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  1. I don't think she lost any chins. She is sitting more upright and leaning forward slightly and therefore no extra chins. In the photo with Maddie, Janelle is standing a bit behind her which makes her look smaller. She may not be filtering the shit out of her photos like Meri, but she is definitely using a lot of the "tricks of the trade" that photographers use to make people look better.
  2. This says it all. 9/10 f you feel the need to make any "announcement" at someone else's party/event that isn't about that person, you are not the greatest human being.
  3. IT people often dress extremely casually. At least at the office's I've worked at.
  4. Totally agree. The Kardashians started all this fame whoring for sure. Sad.
  5. Oh, absolutely. I have no love or regard for any of them (well, maybe a few of the kids). And the thought that so many people find them "inspiring" and "amazing" makes me want to barf.
  6. If you go with the most current and popular use of "red pill", it means being awakened to something you were not previously aware of. And usually that something is believed to be a huge sin, manipulation, etc. So personally I think he's saying that someone (Robyn IMO) has awakened him to the realization that some of his other "marriages" were in fact, someone manipulating and controlling him into believing/doing something that he wouldn't have wanted to do had he 'known the truth'. And/or the person who manipulated him is a horrible person/sinner who he would never have been involved in
  7. I do too now that I am 100 lbs overweight (and oh. my. god. that is so hard to type!). Which I think is more like Janelle's redness than Janelle's redness is to yours. haha I WISH I could break and stack four pallets! Talk about a great crossfit workout! Good on you!
  8. JenMcSnark


    Yeah, my first thought was apparently her breast milk is NOT the good stuff. But I guess when you are as overweight as these two, you live vicariously (and unhealthily) through the weight loss of your baby daughter. Not a great parenting look.
  9. I volunteer as tribute. If it's the San Francisco Bay Area anyway. I'm pretty good at paparazzi photography. lol
  10. Exactly. 'Healthy "glow"' should have been 'Healthy" glow'.
  11. I was wondering if maybe moving Christine and Truley to Utah was the excuse for this family reunion. Janelle and the kids help Christine get out of dodge so Truley could settle in for school?
  12. So apparently Christine's home just went up for sale. Is she finally going to leave this asshole and move to Utah? Or will she be joining Janell in the RV at Prairie Plague Pond?
  13. I think almost everyone (myself included) really wants whatever caused Gabe to get fired to be something not...ugly. Because he cooks amazingly and seems pretty nice! Maybe he repeatedly gave away free drinks and food. That would wear on an owner because it's technically stealing. Who knows? P.S. Not saying it's okay to skim money off your employer!
  14. Exactly. Redo this just a little bit so it can really hit you: One teen daughter is living in an RV on a dirt patch with no hookups/electricity while just a little bit away her half-siblings and step siblings are living in a "mansion" with each having their own rooms and all the showers, baths, and (assuming) heat and a/c their little hearts desire. This is just not right. I can give a flying fuck about what Janelle chooses to do, but I can't believe this is the best option for Savannah. Between this and Janelle turning her daughter into her emotional support animal, I real
  15. I saw this stuff on Reddit. Personally, I think Gabe was in the right in this incident. However, note that this incident happened in March 2020 and he was fired how many months later? So this may have been a small part of his "continuous" problems, but this is definitely not what resulted in him being fired. I like Gabe on the show for the most part and also think he is a good chef. But there is something just a little "off" for me. But it could just be because I've heard of the firing.
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