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  1. How much worse could it have possibly been? 😂😂
  2. That is disappointing because Kelli has given Kitty a lot of power over the years and everyone knows that if Kitty doesn't like someone, be it rookie or vet, they don't stand a chance of making the team. I love Jalyn and her being cut, if that happens, may be the final push for me to cancel all my DVR recordings of the show!!!!
  3. Kelly's ego has getting bigger and bigger every year. Just look at her wardrobe!
  4. They probably picked VK and they don't want all the grief they know they will get when we find out!
  5. That is not a suit, it is an accessory.
  6. jlc

    Best Baker In America

    Is that true? Please tell me it isn't true. I think these "worst" shows are true scripted unreality!!!
  7. Please, please, John Galt where are you????
  8. I don't necessarily think it is the same level of "benefits" for every vet, but I also think there are a lot more vets working for this organization than we know of. I am sure some of the girls want nothing to do with the DCC, like Kalyssa or Alexandria, or Chelsea, but some of the vets I am pretty sure are living their best life thanks to the DCC. Thank you. 😊
  9. I was pretty active on the forum last year, but I totally missed the defensive employee, although I think I have an idea who he is, can you fill me in on this?
  10. I think, and I hope I am not the only one, but it seems to me that the best part of being a DCC is the life afterwards. Look at how they are all still constantly being celebrated by management, or getting high paying jobs with the team, traveling as all stars for the team, invitations to just about everything. Seems to me life is pretty darn good for a former DCC!
  11. jlc

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I agree with everyone!!! Buddy has always been a jerk when he didn't win, or when it didn't go his way. Cake Boss was his baby and he was always shown in a positive light (at least I think he was), especially when his mom passed, but his sisters are THE WORST!! They are so spoiled and lazy. They sound like Italian Valley Girls, they dress like Hoboken Hotties, and they, like Buddy, are rude, arrogant, over entitled, and boorish! I can remember Buddy from the FN Challenges, that I don't think he ever won, and he would give the judges the worst looks when he didn't win. I am not watching the Buddy vs Duff shows any more, even tho I love Duff, because I can't stand Buddy!!!
  12. In my opinion, Meadow did not decorate. She used two bland colors, her "shooting star" decorations took about 30 seconds to make, and the two masks were drawn faces, and they weren't drawn that well. She was done early the decorating was so simple! She may have been a fun contestant, mature, and fun to watch, but her decorating, what little she actually did, was not even on the same level as the other two bakers!