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  1. Unfortunately, I have had recurring cold sores/fever blisters since I was a child. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 and once you have it, you never lose it. I've also had shingles and postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) (cause by herpes zoster virus) and both are exacerbated by suppressed immune system and stress. I get a cold sore/fever blister almost every time I have a fever or a PHN bout and have to take Acyclovir (anti-viral) in order to help it go away faster and not scar. But I have NEVER in my life had any scar that looks even remotely like Janell's growth! Two years ago, I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from the top of my head (baseball games with no hat!). I had it frozen off 3 times but it kept growing back and bigger than before. I had to have stitches and it left a dent in my head about the size of a dime. lol Hate to say it, but she's an idiot for not having that thing checked much, much sooner. I couldn't even see the one on my head at first but having a bump wasn't normal, so I went to my doctor within a month of the first growth. She definitely needs her "health" coach pass revoked. Stat.
  2. JenMcSnark

    SEAL Team

    Give me a man with a dog (or cat) any day. But Brock is good looking in his own right. Just FYI, you're not really quoting me...you somehow quoted my name, but the post dialog is not mine... I only responded to the quoted dialog stating that I don't like either Jason's or Clay's new girlfriends very much.
  3. Such a great post. Thanks for putting into words exactly how I feel. Hearts x 1000.
  4. I also got the feeling that Nick Gonzalez wasn't really all that happy with the direction the show was going. One of his comments in the TVLine article was that he was really proud of the "small" feeling of the show and, even though it was on ABC, it was more of a procedural than the soap opera type dramas. And how so many people identified with the message regarding autism. So for them to go the entire route of shitting on Claire repeatedly, forcing Shaun and Lea together (when IMO, it didn't show either character growing/learning) in such a soap opera way, Melendez jumping from Lim to Claire - it seems like the show is very much going in a Grey's Anatomy direction rather than being about the growth of an autistic doctor and those who support his journey to becoming a GOOD DOCTOR! Not a GOOD BOYFRIEND. I'm still so bitter. And they killed off the only hispanic character. AND he's one of the FEW characters who has completely learned and grown since episode 1. And they shit on Carly (black woman) and Claire (black woman). And they totally gave Melendez and Lim the short shrift on the ending of their romance. It deserved more; how they dealt with it at the hospital and at least got back to their solid competitive friendship would have made for great storytelling. And we are stuck with two of the most unlikeable characters in Resnick (white) and Lea (white) who have really not shown any growth or interesting/desirable traits. I know I'm rambling. Sorry! I'm so bitter!
  5. In hindsight...Booo! I'm so mad about them killing Melendez and forcing Shaun and Lea together that I'm seriously considering not watching. It might have been okay if this was the series finale, but...
  6. I wish I could like this post 1000 times.
  7. I grew up regular Mormon (LDS) and saying any type of curse word is a no go. My mom always said "heck". My dad cursed but we got in big trouble if we said hell instead of heck. I think maybe just like taking the Lord's name "in vain", you're supposed to respect Hell as a real place made by God to house Lucifer. But I think mostly it's ingrained. My mom grew up in Idaho and my dad in Utah, so it may be a regional thing too.
  8. JenMcSnark

    SEAL Team

    I totally agree. I love this family and the actors too. Agree with all this as well. Jason's girlfriend sounded like his mother when they were out at dinner. And Clay's just seems so sketchy to me.
  9. A google search told me that if I received restitution from a criminal, it is not taxable for me. If a business has to pay criminal restitution, the business cannot claim a deduction for business expenses and their payments are therefore taxable to them. 🙂 And also, I suspend belief to a certain extent anyway on this show as it's not always the most accurate. In the Rookie universe, criminal restitution isn't taxable apparently and him signing over the comic books was a great thing for Nolan to recover at least part of his money quickly.
  10. LOL! That would have made sense! But no, you can see her holding a walky in her hand. And at first I said "like Lim would really give her a walky" but then Lim had hers. So who did she steal it from? lol
  11. So who did Lea steal the walky from? Sure was convenient for her to be sitting with one in her hand. Oh, writers...please do better. If Melendez, Claire, Lim, Glassman, or (surprisingly to me) Park die, I'm out. If Andrews dies...well, just don't kill the black man, okay? Speaking of that. That adorable young patient of Park better make it (although I'm afraid he won't). Lea and Shaun can do whatever I guess. That's what fast forwarding is for! Sad because I love Freddie, but I just can't with this plotline. Everyone up thread who stated that all that stuff in Shaun's wonderful speech happened without them being in a romantic relationship are spot on. And kind of reinforces Lea's position to not be in a romantic relationship with him. They work! As FRIENDS! Put them in a romantic relationship and they really may not work because the dynamic completely changes. PLEASE writers! Do better! #VeraAndShaun4Ever
  12. But isn't Glassman back as the President of the hospital? He certainly knows about it since he bailed him out or whatever. I guess if the charges were dropped they could possibly get away with not addressing the issue but that leaves the hospital with a lot of liability. And talk about your conflict of interest if Glassman didn't tell anyone when he should have.
  13. Honestly, this should happen. He has crossed two very serious lines now. First when he went to the son of the patient and attacked him for which he was rightfully arrested. Then, he learns nothing from being arrested and attacks Lea/her car?? The hospital would have to take serious action at this point if his attack on Lea's car becomes known.
  14. This comment is ugly as fuck. Wow. She is very beautiful. Together, she and Bradford are almost too beautiful to look at. And they had great chemistry as well IMO. Honestly, I think Winter has chemistry with everyone.
  15. I have a few tattoos and my first thought was to turn it into something beautiful and special to me. Bradford hinted at the same in his speech. Yes, the ring she left behind and he saw at the sight she was buried. That's why turning it into something beautiful and meaningful appeals to me. She won against the serial killer. She can win again against his "mark" by making it her own. I get not everyone feels that way or wants tattoos but it's a very viable option. And there are artists who specialize in that sort of thing.
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