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  1. I may have said this here or in a FB group when Lauren miscarried very early and people were calling it a late period and talking about her reaction. These women have been raised from birth being taught that their most important role in life is having baby after baby after baby. How devastating it must be to miscarry. Jill took a pregnancy test which turned out positive. She and Derick were excited about the news and began planning for this new addition to their family. Maybe Jill was feeling she was in a good place mentally to go through pregnancy and having an infant again, especially w
  2. I sure as hell hope she isn’t expecting Nurie to help her walk, bathe and dress and to serve her, considering Nurie gave birth just a few days ago. Oh, who am I kidding. She’s probably reclining on a couch with the baby with Nurie and Nathan wait on her hand and foot. And sees absolutely nothing wrong with it. What a SEVERELY horrible person.
  3. I may be in the minority but I really hate calling young children “the littles”. Almost as much as the term “baby bump”.
  4. If he is convicted, will he be able to have unsupervised time with minors when he’s released? Say he gets out in 5-6 years. He will still have minor children. I’m guessing his terms of release will include restrictions on his access to children. Will he have to register as a sex offender?
  5. I was just about to post the same. There was no reason for that article to mention he was adopted. My child is my child, not my adopted child. She is no less a member of our extended family than any child in our family. That stuff just makes me so mad. Your child is your child, whether through birth or adoption.
  6. Dear Jill. The only reason we care about your Facebook announcement is because we want to see (and Kaylee) get out of your house, be loved and treated like an individual with (hopefully) her own thoughts and dreams, get enough to eat, be able to dress and do her hair and makeup according to her own wishes, and be as happy as Nurie seems with Nathan. And to move as far away from you as possible.
  7. Isn’t Snuggles the dog they left behind on one of the Stink Bus tour stops and didn’t even realize it? And then didn’t even come back to get her from the people who found her until about a week later? Sorry, Jill, but that is NOT loving your dog.
  8. Poor kid’s either going to sit up and hit his head on the table, or fall off the chair and hit the floor. What a pleasant way to wake up.
  9. Because she grew up a Duggar with her life documented on camera for all to see and thinks that’s normal. That and they all believe they’re super Christians and celebrities that the world can’t get enough of. I have relatives and friends around the same age who would post the same kinds of pictures on Instagram or Facebook. Granted they don’t have millions of followers but some have 400-700 people on their Friends list. I’ve seen plenty of similar pictures posted on their pages.
  10. Terrible colds can come on quickly. Evy could have been fine when Joy left, then come down with a fever and cold and Joy cut her trip short. Not trying to be argumentative but I remember my daughter at that age and how she could be feeling absolutely fine in the morning, then wake up from her afternoon nap feeling miserable and her nose running like a faucet.
  11. I think she looks like a mom who has either been up all night with a sick child, or who has had an exhausting day with a child who was sick and miserable and not easily consoled.
  12. Jill souvenir shopping - I wonder how much tacky crap she’s bringing back to the overstuffed barndo.
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