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  1. wow, she's holding her ring fingered hand sooo naturally and not obviously, definitely not playing for the camera at all.. 🙄 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9633435/Bethenny-Frankel-50-shows-sensational-swimsuit-body-busty-red-bikini-wears-ring.html Isn't this how you guys get out of the water?
  2. I loved Lisa Kudrow when she had a brief role in Scandal as well. I think Jennifer looks fantastic. She works hard at taking care of herself and it shows. I thought the celebrity guest appearances that had no connection to the show were weird. Like why not get Elle MacPherson to be the supermodel wearing the leather pants? I enjoyed watching and they do still have chemistry. There was something bittersweet about seeing them so young and carefree, before life's twists and turns struck them all in different ways.
  3. https://themuse.jezebel.com/im-not-buying-what-the-big-shot-with-bethenny-frankel-w-1846955876 and the first comment under the article... She’s become a huge, narcissistic asshole. She used to be just a small narcissistic asshole, but now she has big money and she’s a real monster. I applaud her charitable contributions, but you’d have to be a real glutton for punishment to work for her, or even to put yourself through being on the show. She’s wrapped way, way too tight.
  4. Looks like Cindy now has a place that isn't Quogue lol. Maybe the other housewives will go visit. (Although she's *just* renting, so you know Jill and Ramona definitely ain't gonna go.) https://nypost.com/2021/05/22/hamptons-residents-shocked-by-shocked-by-sky-high-real-estate-camp-prices/ The biggest hurdle, of course, is scoring a home at all. Cindy Barshop, who owns the feminine spa VSpot, said she lost out on several bidding wars before eventually scoring a place on the Amagansett Dunes. “I wanted to be in Southampton but the prices were astronomical and by the time I was s
  5. Always with a new man... in the first two pictures I thought he looked like David Silver's father Mel from 90210 hahaha. But not in the last one. https://pagesix.com/2021/05/21/rhonys-luann-de-lesseps-seen-getting-kiss-from-mystery-man/
  6. Oh and when she kept screaming in delight that Wendy CLEANS. Like yes, that is great, but if you are that excited, perhaps you should hire a housekeeper.... I mean WTF, you're going to hire a "VP of Operations" that you expect to vacuum and dust and do your cleaning? And yea, I get that ops jobs often do entail having to take care of crap that someone else left a mess, but really, that's event staff or intern work, not your VP OF OPERATIONS....
  7. I did watch the episode, but I was distracted in the first two minutes with Bethenny putting both her dogs on the same treadmill. First of all, isn't that just cruel? But more than that, that is such a safety issue, I don't even have words. Don't people know not to let pets near treadmills? I mean even before all the Peloton backlash that pets and toddlers were being sucked underneath the treadmill and being injured or even killed? What is she thinking?? Aside from that... big eyeroll about her big concern with Wendy being her swearing. Give me a break. From the woman who swears non-stop
  8. Sounds like a great boss. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/bethenny-frankel-admits-she-sort-annoyed-when-big-shot-bethenny-compared-reality-show.html/ “It was more challenging because we couldn’t have them live together due to COVID,” Frankel said. “Just the nature of them being away from their families created an intensity during the pandemic. My biggest concern was making it as intense and stressful for them as it was for me.”
  9. This show is annoying and Bethenny is annoying, but when it comes to her brand, she is pretty good at so many things. She seems to save all their project fails. I suppose she's done these things enough times, but she seems like a pro at speaking well on demand about whatever topic, posing, showcasing her product, etc. Knowing what social media to get, even her annoying Christmas outfit changes for the gram. I really don't think any of these candidates can keep up with her, although I suppose the right person would learn with experience. (And that job sounds like an exhausting nightmare with no
  10. Which Bethenny immediately takes Lu's idea and brands as a Bethadryl chaser and sells it for 80 gazillion dollars!
  11. https://pagesix.com/2021/05/11/rhonys-luann-de-lesseps-opens-up-about-her-sobriety-struggle/ She really does struggle with this. Have you ever read Elizabeth Vargas book Between Breaths? It kind of reminds me of that.
  12. I was only half watching because this show is terrible. But doesn't new girl Kristyn also have her own single mom business? Why is it okay if she has that and is trying to make that successful, but sock girl was supposed to give up her sock empire?
  13. https://metro.co.uk/2021/05/07/the-big-shot-bethenny-frankel-slammed-for-berating-contestants-14539540/
  14. I like the show and concept, but I hate their style. All of the designs look so busy and weird. I don't understand why they pick such large, distinctive tiles for the flooring and kitchens and bathrooms, loud colors, or weird finishes for the fireplaces, etc. If I was buying a house, all I would see is an expense to have to replace something so obnoxious and not my taste. Wouldn't they be better off going with neutral slates? And I'd rather see a nice laundry room than like a music room with a record player? The sisters are okay, but they do over-enunciate which gets grating after awhile.
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