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  1. I think Pnina may have pissed some folks off. I don't know when this article was written, but it mentions that she tried to badmouth a dress that belonged to another designer when the client liked the other dress better. The link is here. Scroll down to where it says "Trunk shows can be good or bad." Yep. I'm rewatching season one right now, and they are often more than three brides per show. In addition, the consultants are very well versed (except for Claudia, she's a delusional moron), and there are wedding photos from every bride that is shown, even if it is for a couple of minutes. The family members are thoughtful with their criticisms and no one really seems out to be an ass on purpose. There is also no one asking "Are you saying yes to this dress?" I do miss Randy though. And, I caught a glimpse of 1st season Pnina. Wow. She looks younger, less greasy, and she can actually move her face. I thought she looked familiar and wasn't sure until I heard her voice.
  2. In that picture Finn looks like a young Robert Carradine to me. I like Nancy's hair.
  3. Having just finished all of Season two, I can only say...bwahahahahahahahahahaha!
  4. I just thought it was one of those moments where Penny is in the shower and Bernadette is putting on makeup or on the toilet or something. Close girlfriends are often less squicky about sharing a bathroom at the same time, at least in my experience.
  5. I liked it. I know people complained about Sheldon being a huge jerk in this one when he has had character development beyond this, but I expected him to be super selfish during what could potentially be the crowning achievement of his career. He just had not yet learned that you can acknowledge others without diminishing your own achievements. I cried like a baby during the speech, especially the Astronaut part. SMG didn't surprise me because it made sense for Raj, who is a HUGE buffy fan. Loved the callback to Howard being a perv, "You two have showered together?" and Bernadette calling him out on it. Loved Amy's speech. Liked her makeover. Glad it was Raj and not Penny that helped her with it, which makes sense given that Penny would probably push showing more skin. I do wish we would have gotten that montage. The Penny pregnancy didn't bother me as much because it was obvious they had known about it and had been given time to accept it. Also, this was the happiest and most connected Penny and Leonard had been in years on this show. It was nice to see them genuinely happy with each other, not just in being snarky about the others. Agree that Stewart wasn't incompetent. Kids are kids. If I had a nickel for every time my kids injured themselves when I was right there and didn't see it coming. I cackled at Kripke's prank call. I don't watch Young Sheldon, but I did watch the tribute one based on the comments here, and I'm so glad I did. I teared up all over again. I can't wait for the reunion show in ten years.
  6. Not digging the blond hair, but it'll be interesting for sure. Love that Kitty will be back. I hope Gregson does the right thing, but that would get him into a great deal of trouble as much as Hannah.
  7. As I rewatch the series, I noticed in the emergency message from Corvin V that one of the settlers mentioned was named Zaphod. I thought that was a nice little nod to Douglas Adams.
  8. I thought they tried but Owe said that they couldn't get a lock or Control was interfering or something. I'll have to go back but I could swear that Pike did ask.
  9. You know, that's a really good point. She just had to die, but why did she have to suffer like that? She acted the hell out of it though, and I don't even like her. Tilly cracks me up. The scene with Georgiou Stamets and Cluber was hot. Tilly needed to get the hell out. Pike and Ash will keep me coming back, but Ash needs more to do. And needs a haircut. I am loving Spock. He reminds me of the boy in The Search For Spock who was entering puberty - looks wise. I can see him being younger and less in control of his human side. I can also see him playing up his logic just to piss off McCoy. I do agree that his advice to Stamets was weird. I hand wave the stuff that doesn't make sense as much in this one as I do in any other trek, so I am totally loving this show.
  10. We have already seen Number 1. She was played by Rebecca Romijn. I really love the way you worded this. Burnham is exhausting, and she is my least favorite character, but I can tolerate her for all the awesomeness Pike and Georgiou are bringing. And Ash is yummy. I wonder if the makeup was getting tiresome or if the actress was starting to react to it, because Sarah Mitich played Airiam up to "Will you Take my Hand" and is continuing to be on the show as Lt. Nisson, and Hannah Cheesman did a number of episodes as Airiam this season. I do wish we had more backstory on Ariam before today.
  11. I don't know. I think the writers have been pretty good with explaining things so far, they just aren't doing it in the same episode. I wouldn't be surprised if there is Civil War on Saru's planet that wipes out the entire population - hence no more Kelpians seen in Star Trek. Janeway would be hilarious, but I'm wondering if it's not Picard. He's supposedly getting a spinoff, so his show could be about him altering moments of time. What the hell else could a show about a retired Picard be about?
  12. I have liked this show since it started, but I adore it now. I love how it is embracing everything and apologizing for nothing. Anson Mount is amazing. The guy playing Spock is amazing. Vina was great. The person I like least is Michael. 🙂
  13. I'm reading all about how you guys loved Grace's dress at the wedding and I'm over here like, "Did no one see that Bud's pants were way too short!" I am done with Frankie. She is not quirky; she is an asshole. Putting Grace at the kids' table because Grace let her clean up her own mess was petty and childish. Grace might be a ballbuster, but she has never been spiteful. I am so glad Grace married Nick. She needs someone who can balancer her without going off the deep end. Plastic Grace cracked me up.
  14. Okay, that is inspired. Damnit. Now I have to rewatch the entire season to get to that episode. Thanks a lot. This! That was the dumbest ever. Also, that looked like plain candy in that cake-yata. You know that Allison was allergic to SOMETHING in that cake.
  15. Thank you! I was wondering what the hell happened to his face. I was curious as to whether he had a stroke in the past. He also seemed like he was trying to speak moving his lips but not his jaw. It was just weird all around. Becky's phone scene had me in tears, as did Jackie's meltdown.
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