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  1. Luckily I have a World Market near me, so I'll try that first. :) Although someday I really would love a trip to the UK!
  2. I looked it up and now I want some! But only the British kind with real sugar. :) I love chutneys and it sounds delicious.
  3. Congratulations. But I'm not really sure why you are directing this at me since none of your other points (except that I'm wrong to ask someone to stop yelling?) are anything that I have said or commented on.
  4. Please stop yelling. And please show me where this is a "rule of the show" that each plate has to have every single component exactly the same. It is a mistake to not get everything on every plate, yes. But the only rule as I understand it is that each judge must have a plate in order for the chef to not be disqualified. If the chef doesn't put the same basic dish on each plate, that might be an issue. But if it's obviously the same dish with one or even more components missing, I do not believe that breaks any rules. It is poor time management and attention to detail, but it i
  5. You just ruined your own argument. "She's left a component off her dish FOUR times for the judges." and "Top Chef is not cumulative - at this point she's getting by just because she's cooked good food previously." If Top Chef is not cumulative, then they are only judging Dawn on the dish she puts out in each, single episode. And in their minds, her dish(es) was/were not the worst dish of the challenge even without the missing ingredient. For all we know, they may have said "okay, everyone, you cannot count the [missing component] in tonight's judging." The only requirement is th
  6. There is a food truck near me (at least there was pre-pandemic) that serves the most delicious apple, brie, and nut grilled cheese! To die for.
  7. It's Will-amnit Damnit! Is what my sister always says to me when I mispronounce it. I'm getting better, but only because every time I see Willamette anything I hear "it's Will-amnit Damnit!" in my mind.
  8. They both come up in Lake O and Tigard, as far as I know anyway. :) But I know my friend's mom's house in Tigard comes up as Portland with her zip code.
  9. Thank you for the extended explanation! I always appreciate learning! I do know that it's made with silken Tofu. I buy mine at the Korean store and it comes in a long tube instead of the normal container. I absolutely love it. I also have heard that it is considered a stew, but the liquid (in every version I have had from multiple restaurants and also homemade from a couple different Korean recipes) is very thin - which is more like soup to me - so I guess it's hard for my brain to reconcile it as a stew. :-) Fun fact: I used to dislike Tofu because I had really only had the firm o
  10. It's gorgeous at night. It definitely has a lot of ugly (just like San Francisco) but there are some really gorgeous parts. My sister lives in Lake Oswego and my cousin lives in Tigard. Both beautiful southern suburbs of the city.
  11. That is only for vegan/vegetarian eaters. My personal favorite is Korean Soondubu Jjigae. Tofu Soup. I absolutely love it. If you get it in a Korean restaurant, it almost always has some diced meat in it. When I make it I add extra mushrooms instead of meat (or will add pork belly or bacon if I'm feeling bad). It's so so good.
  12. JenMcSnark


    I wondered about this too. Maybe Christine or one of the other "moms" got butt hurt that Tony's mom was being "honored". Although it seemed like his mom having a similar name was kind of an happy coincidence that made her feel better about the name for some reason? Maybe she was just never that crazy about Marie as a middle name?
  13. The "red pill" and Awake! are both from QAnon. Red pilling is seeing "reality" and they also use it as a term for converting people and Awake means you know the truth that the rest of the world doesn't/won't see. Also his "where we go one we go all" is also QAnon.
  14. I don't fully disagree, but I think that you can say the meat was cooked the best without saying that it was the best meat of the day. He cooked it perfectly. Were the flavors and creativity as good as some of the other dishes? Maybe not. I feel bad for him as well, but if it were me, I would want to go out having cooked something well. And he did. The judges made a point of saying there was no bad dish, per se. There is no shame for Gabriel. Except not having been to that part of Oregon when he's grown up there. Hell, I'VE been there a few times and I live in California! (
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