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  1. This one felt like it wasn't based in reality. I never ever got the sense in the movies that Stephen and Christine were that much in love. Nor was Stephen Strange the nice charming guy we see here lol. And what the ancient one said isn't true. He wasn't even with Christine in the movie and she didn't die either. Reminds me of the Charmed episode where Phoebe kept saving her boyfriend from dying. I just wasn't invested in this one at all. The other ones seemed like a true point of divergence this one seemed like fanfiction.
  2. I guess I'm the only one who found Lake Bell jarring as Natasha? She did a great job with the material but it didn't sound like Natasha. I really enjoyed this one, probably my favorite one to date. Lots of twists and turns, I wasn't expecting it to be Hank at all. I was confused by the end with Loki. Did Nick really just let Loki take over? That part didn't make any sense. The other two were boring to me. I think that may be because I don't think Peggy is that interesting and I felt like they were so over the top with how much better T'Challa was at being Starlord/Peter Quill. I
  3. I was just coming here to say I rewatched this last night and I still love it lol. Your critiques are probably spot on. I def don't love this one because of the acting or anything. It's just a unique story, I mean it has twins, mistaken identity and a murder mystery. Something for everybody ;) The chemistry between the whole cast especially Brendan and Ricki is why I adore it. I saw Free Guy as well and it was super cute. I realized that Joe Keery reminds me of a young Brendan Fraser...guys I think I may have a type lol. I recently watched Legends Of the Fall and hoo boy those
  4. That's the part I find kind of unbelievable. I do think that a lot of the time it wasn't up to them? Like Big Man's wife and child disappeared. Presumably they were killed. Gus' beginning hinted that some sinister government thing was related and they seem to set the tone on what info was given out to the general public. As we've seen with this pandemic, the things you can make certain types of people believe is kind of frighteningly easy. But we also saw Big Man's wife almost be turned away so who knows.
  5. How stupid was this community though? Your gonna kill the only doctor you have because you think he killed someone? Or might be sick? Y'all kill people on a semi regular basis it seems. Yea people being so brainwashed to think that hybrid babies caused the sickness in such a short amount of time was baffling to me. Even if you see a baby with a tail it's still a child. Why would you added that they are incapable of speech or learning? And I refuse to believe that only two functioning adults decided to treat them like the children they are.
  6. That part was so silly to me. They ruined a perfectly good accidental killing by making it something it wasn't. The horse kick surprised me as well but I didn't understand why they wouldn't just say that's what happened. To be fair though this is a community that burns people alive so maybe the same outcome would have occurred.
  7. I've ever really gravitated towards the wedding singer for some reason. I prefer 50 first dates, I find the premise very romantic. I also may be the only one who likes Just Go With It lol. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have great chemistry. The trailer for 2 Hearts seemed a little corny for me, it also looks very predictable but I could be wrong. I wish I liked Love, Simon more than I did. I couldn't get past how terrible his friends were. I saw Palm Springs recently and really loved it, very funny and just flat out interesting.
  8. Thanks whoever told me Til There Was You was on YouTube 😍. It was just as good as I remember. Sliding Doors is kind of sad but I like that there's hope at the end. I hate Because I Said So. I didn't care that Mandy Moore was dating around, I hated that she lied about it. It was just so messy and unnecessary. Never understood the appeal of Nothing Hill. My favorite Julia Roberts romcom is probably America's Sweethearts. That's not one that's mentioned too much. I love Just Wright and The Last Holiday. I love that Queen Latifah's romcoms have substance. Its never about jus
  9. Idk I never thought that John Hannah's character was a compromise. What I loved about that choice is that she grew as an independent person but I'm not knocking your opinion of it all. There are loads of romcoms that are beloved that I can't stand. Like My Best Friends Wedding lol. Ugh I hate it. No one is remotely likeable imo so it's hard for me to care what happens to anybody. I used to think I would hate When Harry Met Sally for a long time, I only saw it last year but I actually really love it. I like that they and consequently their friendship had to mature a lot before they could f
  10. I love Sliding Doors, John Hannah is so amazing in that movie and Addicted to Love is also great. I really like Friends With Benefits, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have great chemistry.
  11. Catch and Release is an interesting one, it's one I really enjoy. Jennifer Garner is a national treasure. I also love Til there was you. Its so hard to find tho. Love Fools Rush In, Nine Months, What's Your Number? and Three To Tango. I like the quirky ones. Bye Bye Love is also one I really enjoy.
