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  1. I think I am over Guy Fieri and his litany of shows designed to find something Hunter might actually be good at. It is time to move on
  2. But I feel like Carla has to be the center of attention. I am sooo over Carla.
  3. You are not alone, Kristen Chenowith makes me want to barf everytime the camera shows her face, or she opened her mouth to talk!
  4. Exactly! And how many times before did she comment on one of the girls overbite?? Several if I remember correctly, but she brought Kalli Fullerton in to training camp with an overbite and questionable dance skills!! Wouldn't consistency on this show be nice for once!!
  5. I am not watching again this season. I get all the information I need from here.
  6. I don't wonder about a snitch because all the vet cuts came from Veruca's group, and that tells me everything I need to know about why they were fit. Look at the cuts, extremely popular Brennan, and Superstar Hannah, and beautiful Meredith, and also lilly, close friends with most of the vets. These are all things that Veruca could only wish she was!!
  7. So far, in my opinion, only one was semi awesome. Most of these look like what they are, high school cheerleaders with some dance ability. This looks to be a team of Verucas.
  8. She's Kelli's second daughter, so she doesn't need to be a really good dancer like the other girls in order to move up. She just has to make sure those horse teeth stay nice and white!!
  9. I am the same way about her. She used to do a lot of the baking competitions on food network back in the day, and I could never "like" her. Something about her.
  10. I have seen Peggy on Guy's Grocery Games twice. She won both times. It was great, she has grown up to be a beautiful young lady.
  11. The description on mine said eight bakers. Go figure...
  12. I thought the exact same thing! 😂😂. I was afraid I would have to stop watching if it was her!! 😂😂😂
  13. You just made perfect sense. Thank you. And I could go without those things too!
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