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  1. I was also on edge thinking that Rebecca was going to wander off, or end up at the wrong house. I don't know a lot about Alzheimers, but I was surprised that she was allowed to leave the party on her own and also went home to an empty house. Is that realistic? I mean, I know they said her meds were currently working, blah blah blah, but sometimes meds work until they don't. I'm like Miguel, I would have been extremely nervous leaving her.
  2. I was really looking forward to Sweet Carolina but was so disappointed. Agree with all that's already been said here, especially the VERY short grieving period. I also didn't understand the living situation. It looked like Josie moved right into the master bedroom but the parents were always there also, as well as the brother (Jeff), like they all lived together in the same house. And who in their right mind would name a legal guardian without talking to the person first? The flour fight? Sorry, not amused. And sorry, but I find it hard to believe that her boss would agree to a "satell
  3. I agree with all of this. It's really not a discussion show anymore - each person takes their turn to speak, there is no back-and-forth. I think they started doing it that way because back in the early days of the pandemic, they would all talk at the same time and that was pretty annoying. But come on. Why is it that the TODAY show and GMA are able to have their hosts present and not doing it from home anymore. They don't HAVE to have a studio audience, or maybe just limit the numbers. If Whoopi has some underlying health issue that makes her want to stay at home even though she is fully vacc
  4. I understand that ABC likes the ratings boost from Megan (if there actually is one), but to let her spew her lies and misinformation on the network puts them in the same boat as Fox News. Example: Sonny said simply stated that Evangelicals and Republicans are the groups that are not wanting to get the vaccine. 50% of Republicans, she said. She just gave numbers. Immediately after, Megan says how terrible that Evangelicals and Republicans are being targeted, that they are called "stupid morons" and "hillbillies." Nowhere did Sonny or any of the rest of them make those comments, but you ca
  5. I expect what will happen is the criminal attorney who said they are going to "aggressively" fight this will get him off. I would be surprised if he gets any jail time at all, maybe some probation and counseling, blah, blah, blah. Eventually he will be back with Anna. She has no resources or safety net, from what I gather. She's completely dependent, as are her seven children. I hope I'm wrong. Whatever happens, TLC needs to cut the ties to the family, rid themselves of the stench. And his siblings need to cut their ties too. I don't care if he is their brother. He's got a problem and
  6. Bottom line for me - TLC needs to cancel them NOW. I'm sorry (not sorry) that the innocent ones (the ones who have nothing to do with this) will take a financial hit, but this story is just flat out too unseemly. Too disgusting. And who would want to sponsor the show now? Even if Josh and Anna are never, ever seen on the show again, how could the rest of them go on their merry way and act like life is normal. This didn't come out of nowhere. Josh has a history. I get that he is part of their family, but if they don't publicly condemn him (assuming he is declared guilty) then they are
  7. I agree. There is no back and forth discussion anymore. They give their opinion, Whoopi makes a comment, and that's it. And Whoopi rarely says anything except, ok ... It is boring. I DVR and fast-forward and usually just delete it before it's over.
  8. This episode was cringe-worthy. What's weird is these young kids harping on Travis to hurry up and propose. What little kids think along those lines? Surely they are hearing the adults talking about it and repeating what they hear. I wonder what Travis meant when he said he had to talk to his parents. I wonder what THEY think? The chaperone thing. A few of them said, yes, it's cool to be a chaperone, you get free food, get to go places ... Does Travis have to pay for the kids who tag along each time? That could get rather expensive for a 19 year old. Or is UP paying for everythi
  9. Ditto to everything here. Growing up in the 60's in California, they were "the thing." They're awful. We bought a house with popcorn ceilings and had the popcorn professionally removed before moving in. Expensive but so worth it. I would also do without an updated kitchen or bathroom if I had to make the choice between that or popcorn ceilings.
  10. The show was a hot mess today. At times Whoopi seemed out of it. Or is that just her normal demeanor? I will be SO glad when they go back into the studio. I don't even care if there is an audience or not. I don't understand why they are still remote. Other programs like the TODAY show, Ryan and Kelly, etc., etc. are able to sit at a distance and have a normal conversation. And keep their crews safe. Let the guests be remote, if necessary. I don't get it.
  11. I've taken this show off my DVR. I can't stand Dre. It's gone so downhill from what it used to be. Maybe they need to decide to end it. I remember I felt the same way about The Middle. The husband (forgot his name now) became so irritating I couldn't stand to watch it.
  12. The sex talk with the daughter was so uncomfortable to watch. And filming it for TV? I feel sorry for all those kids. I agree that the brother is creepy. Planting the "Aimee" tree - a nice idea, but Spencer breaking down and crying shows that he is still deep in the grieving process. Just my opinion. Erica said that she understood, but clearly she was bothered by his reaction. Who wouldn't be? I don't think I will continue to watch. Those three youngest yelling and jumping on the furniture are too much.
  13. Personally, I try to avoid anyone who is "extremely" anything. And I don't think anyone is shocked by her patriotism or love of founding fathers. She reminds us enough. Which, I'm sorry, is weird in itself. Respect, admire, yes, but love the founding fathers? She has never met them, they are long dead. She's too high-strung and opinionated for The View. They need to get rid of her. I wonder what kind of mother she is/will be.
  14. Our house is ten years old and has separate water closet in the master bathroom. No sink in the water closet, but there are two sinks in the main part of the bathroom, which is steps away from water closet. I think most newer builds here in CA are like that.
  15. I just don't get Meghan. She's so angry! She appeared insulted to even have to answer the question re the interview. Does she not understand that is her job, to discuss current events? She can say she doesn't care, has no interest really, etc., etc. But to go off on that tirade about George Washington?! Lighten up Meg. I truly do not know how the other cohosts can stand being around her, even virtually.
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