  12. I definitely agree. None of them were really likeable enough for me to really care about them in the end. Dirty dancing is an objectively good movie for me. I don't really love it or hate it. Feel like I like the sketch or weird ones best lol. Sixteen Candles, Overboard, Splash, Big, etc
  13. I watched Some Kind Of Wonderful today. It was interesting, not really what I was expecting at all. I thought that Watts and Keith would be closer. I found their relationship to be somewhat antagonistic tbh. Great kiss scene and very sweet ending tho. I thought that everyone was very attractive oddly enough lol
  14. I've seen it many times. It's one of my favorites. It's different. I would say that Simon Baker is at his most charming and at like peak hotness for me. Nothing like his later usual types of characters.
  15. I'll definitely see if I can check it out. It looks super cute.
  16. You're welcome. I watch How to Fall In Love annually lol. I just love that they really fall in love over time. Harold is adorable.
  17. That one is not my favorite but it's def a romance. You could also throw in Encino Man gosh I haven't seen that one in ages. Might try to find that one. ThebMummy is absolute peak best Brendan Fraser, it's def one of my favorite romances. Inkheart is also good but not really a romance. I could go on and on lol. Trying to think who else I love to watch. I used to love Hugh Grant. Two Weeks Notice is great. Am I the only one that hates About Time? I hate that it's at the top of everyone's list. The idea that some guy meets someone who doesn't like him and then goes back in time over an
  18. Mrs Winterbourne is great, have you seen Blast From the Past? My love for Brendan Fraser is unapologetic lol. Those are peak Brendan hotness. I recently watched Always Be My Maybe, I thought it was very cute and honest. Watched Stardust last week and I really enjoyed it. I didn't realize it was such an epic romance. My favorite hallmarks are: Remember Sunday, Loving Leah, How To Fall In Love. I tend to like the unconventional ones.
  19. I didn't like the second one as much because Lara Jean was too in her head and not communicating with Peter. I never once thought that she was going to pick John Ambrose, not really. A lot if the time greener grass is just that. I think people also underestimate how invested Peter is in his relationship with Lara Jean.
  20. I loved it. Just as good as the first, loads better than the second. I feel like we got to see so much more of Peter and Lara Jean as a couple here and they are so stupid cute together. Perfect ending.
  21. Amazing episode as always. I love that with the weekly decade changes it's like watching a new show every week. I think last week was late 80's early 90s. This week was def the 2000s, I thought the opening credits were spot on. The commercial also, I thought I had time traveled back in time, it was so on point. It def got dark really fast tho. Definitely feeling the tension between Wanda and Vision. I thought it was interesting that he didn't know the truth about himself. I never got that vibe before this episode. He has no outside knowledge of any kind. He is a construct of Wanda's at th
  22. I couldn't get past the first episode. I hate Bloom. She's so stupid. It's your first day at a magic school. You make no effort to learn anything, you're rude, arrogant and impatient from jump. I didn't understand her relationship with her mom. They were talking to each other very stiltedly like they were strangers. And the insults were so over the top. Who yells at their child for not going out to socialize? She talks to her mom like she's a stepmom. It didn't make any sense. You're in a new environment but you decide to go out beyond the barrier of the school to the forest to prac
  23. She was a child in Captain Marvel so there's really no need to watch it again. I will admit that one is not one of my favorites. I think if you wanted to see more of Maria you could revisit but their parts are small. Yea I agree that the residents of tv Westview seem to be people who lived there. It seemed like they became a part of the program because they were already there. That doesn't mean that some of them can't be implants from who is pulling the strings. I'm not sure how fun this show is for people who aren't invested in the movies. The little stuff like Woo returnin
  24. I thought this episode was great. Loved the beginning with the real world and the reveal of who Geraldine really was. Very cool. The one thing I absolutely love about Marvel is how tightly woven and connected it is throughout. Woo finally learning that close up magic is a nice callback to Ant-Man 2 and Monica bring Maria Rambeau's daughter is also fantastic. I knew all along that this was Wanda's doing. She seemed unaware of all of the implications of it though. I think she had totally blocked out Vision actually being dead until this episode. It's prob easier that way. She was also
  25. I hate Steve and Peggy's ending in Endgame. It's awful. Doesn't do anyone any justice at all. Peggy had a whole ass life without Steve Rogers, career, husband, kids, grandkids. So for Steve to take it upon himself to go back and try to reinsert himself where he does not belong was too much for me. It was garbage. It erased everything that Steve had learned in the last ten years. Any growth he experienced as a person was immediately washed away. Were the writers trying to tell me that Peggy was the only person he cared about after everything that happened? What about Bucky and Sam?
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