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  1. Ana worked on Abby's dad's campaign too.
  2. And she's Meghan's college friend
  3. New submission for the Meghan forum rename: Meghan McCain: Disgusting
  4. Janice is the name of Meghan and Abby's friend.
  5. Maybe after she has the twins she'll quit.
  6. Maybe her friend Andy Cohen can take her to that show with Erika Jayne
  7. Rebel Wilson would be a better co-host than Elsa
  8. Meghan and Abby's friend Janice is coming Thursday
  9. Meghan didn't go because she hates Ana and her husband mocked Ana.
  10. Elsa's husband is her producer.
  11. I was watching The Real World: San Francisco and one of Meghan's legions of friends was in it. Rachel Campos-Duffy who is now at Fox. The one seated next to Meghan on the right. They're both Arizona girls, both very similar in terms of temper.
  12. Rebel Wilson and Meghan will face off.
  13. Meghan loves her tribe like its a romantic obsession.
  14. The Ice Queen is gonna be on a roll
  15. The show is 35 mins without commercials. When they have excessive guests it gives them little time to talk.
  16. Maybe give Ana a throne on Fridays
  17. Jedediah was on Fox and Friends this morning saying "You Can Still Taste The Liberal Tears" and laughing about it.
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