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  1. If he goes to Petersburg VA I'll drive the 2 hours south just to taunt him!
  2. I wish the show was cancelled because the family uses it as a platform to "sell" this unhealthy lifestyle to others. I wonder how many in the family would have left it behind if there was no show/financial reward? May Jill continue to heal
  3. My grandson is allergic to eggs, so I make his chocolate cakes with silky tofu. Delicious!
  4. The ER nurse in me just cringes at photos like this one (and the boys climbing with Ivy below them, and Ivy gnawing on known choking culprits, and...) 😱
  5. I'm an ER RN and hubby is a Deputy, both our jobs are made so much harder dealing with this issue! On average I would say 20% of our resources are tied up by mental health crisis and/or drug addiction (including alcohol). Some nights it's closer to 50% 😲 A lot of those are "regulars" that come in every few days or weeks, but we have to work them up every time. The deputies have to bring them in and then sit on the room for hours, the whole thing is discouraging and frustrating. I like that this show gives the public a look at what a problem this is today.
  6. RIP Cpl, thank you for your service 💔
  7. I'm so happy that we're back on the same team this season! LOL
  8. With her dirty feet on the counter and in the sink - as a nurse myself I wanted to scream about the germs!!
  9. FYI As an emergency nurse and a volunteer EMT, when you commit a crime like that motorcyclist, you get cuffed and secured *before* you get treated. He ran from the cops and had a legal history, he could have had a weapon under him. So yeah, he got cuffed and rolled and searched. Then the cops will risk their own lives to save the criminal. I've seen it over and over. They have to secure the scene and protect others from the potential of there being a weapon. I'm just glad the car they hit didn't have injuries, thats what I see over and over, innocent people screwed by people like that motorist
  10. That was not what Jason Aldean normally sounds like, I could definitely tell he was choked up. You're right that it sounded a bit off but very heartfelt.
  11. I record all my shows and then power watch when able, but for some reason, only this series records with no sound. LOL Apparently my TIVO is smarter, and pickier, than me :-)
  12. Do y'all remember the good ole' days of Janelle toddling around drunk-as-crap, hollering at the Friendship?! That was fun :-)
  13. No matter what I think it would benefit Jessica the most to use the hex this week. Next week is the last week it is valid, and if Cody is also in the house, they have 2 shots at getting HOH. The only way she is safe both weeks is if she uses it this week (since she has to use it before the vote) and then one of them wins HOH next week (because Cody is the only person she can trust to not nominate her).
  14. And that is why nursing is a profession, unique and separate from medical doctors! Love hearing about nurses that rock at their jobs.
  15. I hope that seeing that Nymeria found a pack, found herself a place to belong, is foreshadowing for Arya!
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