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  1. datazoid1701

    S02.E09: Chapter 17

    I *think* it's been 13 days since David came back, but he (David) was gone for a year before that, when Farouk first took Oliver from Summerland
  2. datazoid1701

    S13.E16: Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?

    Bailey is her maiden name - Tucker's last name was...Jones, I think? But in that flashback episode where she's still an intern (when she, Callie, and Webber are giving speeches), she's still Dr. Bailey before having married Tucker.
  3. I think next week is a re-run at least - the presenters in the promo looked familair (Chi'lantro maybe?). So it's at least not additonal Sacca and just repeated Sacca. Reheated Sacca, if you will.
  4. datazoid1701

    S03.E09: Overdrive

    She has that backstory of having a ex-husband who stole a bunch of hurricane relief money (or something?), so I would guess bi, but it hasn't been stated.
  5. datazoid1701

    S12.E17: I Wear The Face

    I believe they were using the syringes to suck out the blood from the brain bleed. The camera panned over them so you could see how many were full and be worried the "small" bleed was getting much bigger.
  6. datazoid1701

    S02.E13: Undocumented

    I believe they said she had some "personal business" to attend to.
  7. datazoid1701

    Memorable Products: As Seen on Shark Tank

    The ladies socks so far have been: tea cups, fireflies, and jelly beans. Last month I was accidentally sent the mens socks, which seem to be much thicker and more durable. The ladies ones feel really thin and I don't see them lasting long. I think I'll be canceling my subscription after this month - they just aren't that "fun" or tough enough to wear like...socks.
  8. datazoid1701

    S01.E11: Send In The Clones

    I had already forgotten who Luke even is.
  9. datazoid1701

    S01.E09: Sundae, Bloody Sundae

    He's got that cut on his forehead from the car accident, and it's been there for a couple episodes now (and I think in the previews for next week), so I'd guess he's lost the healing factor and it's only one power at a time. As to why he's not been stealing powers from other folks he's touched...writers be crazy.
  10. datazoid1701

    S01.E07: June 13th - Part One

    I think he sent them to the past? He had a line like "Time to party like it's 1999", which would have given them 15 years to age to now (or what I assume is "now" in show-time).
  11. datazoid1701

    S01.E06: Game Over

    The Bradbury story with the butterfly is "A Sound of Thunder". "A Gun For Dinosaur" (by L. Sprague de Camp) is a different time-traveling dinosaur safari story. :)
  12. datazoid1701

    S09.E11: Quarter Finals Week 1: Results

    I think it's amusing the judges picked the salsa group to go through, yet only one of them (Howard, I believe) actually said their name correctly. Big fans, I see.