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  1. The Hawaii Five-0 Series Finale: What Cliffhangers for Season 11 Got Cut? https://tvline.com/2020/04/04/hawaii-five-0-ended-over-season-11-spoilers-tani-junior/ I wouldn't read until after you have seen the finale. But it is clear that plans were being made to continue with Alex's character being gone for a bit. Hence him leaving and saying goodbye. So if you do read the article the ending that we saw was sections cut so that cliffhangers weren't running rampant since the show wasn't coming back. Well the actress grew up literally playing the part. It shows 2019 being her last time and I wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to do college or something else. It would have been nice to see her but I think the time frame they had that this was the end didn't really allow for that. I used to watch this show live. Then they started messing with Danny's character. I didn't mind him complaining because at first they showed him to be the guy that helped the others deal with things. But it seemed when Scott went to less ep that he wasn't really part of the group that much and I didn't like some of the things they did. He would get some good eps showing his acting abilities but many times he didn't feel part of the team. I did wonder if he got along with the cast and if that played a part of it. Don 't know. My biggest issue was Danny is obviously still hurt pretty bad and to be left alone didn't feel right. I guess I'll just have to add that he told one of them to look after Danny for him. The big deal with the money just didn't fit with how his mother had already died because she needed to make sure her kids were set. I think I would have rather it been more about payback and wanting Steve to feel the lose she felt from losing her husband and that the money was just an added bonus. So do I think they did it well, no. But at least it wasn't as bad as some other's I can think of. Ten years is a good run, but it felt more like okay, how can we make this seem like this is it than a plan that wrapped it up for the fans. I can handle Steve with Catherine but it just shows why I wasn't in love with this show like I once was.
  2. I wish we had so many more that we all were so excited about. But I do remember enjoying this one even if I thought some of Dean's characteristics were too much. But the two stories did blend well, so I'm glad it uplifted you while your dealing with such stress. Sorry about the death of the friend. I hope you can keep yourself and your family safe.
  3. Well I did have one advantage, I'm theatre so any movie deals with acting techniques. As the times changed I couldn't spend days letting the kids watch as it is considered babysitting and not teaching. Not true, but I did have to change how I did it. Holland Opus wasn't too risky for the 7th and 8th graders but conservative 6 grade parents, well it is almost crossing the line for an affair. Sad fact, even though he didn't do it, he did cross the ethics and would be fired for it today. It is seen as improper relations. Dead Poet was the section on killing himself even though it was powerfully done. I just had to figure out which of my kids would complain. I was guilty of saying "If you can't watch you can read from the book and answer questions instead." Or my favorite, "I get any parent complaints you'll only see old Disney G Rated movies from here on," most likely something they had to see all the time due to a younger sibling. Since I'm retired, I can say I also cheated. Movies were never listed on my lesson plans, so if someone came in I had to switch to using it as a warmup and move on. I was good at it. And yes everything that Trudysmom said is true. I did teach in Texas. My lesson plans were written for the administration to make them happy. I didn't worry about following them and my best lessons usually were the ones I put together in about 5 minutes. Lesson plans are supposed to be to help a teacher, but it has become a way to say, "Got you!" So it's another reason I was planning on retiring in May. Circumstances just moved the date up to the end of March.
  4. I've shown that one to the kids and Dead Poet Society over and over but then when times started changing I had to stop showing the entire movie. The funny question I got when a former student now a fellow teacher at my school asked, "How did you get away with showing Overboard." I thought girl, I got away with some shows much worst. This one that makes you cry - Ordinary People ,one of an all time favorite, but I showed a few clips and little did they know it was rated R...the things I used to get away with. Now I couldn't as school is much to conservative to allow any of that. I will say the first time I realized that one of my students was now a teacher was an eye opener. The worst was when the student's child was my student. lol. I try not to think of myself as old...but sometimes it is staring me in the face.
  5. So I wasn't the only one. I tried watching it when I was stuck in a hotel and it was on. I just watched 15 minutes before I gave up. I've seen parts of at least 3 versions so I can get why some loved it. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood?
  6. Self-Isolating Group Activities: Favorite movie: Agree so many to pick from But Lord of the Rings - Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring as it starts it off. Movie that makes you remember your childhood: Mary Poppins (first one I remember seeing in theatre) Favorite Tom Hanks movie: Sleepless in Seattle - He’s got many Movie that makes you cry: Old Yeller - first one that did that. Favorite 80’s movie: ET - there are too many to pick from Favorite comedy: Romancing the Stone again a lot to pick from! Favorite sports movie: A League of Their Own Favorite horror movie: Poltergeist - don’t know if it counts but I don’t watch Horror. Most overrated movie: Falling in Love - was supposed to be so awesome but DeNiro and Streep owe me my money back. It was horrible. lol Favorite gangster movie: Does Lethal Weapon Count? (I did laugh as one I like was West Story which showed up on the list of a gangster movie but I must not have watched them. I’ve seen clips of the Godfather but didn’t watch any of them really.) Movie you can watch over and over: A Knight’s Tale Movie with the best soundtrack: Lion King Best Musical: Into the Woods Broadway Version - shown it and Singing in the Rain over and over and I always enjoyed watching it again. Best Disney: Aladdin with Robin Williams Best Marvel: Iron Man but Ant man and Guardians are up there too! I tried to stick with just one but many more showed up, Back to the Future, Dirty Dancing, Beverly Hills Cop, The original Star Wars from the 80’s, Raiders of the lost ark and so on. Soundtrack Thought about Top Gun and Footloose Everything would change depending on my mood.
