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  1. Darcey and Stacey are looking very Siegried and Roy-ish.
  2. Why is Angela wearing a mask in her own home and it's not even covering her nose.
  3. A gin fizz and a cheese steak sounds good right about now.
  4. Sygin is really saying, I want to keep filming til I land a shampoo commercial or start an Only Fans.
  5. These couples and their instagram ruin the whole plotline,..we already know what Syngin is going to do.
  6. I think I like TOW or Before the 90 Days better, this Happily After After is boring A.F.
  7. I don't care about these two, I'd rather watch paint dry.
  8. All this time in the US and he never had nachos lol
  9. Pretty sure Grangie's last thoughts were, oh good, I'm so glad my 70 year old daughter found a 30 year old Kenyan to marry.
  10. Not sure if this post is allowed but it turns out Carmen might have 'dated' Colt first and she introduced him to Larissa and Jess. This is more believable then all these women wanting him lol
  11. Yea right he wants Debbie to stop doing his laundry and making his bed.
  12. COLT: I want to get to know you better. REALITY: They've lived together for 40 years.
  13. Oh the 40 year old trying to break free from his incestous..oh I mean close relationship with his aging mother storyline.
  14. Does it make sense though if the Dad really paid $30k for this wedding that the whole family demanded air time and why we're victims of this contrived and never ending annoying storyline.
  15. He probably behaves like this 24-7. They're all used to it.
  16. This is their SECOND WEDDING for gods sakes. This is TLC trying to do another Romeo and Juliet theme like they did with Mursel and Anna.
  17. I just remembered they weren't even having actual sex til the wedding. Just peen sock warmers and bjs I'm assuming for 5 years?
  18. It's not fair you're a 70 year old woman who willingly abandoned your 90 year old mother to chase young nigerian peen.
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