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  1. Bwahahaha! My apologies. Yes, Mellissa. Thank you both for the correction.
  2. That was great! Thanks for sharing it. I totally want to hang out with Richard and Michelle.
  3. I never said my explanation was good, but it did work with most of what we say. However, I like your IA theory much better.
  4. So, I don't believe for a minute Harper and Nolan would totally risk all of this. I think after finding out that Armstrong had gotten a new burner that she clued Grey in or maybe even Lopez. I think Nolan told Rosalyn he wasn't going to clue Harper in to the break in case Armstrong spoke to Rosalyn. I also don't think Nolan broke in alone. It made sense for him to do it because Armstrong would think he was smarter than Nolan. I think if Nolan wasn't wired, then the authorities had already wired Armstrong's house. I think Nolan dashed back because they are trying to get those crime brothe
  5. I agree this was disappointing. Taking the rest to the speculation thread.
  6. I don't see how the hack was recent. There were seven new credit cards in his name. They wouldn't have automatically tanked his credit score unless they were in default, so it had to have been a few months at least, right?
  7. Nolan is an idiot if he only checks his account every six months. Also, my credit card company tells me if my credit score changes. That was...dumb. Don't talk or look at the inmate, but I'm going to let him stand right in front of you. That was stupid.
  8. I agree that the guy playing Nolan's brother was odd. I didn't think his acting was particularly good, and several times I felt he was struggling not to look at the camera. I didn't know who Pete Davidson was before reading these comments, so i thought he was the guy from Jackass trying to make it as an actor. I also don't like how Nolan is turning into everybody's hero. I know he would grow and learn and still wouldn't be a green Rookie, because the learning curve is fast, but he is starting to act like some of the well seasoned officers. I almost feel like they are doing these ridic
  9. Nolan's kid is boring as sin. They also missed an opportunity to have Molly Quinn play the girlfriend, provided they don't think she is too old. I actually did like the girlfriend's story. Revenge porn is a thing and it doesn't get prosecuted as much as it should, because so many people still harp on "she should have kept her legs closed." I can see a young girl feeling powerless and wanting some of that power back and making a poor decision. I'm not an Ali Larter fan either, but she has way more chemistry with Nolan than Jess does, and this is coming from someone who LOVES Sarah Shah
  10. I would have just gone up to my kid and made sure it was pointed away before he hurt himself. Or tackled him. The cop would not have had the opportunity. You do what you have to do to protect your kids. I had to go back and rewatch because I could not believe that was Jon Huertas. I did not recognize him at all upon first watch, and that scene with the bone saw was stupid. I liked the girl that Bradford got set up with. Mostly I think Bradford looks sweet when he smiles.
  11. Hell, if Darlene could have afforded it and Dan wouldn't take it, that's when you SAVE that shit. Ugh. These people exasperate me. Darlene only got that job based on Krystal's recommendation! And she even though that was beneath her, when it was good pay with medical benefits for her kids. Didn't she quit because she got sick of some guy hitting on her? This is an excellent point. I know he wasn't a kid, but if the money went to Darlene and Becky, they could have given it to Dan. I read an article about the writers of the show, and all the female writers said they hav
  12. Although I hate that Becky married Emilio and he still snuck back into the country, I think Emilio is sweet and he seems like the kind of guy who would love Becky and treat her well simply because she is the mother of his child. I just don't want Becky getting into trouble. That was ridiculous of Dan to let it go that long. There are hardship circumstances, refinancing at lower rates, talking to your DAMN kids, all kinds of things that could have been done. Becky especially needs to be helping because she is doing the restaurant AND still working at the bar. She doesn't pay for babysi
  13. To be fair, Becky was prepared to give the baby up for adoption and her family told her they would help her. I don't see her as mooching so much because they wanted to keep the baby in the family as well, so hell yes they can help her.
  14. Does that last picture look like the Conner's laundry room? I hope Becky and Jackie didn't smuggle Emilio back in the trunk.
  15. That what Harris said, but I think that was something thrown in so that we wouldn't think Darlene got her fired. I get the feeling the writers want Darlene to come off as this down-on-her-luck mom who is just trying to do what is best for her kids, but it's not working. She is unpleasant, selfish, ungrateful, spiteful, and hateful. Even if they were trying to make her Roseanne 2.0, Roseanne was never this ugly. On the show, anyway.
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