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  1. I don't understand - Mario is going to play a "womanizer" on "And Just Like That?" His character was gay on SATC. I think I heard correctly because it started the discussion about gays playing straights and is it believable. Confused.
  2. Amber in Paris. I will never understand why people make having a room for guests such a priority when they are working with a limited budget. And, grandma won't be able to climb the stairs. Maybe grandma can stay at a hotel? How often is grandma going to be visiting anyway? I guess I am just a selfish person, but for me, the person who is going to be living there 365 days a year, I want location and and environment that is right for me, not for guests.
  3. Wow! I also gasped when I heard Barbara say that too! Incredibly rude! I used to think she was ok, but then she started doing the cougar thing on Shark Tank, practically drooling on the younger, good looking guys who were there to pitch their products. She's made more than one suggestive comment. Not ok.
  4. Sara looks like she got up from the hairdresser's chair mid-color treatment or something. I guess her "real" hair is slicked back with gel and there is a hairpiece in the back? And yesterday it was a super-blunt bob which I also did not find attractive. I don't recall Sara being so opinionated last season. I wonder if that is her thing now, since MM is gone.
  5. I agree! She seemed repulsed, frightened even, of the 140 LIZARDS! I don't blame her. If it had been me, I wouldn't have gotten much past the first date, much less to engagement to a reptile-keeper. I wonder how the neighbors feel having a reptile building in the neighborhood. I got bad vibes from the guy, especially when he said at the end, something like, she loves me and so was willing to give up the things she wanted ... I get that these people on HH have already purchased a house and this is made-up drama for the most part, but it always irks when when one of them (usually the w
  6. No doubt. Just think, dude, you're 57 years old and wondering why you're not getting invited to sex parties. Give it a rest.
  7. From Monday's (9/13) broadcast: The "sex party" joking went on too long. Rather juvenile. I get that it was "schtick" but wonder how Evvie felt hearing her husband saying he wants to get invited to a sex party. Kind of disrespectful and guess that I just expect more from Colbert. I hope this is not going to be a running gag.
  8. The fact that she and her mom said it a few times made her look rather desperate.
  9. I agree, that carpet was hideous!! I thought it was funny her mom driving her to the house showings. So much for independence. Clearly the buyer was looking for a home/neighborhood where she could find "Mr. Right." They both said it enough times.
  10. Nottingham. She was obnoxious, with her constant bullying of her partner. Or husband? Don't remember if they were married or not.
  11. And I think I heard correctly, that there were 30 offers on the house? They were a good couple. Liam is very cute.
  12. Yes, I can just picture them gathered around the Christmas tree listening to this story EVERY year. Not. I call BS on this. It might have rung a bit more true if this story-telling happened on the 4th of July or any patriotic holiday. But Christmas? What joy.
  13. I agree that Christine Baransky looks great, but I was a little put off by her overt flirting with Stephen. She basically asked him to go on a date with her, without his wife. Yes, I realize it was mostly schtick, but couldn't help wondering how I would feel if I were his wife. She is probably used to it and I am just an old person who doesn't get the humor. Can you imagine if Stephen and Christine did go out without Evvie, how tongues would wag? Team Evvie here.
  14. Fort Collins. She was so awful. Had to be in my top ten of most unlikeable house hunters. She was definitely channeling Kim Kardashian. Why is that guy with her? I don't see this marriage lasting.
  15. I was also on edge thinking that Rebecca was going to wander off, or end up at the wrong house. I don't know a lot about Alzheimers, but I was surprised that she was allowed to leave the party on her own and also went home to an empty house. Is that realistic? I mean, I know they said her meds were currently working, blah blah blah, but sometimes meds work until they don't. I'm like Miguel, I would have been extremely nervous leaving her.
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