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  1. Dear Jill. The only reason we care about your Facebook announcement is because we want to see (and Kaylee) get out of your house, be loved and treated like an individual with (hopefully) her own thoughts and dreams, get enough to eat, be able to dress and do her hair and makeup according to her own wishes, and be as happy as Nurie seems with Nathan. And to move as far away from you as possible.
  2. Isn’t Snuggles the dog they left behind on one of the Stink Bus tour stops and didn’t even realize it? And then didn’t even come back to get her from the people who found her until about a week later? Sorry, Jill, but that is NOT loving your dog.
  3. Poor kid’s either going to sit up and hit his head on the table, or fall off the chair and hit the floor. What a pleasant way to wake up.
  4. Because she grew up a Duggar with her life documented on camera for all to see and thinks that’s normal. That and they all believe they’re super Christians and celebrities that the world can’t get enough of. I have relatives and friends around the same age who would post the same kinds of pictures on Instagram or Facebook. Granted they don’t have millions of followers but some have 400-700 people on their Friends list. I’ve seen plenty of similar pictures posted on their pages.
  5. Terrible colds can come on quickly. Evy could have been fine when Joy left, then come down with a fever and cold and Joy cut her trip short. Not trying to be argumentative but I remember my daughter at that age and how she could be feeling absolutely fine in the morning, then wake up from her afternoon nap feeling miserable and her nose running like a faucet.
  6. I think she looks like a mom who has either been up all night with a sick child, or who has had an exhausting day with a child who was sick and miserable and not easily consoled.
  7. Jill souvenir shopping - I wonder how much tacky crap she’s bringing back to the overstuffed barndo.
  8. The picture of Jill and Derick on the dock is really nice. They both look happy and relaxed.
  9. I think Jill photoshopped some pounds off herself in this picture. I’m not trying to fat shame - I’m overweight myself - but when you look at this picture next to the family picture, she looks much thinner here, and not just because of whom she’s standing next to.
  10. The Rods invaded my dreams the other night. I dreamed I was at a hotel pool in a changing room. Janessa was sitting on the floor eating some pills out of a prescription bottle while Jill spackled on her make up. When I pointed it out to her, she told me that just a few won’t hurt her. Then the whole family was in the pool in their street clothes, and Jill was loudly and obnoxiously throwing beach balls around. One of my friends was in the corner of the pool with one of the Not Nuries, trying to convince her to break free while I was playing with the little girls. Jill made the whole fami
  11. Jessa’s due any day now. She’s probably tired, I’m sure her back aches, she’s probably hot and miserable. I can’t snark on her for having a car date with Ivy. At this point in her pregnancy I’m sure the last thing she wants to do is chase a 2 year old around a park. I only watched with the video with the sound off and captioning on, but Ivy is a smart little one. I used to be an early childhood teacher and would have loved to have her in my classroom. Of course, I’m sure none of those 3 children will ever go to a school beyond the SOTDRT. And that just seems so sad.
  12. If anybody ever posted pictures of me in the ER for any reason, but especially banged up and bruised after a car accident, they would be the next patients in the ER. I can’t see the pictures on her blog, but Jill posted them on Facebook. Keep exploiting those kids, Jill.
  13. She’s very pretty but those eyelashes... But if she enjoys them, that’s what matters.
  14. I hope it’s a crop top. So in case Boob and Mullet should happen to see it, their heads will explode. That is if they’re not too busy writing checks to Smuggar’s lawyers.
  15. Jill probably tries to loudly and obnoxiously lead the team and spectators in some dramatic prayer before the game, between innings, and after the game. She also probably further embarrasses her children by screaming “Praise Jesus!” whenever a good play is made. In general I’m sure she makes a complete ass of herself at each game.
  16. Oh come on Jeremy, you were an athlete at one time. Don’t pretend you’ve never worn shorts like that before.
  17. If I remember right, she had tried on a dress before that one that she really liked (and which I think it was the one she ended up buying) and her entourage didn’t think it was modest enough. So the consultant put her in that one so they would see that the one she liked was just fine. You could tell on the show that she was pretty uncomfortable coming out and showing the one pictured above.
  18. It still just bugs me that Justin should be celebrating his high school graduation this spring. But instead he’s married. He and Claire look happy but they’re so darn young.
  19. I’m going to give Jill a break on the song. I listen to the radio all the time and sing my heart out in the car, but for 99% of the songs, I couldn’t tell you the song title or artist, and really only care if I want to put it on my iPod. I had no idea who sang “I Believe I Can Fly”. I also don’t keep up with who is being charged with what in celebrity world - too many to keep up with!
  20. I was going to post the exact same thing. That’s the strangest looking garden I’ve ever seen.
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