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  1. I... actually kind of like the name Fern. I think it's cute.
  2. So here's the thing. After my favourite character in the MCU died in Endgame, so did my interest in Marvel (except for Loki). No plans to see any of the other movies in theaters, though I did watch the three Disney+ series. The finale set up a LOT for Phase 4, which is great if you're pumped for Phase 4 itself and all of the craziness and time travel and multiverses etc. Buuuuuuut, if you're like me and you're not, it was like 30 minutes of exposition from Kang and then just 10 of anything interesting happening. So I definitely feel like of... underwhelmed. I'm excited for Seas
  3. Valerie


    I'm really happy. It's by no means groundbreaking TV (the original never was amazing writing or acting either) but I am enjoying it a lot, moreso than other renewals like Fuller House for exmaple.
  4. WOW, things are really ramping up. AGAIN. I feel like every week I'm bracing myself for another cliffhanger. The Lokis were all amazing. Classic Loki was definitely the MVP (he just wanted to see Asgard one last time because he misses Thor...) but Alligator Loki, Kid Loki, and President Loki were all fantastic. I was really curious when the promos of President Loki had appeared and thought he would be a bigger part of the story -- nope, just another hilarious Variant with the girliest scream ever. I was not disappointed by Loki's reunions with Sylvie (they shared a blanket!) and Mob
  5. HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIT. MOBIUS! NOOOOO!!! also Loki was going to kiss Sylvie wasn't he. WASN'T HE.
  6. Valerie

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    I really liked the change of pacing in this episode. I did miss Mobius a bit but honestly Loki and Sylvie had so much chemistry I really didn't notice the lack of TVA. I agree it had major Doctor Who vibes.
  7. We are exactly the same age (date and year). I feel bad for her that her life is just... being an honorary J-Slave.
  8. Valerie


    It was a guilty pleasure when it was on ten years ago and it's a guilty pleasure now. The absence of Jeanette is hard to ignore but I respect her decision to retire given her experience and I think the show will still appeal for the nostalgia. I think my favourite episode was the third, but they all had some moments that had me giggling just like the old series.
  9. I'm rewatching Cambodia and I will never, ever tire of Wentworth idolling out Savage. I could watch it on repeat and cure my depression.
  10. "Are you on Bridgerton?" DB practically falling out of his chair from laughing so hard was one of my favourite things to watch for.
  11. GeekedWeek continues with a table read of the pilot. no Kevin but we have Tricia, Dennis, and Aimee reading bits when needed and some very funny role swapping.
  12. I resubbed to Disney Plus just for this series and I have no regrets. Loki was the only interesting part of the Thor series (aside from Ragnarok, which rocked all around). Tom Hiddleston is fantastic in everything and I could tell he was having so much fun with this. Loved Mobius and the other supporting characters. The highlight reel was hard to watch again. Poor Loki. It obviously will be the start of some kind of redemption arc for him but since it's Loki, it's never going to be that simple or that straightforward.
  13. Well she damn well had better be! The music is as much a character as Spike, Faye, Jet, Ed, and Ein!
  14. The cast covers from 5x10 are now up on Spotify!
  15. A proper album of all of the song covers is now on Spotify. Nice that they were faster about getting these to us.
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