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  1. I agree. My mom passed from dementia and alzheimer's last year in exactly this same situation. She had it for 15 years and the last 5 were brutal. For me anyway. I've told my daughter that I don't want to be like that and when we were watching the show together, I said this is a great illustration of how I would rather go out. She, of course, said her usual "I don't want to talk about it". It's so hard for the ones left behind, but sometimes a quicker end is much kinder to everyone involved.
  2. I would date Shaun, or another man like him, in a second. Yes, it might require a bit more compromise, but he is funny, smart, cute, etc. He also does converse quite well when comfortable with the person, like with Claire. In fact, as I'm an introvert, Shaun would be well suited for me as "normal" people are exhausting and often annoying.
  3. Open up a go fund me and we can all chip in a dollar! I know I would just for the inside scoop...but only if you ask her some tough questions!
  4. Exactly! I hope Carly gets the chance to tell Shaun this. She really looked bemused for lack of a better word when he broke in with one of the things he thought he was supposed to do on a date.
  5. Hate to blame Lea, but I think she put too much in his head and too much pressure with her list of topics and critiquing his clothes.
  6. I totally agree! And that article makes me a little more hopeful for their chances. It makes sense.
  7. I started off really disliking Blake on BIP (didn't watch that season of the Bachelor) but by the end, I actually like him. He doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but I don't think what he did either at Stagecoach or by releasing the texts was wrong. I actually felt like he owed Kristina maybe just a tad more because they sound like they have built a solid friendship and tried to be friends with benefits. That doesn't work for everyone and certainly not for someone with Kristina or Caelynn's baggage. So, I hold Blake harmless and apologize for my ugly comments in the early threads. He's (sometimes) attractive and probably a swell dude. He just needs to learn to read the room a bit and protect himself a bit better. I was glad to see Kristina comforting him during the break. He can even date my daughter if he wants to ask her. But she doesn't like swing dancing.
  8. I'm not saying I fully grasp it, but the concept is the same as queer and the n-word, both of which have been reclaimed by the communities in which those words were once used against as slurs.
  9. In the past it was a derogatory term. I believe in recent years it has been "reclaimed" by the LBGTQ community in a sense of pride for being strong and earning the human rights that were denied them.
  10. You are absolutely right. My thoughts were only on the post when I replied, but men do get slut-shamed and it is also ridiculous.
  11. Wow. They are indignant and horrified because they are not "sluts" for enjoying sex and sleeping with men they find attractive when they are single. Men are not called sluts for doing the same and therefore women should not be called sluts. Being against slut shaming is pointing out that women are subject to standards that men are not and it is NOT right. The point is that neither you nor anyone else has the right to shame a woman for having sex when she is single (or in any other type of committed relationship where open sex is agreed upon).
  12. I also recently saw an episode of Evil Lives Here that featured a couple of Warren's half brothers and talk about him at an early age and how he was raised to be an entitled,evil person.
  13. For such a shit show, I really love it. Am I crazy? It seems like every week, I tell myself "this could be such a great show!" with just the bunkhouse gang and camaraderie between them. But I do love me some Kaycee, not sure why. Love Rip and Beth but can't stand Beth otherwise. I even like watching John Dutton ride around and be in charge. It's like the writers (and I've love Sheridan for a long time) just want to find ways to fuck it up and keep the show from being truly enjoyable and great. I'm still in though.
  14. O.M.G. I confess that Kristina is the only person I know on this show as I am only a random and casual Bachelor(ette) watcher. But. Blake is the ugliest , square-headed fuckboy (whichever girl said that absolutely called it). And the whiniest, immature douche. What do these women see in him? What? Holy shit.
  15. JenMcSnark


    Wow. Eye bleach please. Saggy ass, elephant knees...those jeans fit terribly! Would not buy.
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