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  1. She might not have the big personality, but from what I have seen of her she definitely has a big ego.
  2. I agree 100%. The show made me laugh, smile, cry, and best of all, it made me remember a really great guy. I am such a Guy Fieri fan now because of this really touching tribute to his friend Carl. Thank you Guy, I really appreciated this.
  3. I feel the same way about her. I didn't see her on Top Chef, so this is the first time I've seen her, and I am not a fan. She is too smug, too vain. Don't like her, and I was shocked Jet did not win. His food looked really good.
  4. I think you are my spirit sister!!! Everything you said is EXACTLY what I think 100%, but you said it much better than I ever could!
  5. Maybe there isn't going to be another season of DCC? 😥
  6. I remember Eluzabeth Faulkner when she would compete on the old Challenge shows. She is also a pastry chef, but everytime she would compete, she would have some big disaster and then would end up with the worst cake or no cake. I used to think she was incompetent! 🤪🤪
  7. I am glad Blais lost because he needed to be put in his place for once. He has an ego as large as Alex Guarnaschelli. They both lost. And the show is now better for it!
  8. I agree, this was not very good, in my opinion. It looks like they are out of sync a lot, and it was just boring. Sorry everyone that loves it.
  9. And Darnell knew it. I think he may have contested the results if he hadn't won! I hope he wins it all, he seems like a great guy. Yes, she hasn't been an iron chef in ages. Isn't it about time she moves on?
  10. I noticed the same thing. Her arrogance is so annoying and that whole ICAG thing that she promotes needs to follow her as they go far far away!
  11. I am so happy for Darnell!! I love when he competes because he looks like he is having fun, and his food always looks great. I am also really happy about the blind judging and the fact that Alex lost in the first round. Most of the time when she wins I think it is just because everyone is afraid of her. So glad she is out and we don't have to listen to her all season while she expects to win. So time for her to move on!
  12. My question should have been is Kelli mad that Victoria is not participating in these classes with the other cheerleaders? As someoneone mentioned earlier, aren't these classes a "mandatory" volunteer attendance?
  13. I wonder if Kelli has seen this video? Will she be mad about no Victoria, in the class with everybody else and not in this video with everyone else?
  14. I am rooting for Darnell too. Big fan of his!
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