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  1. She's been grating on mine for years. I am so over her. She, in my opinion, has always acted like she is judging celebrated pastry chefs, instead of kids. She has a way bigger opinion of herself than anyone else has.
  2. DCC MYSTERIES????? Where do I find that??? I have not heard of this life changing place. I think I need a cigarette now!
  3. Last night there were athletes and judges pairings, and Carl was on. At first I thought "oh no, this is too sad," but then I realized that I was happy to see Carl again because he has always been one of my favorites. I was really missing him, but it was good to see him again, despite his being gone.
  4. Well, you called that right. I am very disappointed because I thought the other team worked together. Christa did all the cooking and Jazz made a spicy sauce. That did not deserve to win, at least not to me.
  5. I think Kelli is more worried about losing the show and all the "Hollywood" things she gets to do and the people she gets to meet. She probably cared about the brand in the beginning, but I think now it is more about her and the show.
  6. "Seemed" is the operative word here. When you look at her pictures back when she was a DCC her facial expressions were always "hey big boy, need a date tonight?" I think she has been trashy since about half way through her first year on the team, when she started reading all the "hot" talk about herself.
  7. Sorry, but although I think Duff is awesome with the kids, and really enjoys interacting with them, I don't think Valerie is good with them at all. Her interactions with them one on one seem stilted and phony, and I feel she is too hard on them with criticisms that much older and talented bakers would be getting. I am just not a fan of hers.
  8. She did not win, thank you Jesus!!! It is a true Christmas miracle.
  9. Everything with Sarah is like nails on a chalkboard for me right now. UGH, I just don't want her to win.
  10. In my opinion, it was a bad choice, and despite Challenge being one of my favorite shows, I am most likely not watching it.
  11. I have felt the same way about her all season. Something about her this season is rubbing me the wrong way. In fact, right now I am hoping this means she is gone and Miles finds someone who will live him as much as he lives her, totally unlike Cara.
  12. When you met, did you have to address her as Iron Chef Alwx? She acts like she is the only chef in America who was an Iron Chef! In my opinion, she is the worst judge! She comes off as arrogant and condescending, and way to full of herself. I really like this show, but it is hard to watch with her!!
  13. 100% agree!!! She is annoying and too fond of herself, and her and Katie Lee are tied for worse voice ever!!
  14. I agree with this 100%, and I am really glad to hear that I am not the only one that thinks Melissa D'Arabian is the worst "judge" on food network, and an all around not very nice person.
  15. Wasn't the talking head girl on the Christmas Cookie Challenge last year? She was eliminated because her christmas cookies were too Halloween looking?
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