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  1. Maybe I should also bring up that Meghan has a friendship with the girl who kissed Puck on The Real World. That pretty much explains it all.
  2. Get her advocacy recognition revoked
  3. I think next week we'll start seeing a revolving door of fill-ins
  4. And we’ll have a revolving door of fill ins
  5. Sunny should read legal notes telling Meghan to shut up
  6. The Real World would've been a better home for her.
  7. View Your Deal was introduced when there was a plan to turn The View into the third hour of GMA
  8. I'd love to see Joy try it
  9. Knowing what Robia LaMorte does now, I can't see Jenny the same anymore.
  10. I'm glad Charisma is setting the record straight
  11. Maybe we should tell ABC to drop View Your Deal.
  12. Meghan flipped her hair like Erika Jayne when she told Joy what her job was: to listen to her. Two repellent Arizona girls
  13. I think Meghan would’ve been great on The Real World.
  14. I don’t know the status of their friendship, but I saw a tweet about Rachel congratulating Meghan when she became full time on Outnumbered.
  15. I'm just glad we have Meghan and not Rachel Campos-Duffy.
  16. Rachel Campos-Duffy guest hosted the following season.
  17. And also it was a really bad move for them to fire Joy.
  18. It's how she thinks of her tribe. In a fantasy and BDSM way.
  19. I can imagine what she was talking about in utero.
  20. I can't stand Jeff and Isabel.
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