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  1. Meghan said that Nikki Haley would be her dream guest for her birthday show
  2. I like 2009 Meghan better than the Meghan we see now
  3. Meghan is the female Ben Shapiro.
  4. I think she'll be great after she settles in.
  5. She needs time to get in the groove.
  6. Abby will fit in. It's only her first day.
  7. Abby would be a great support system for Meghan.
  8. It would be great if The View books Kirstie Alley as a guest, and Meghan accidentally asks a stupid question about Scientology.
  9. Maybe her friendship with Meghan will stop the screaming matches.
  10. It'll be fun seeing how she reacts when topics of sex come up.
  11. She is a true friend of MM.
  12. I'm willing to see how Abby gels in with the other ladies.
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