  7. Don't think it was meant as an insult. 15 years is a long time and I know even the big city I'm living in now has change dramatically in 30 years. So it is all from the perspective of your viewpoint.
  8. They may finish but how many will decide to finish it? I need to cut bills. I'll have to get rid of cable so maybe I'll see what happens on Netflix? or not.
  9. TVLINE | Sam and Ruby, obviously, have a complicated relationship. Do you think that she still has maybe some deeper feelings for him? I’m sure she’ll always have fond memories of the relationship. I would think that even though he betrayed her, I think she understands that in a way, because she probably would have done the same thing. So I think she’ll probably always have fond memories of him. Genevieve is responding to a question, so this is the set up she's been given to create her character. Then mix in the fact that the two actors fell in love during the season, well she won't see it the same as the fans. This again could have been interesting with better writers, but I don't expect that we'll be happy with it like she is. On one hand it is cool that she got to come back and was hoping to do so, but it wasn't a burning plot point that I thought they needed to finish. I felt it was done. So that part is on Dabb. But if he did it to make his actors happy I can live with it. I suspect that Jensen and Jared both liked having their wives on the set. So for them it was something they wanted.
  10. But they also played a clip of an interview where he said, "I've had a blessed life telling stories over a lifetime." Not exact quote. But he was always a happy and upbeat man. It would be nice if I felt that way at the end.
  11. According to this I'm dying. Thanks. All examples were about someone dying with Carrie Fisher being just one of the examples. Great. I get it. @AwesomO4000. I retired, it should be roses. But it was really forced retirement. My health care ends in March. I didn't get closure with my students. The ones that hate me won't care. The ones that I was enjoying teaching have no clue why I was suddenly gone. The scare may help but many of the students are now stuck at home and their only release from abusive situations was school. I'm pretending I'm still working because my older parents don't need the headache. The year end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 just plan sucks. I'm isolated already and this has just made it more so. I'll survive, but I just may have to write some really depressing stuff to help me deal. Not trying to amp up the pity party but it is a real issue for those that feel stuck and isolated and really alone. So feelings of upset over something that should have been a bright spot is totally understandable. I have watched several series all the way through, Sherlock, Merlin and The Shannara Chronicles. I think the hardest part has been seeing how many were really my friends from work. Not that many. So maybe the lesson is if you are thinking about contacting a friend but havent because you've been too busy. Maybe just send a short text saying " "I'm thinking about you."
  12. So when I read this, I thought, "So Dean is Dabbs mouth piece about Supernatural ending. Yeah, you've made it clear we won't like your ending. Shame, if he had tried somewhat, he might have been remembered fondling instead of the villain of his own story.
  13. I actually thought she has improved a little from their introductions for the Wayward. Not saying she is great, just thought she was a little interesting compared to her introduction. Now did I care, no. I'm just glad they didn't kill off Jody. I wouldn't mind having a Donna and Jody before it was all done and leave the rest of that cast out of it. Unfortunately, Dabbs and Berens just proved why their sequel didn't get picked up. Chuck's monologue, really did we need to hear about destroying all the other worlds because the original Dean and Sam surprised you. Was waiting for "Endings are Hard" crap speech. I'm really getting tired of all the meta, it's not funny when it is overused. Wasn't the worst ep for this season, but not much to love either. If they aren't able to show all of the eps they had planned, I'm not thinking I will miss much. So now the Winchester's plus Jack will mean God's death. But what happens when God is killed.? What is the loophole they got the network to buy when they presented killing God. I agree God as the big villain is the lamest one they've created yet. Maybe the original Death will come back as God and show how it is supposed to be done. No spoiler, just a weird wish. At least the boys did overcome Mary Sue Kia for a moment I didn't think they would allow even that.
  14. I've been doing the apple cider like a shot in cold water for years. I do take a break because it seems to stop working if I don't. But I've never done it as a hot tea. To be honest the hot tea with honey didn't taste that bad. So I would encourage that route if you can't stand the taste of apple cider vinegar. The other plus side of the apple cv is it will help you slim down. So I would suggest doing both the apple cv and gargle with warm water and salt. But yes, right now anyone caught coughing is going to get people's reactions and most likely not positive. hmm... I think I could support this dream. lol
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