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  1. Ugh, another of my favourites gone. I can't stand Shan or Ricard and if either win I am going to be pretty choked. I'm optimistic that Shan will lose her footing when they merge and she's no longer running the tribe. Genie was too honest and trusting for this game.
  2. It's been over 2 decades since I read them so it's possible haha! I do remember "BEST JAPANESE FOOD EVER!" was the punchline. Edit: According to the BSC wiki, they went to a pizza place.
  3. As someone who is Canadian, we do that anyway so I didn't note that as such a big thing! Just finished Season 2. I didn't even notice the change of actresses for Dawn -- I thought she was fine, especially her big fight scenes with Mary-Anne. Claudia is still my favourite (she always was) and I definitely got choked up during Mimi's episode. I liked the plot twist of Janine and Ashley being a couple. I also loved the Mimi stories were right out of the books, such as the biker bar pizza and the ambulance chaser -- though in the books, the ambulance went to Claudia's Uncle Russ and Aunt Peac
  4. I feel like the closest thing to this was the Friends Forever series -- it lead up to them graduating middle school, drifting apart, boyfriend drama (I believe Claudia's crush ends up dating Stacey and they have a HUGE multi-book fight). I quite liked them actually though I know they didn't get as much love.
  5. Where the fuck did this new, confident Tiffany come from? Damn, girl! My mom and I were laughing out loud during the slow cuts to Deshawn and Danny looking horrified that they couldn't even throw the challenge thanks to Naseer going beast mode.
  6. That's why you should join your local credit union! Free accounts AND we'll let you keep the pen. :D - signed a CU employee of 13 years.
  7. Agreed, Fern is just super cute and smiley, the caption is something I would post about my own nephews, and Jer looks really happy too. It's sad that I think the siblings are closer with one another than they were with MEChelle and Boob, and they get to dote on their nieces, nephews, and younger relatives in a way they probably didn't get from their failure parents.
  8. I love a fancy pen myself (though I think my most expensive fountain pen was only $75 but they can be thousands!) but the difference is that I have a job, I save money, and then I can buy things I want. I'm not a has-been reality TV "star" with awful morals who just grifts free stuff to seem more cultured than I actually am.
  9. Brad was one of my favourites so I'm gutted.
  10. I still love Brad, chaotic as he is. I don't know why, but the green tribe has some of the best personalities in the game. I still hate Ricard, but Evvie is growing on me a bit. Genie and JD are still my green tribe favourites. I also love Deshawn, Naseer, and Danny from the blue tribe. Did not see that Voce blindside coming, Tiffany is just dead weight and her paranoia is getting out of hand in my opinion. I love Xander but I think he's screwed since he can't vote unless the other two manage to find the other idols. His game play is going to be pretty limited.
  11. Mima rocking the pants too! The boys look so happy and content. So much more genuine than the other broods.
  12. The shot of them in the church is so perfect I have goosebumps.
  13. Opening sequence ft. original Tank! score, of course. I personally love it. Also from geeked, the main cast interviewing one another:
  14. My early faves are Brad, Genie, Xander, and JD. Early annoyances are Ricard and Evvie.
  15. It was a good finale. Not great, not perfect, but it was good.
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