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  1. Hawk

    S01E10: The Sacrifice

    I just binged this show, loved it and found out it isn't getting a second season WTF???
  2. Perfect, WTF did I just watch! Claudia Black and all my Farscape dreams come true. Yeah, I thought I was on the wrong show.
  3. I love the crew they ended up with after episode 10. Can't wait for season two.
  4. These two actually had some on screen chemistry, while Chakotay and Seven did not. I see your point of diminishing the female. Although, in the episode Resolutions, where they are both on that planet together, Janeway inexplicably turns into a whiny, scared baby girl. ..I could never figure out that writing.
  5. I agree. I was worried they would try too hard but I totally enjoyed the episode and thought Jodie was great. They need a reason to keep the companions with her. If she returns them to Earth immediately, she companionless.
  6. River had already mentioned that she had a wife...or two.
  7. Hawk

    Home Fires

    They knew this was going to be the end and they just left everything hanging...not what I'd usually expect from a British tv show.
  8. Hawk


    Is there ever any explanation as to where Shep went?
  9. Strong women were a hallmark of this show, hopefully there are still a few around after this.
  10. Hawk

    S04.E19: On the Eve

    I have really enjoyed the path they had taken with Torvi, except the Bjorn is a jackass husband part. I hope she isn't dead.
  11. Hawk

    S04.E18: Revenge

    How did Bjorn turn out to be such a terrible Father and husband when his parents were so clearly not.
  12. This was one crazy, dark season. Netflix should put these out one show every week like regular tv.
  13. Typical way to deal with lesbian characters...kill one of them. I never expected this from a British television show. How very disappointing. I liked Caroline and Kate.
  14. In hindsight I think they would take that back and end the series completely differently.
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