was to jump into bed.... Rose was already "sleeping"
  5. It happens all the time on Spring Break at the beach.
  6. I can not stand Jenna. Smug was the perfect description of her. She and Adam are gag-worthy. She seems to spend most of her time near Adam. I do imagine in that tiny kitchen someone has to constantly wash pots and dishes so he has equipment and room to work.
  7. I wonder if Lisa had to have a witness from her family come to Nigeria?
  8. Who eats dinner without some type of beverage?
  9. I agree. It's also the reason her sister just happens to live a short distance away from Blake's folks. The rich parents are buying her a green card.
  10. Yeah, an all girl deck crew and all male stews. That would be fun to watch! Men doing laundry.😵
  11. Maybe Justine is auditioning to be the next Below Deck chef. Her food looks yummy.
  12. She has to pay tax on her earnings from this show and her other "job", but gets it back at tax time. Big deal.
  13. How cute was the little boy pushing a note under the galley door asking if they were okay? Check yes or no.
  14. It made more sense in the book by Richard Paul Evans. There were other issues in their marriage.
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