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  1. Really just binged the entire show maybe almost twice. I did see some videos where the Head writer said Crisis gave us the opportunity to do something different. So instead of one child it's twins and now their teenagers so we can explore the natural angst that creates. Not exact quote. So I took it to mean it changed the past and when the kids were born. Why they didn't include Arrowverse more was Covid and this show and Stargirl will be on HBO Max vs Netflix. Both boys state they were going to do a crossover with BatWoman but ...Covid. Growing up in a small town without a
  2. Watched this by binging so it has a different feel than when you have to wait for the next ep. I find the young adult actors are pretty good at creating freshman. Having worked with so many kids with emotional issues, they weren't that far off. KIds yell at parents more today period. Parents are lucky they only have one or two kids to deal with doing it, Try a classroom it will freak you out. Glad to see I wasn't the only one that thought the actor looks like Frodo. That said, a few things also since I taught kids acting for over 20 years. Young actors have a tendency to see an
  3. I blame the writers and Bad on this. I think the actress thought she was supposed to be making a statement that mom's are more than just taking care of their kids. The could have gone in so many interesting directions. Trying to connect to her kids but failing due to missing her babies so much. Feeling totally out of place. Her teaching the boys something they didn't know about hunting that her history would give her an edge and maybe failing and discovering that she didn't feel needed. The conflict was naturally set up, but the mess we got instead. I wouldn't have had a problem w
  4. John was thrown into this world and IA that revenge was the driving force. Teaching Dean to protect Sam at all costs was the norm as he no longer did the dad things with either boys. Looking at my own life, I can sorta of relate to the Dad no longer functioning well, as my sister nearly died 7 times prior to the age 10. Now we can talk about the poor decisions and I got a different perspective when she admitted she stopped disciplining because she didn't think my sister would have a long life. She was so scared she would die and why not just let her enjoy life. This of course, cause
  5. I'm not worked up about it a year later, because it was forgettable and I'll just pretend it didn't happen. Not ready to do a re-watch yet, but I'll stop before last 2 seasons. 14 and 15 just aren't worth my time. Not sure there is one ep worth watching. I'll create a better ending for me and I doubt I'll ever support something that those writers write again. Many series have a problem with their last show, but usually there is something in it you can say is good. Unfortunately, Supernatural's is just bad and I don't remember anything worth my time. So if their goal was a forgettab
  6. Neither look natural, it looks like someone alter the photos because it isn't a natural even proportion of their body. Which is why I thought it was a filter but it reminds me of photos where they altered the original for photos that went on magazines but instead of making the subjects looking better it made them look weird. It's not a photo that I would save of Jensen. Not sure why they did it. It doesn't make either look great. Most of the time Jensen is very photogenic.
  7. My first thought was a filter, because he is missing wrinkles that he would have with that kind of closeup.
  8. 7kstar

    The Winchesters

    I wonder if Kripke had some ideas that he talked about wanting to do which Jensen is expanding. However, they could use the times that they went into the past, it changed the events. Depending on how they ignore cannon, it can't be worse than the Dabb years. A short season would allow for them work on other projects. Also I could handle them ignoring the last few years as if they didn't happen. If you ignore season 13 and 14, you have lots of options.
  9. 7kstar

    The Winchesters

    This is the one thing, we don't know, but going back to the beginning could allow for some fresh eyes and get back to some of the basics that drew people in. I would most likely give it a chance but if I didn't like it, well, I wouldn't stick with it. So that first conflict needs to really needs to draw us in. Now, why am I laughing when I see this? :) I think the one thing they could do is answer some questions we don't know and if they do it well, we'll allow some of the issues to be ignored.
  10. This is one thing IA with. If they are great friends, they'll work it out. I do ignore the "Blame game" or "poor victim game". Both are used to manilupate emotions. I get that many celebrities think that any kind of press is good PR. I don't. This kind of thing can destroy a career too. I'm not sure if I like the sound of the spin off. Even though I am a fan of Jensen's...I won't be watching any more horror stuff. So a spinoff would have to make me change my mind on that. Also, I know of a writer/producer of another show that when it ended they thought they had a new sho
  11. Since many has seen me asking for prayers for my dad, I thought I would share that he has left this world. He's out of pain. He died on Memorial day so it's almost been a month. He loved flying and fishing, so I believe he is doing both. I'm glad I got to spend some time with him before he passed on.
  12. I believe that Jensen knows who Jared is. I wouldn't be surprised if he has pulled back on spending time with Jared, hence Jared being in the dark. Jensen has weathered much worse when he was on Dark Angel. Having a pilot doesn't mean it gets picked up. So Jensen is fully aware of the business side as he has been in shows that ended after a few eps. He won't sling mud, which is why he looks better to me personally. Personally I'm glad I'm off twitter and since I'm dealing with the death of my dad, I find this stuff to be so petty. In the long run, I think this will backfire on
  13. I thought it sucked that they didn't at least attempt to find her. Afterall, she came back and saved them. Hopefully she will show up again as I liked her with Mick. Garry is just so annoying. I could care less if he disappeared for good. Some really nice moments with Mick and Sara. Not my favorite season, but it does have it moments. I thought this ep was a stronger one for this season.
  14. The meaning behind "Break a Leg" Since stage acting is a one shot business, you said break a Leg because to say good luck might bring bad luck. It a superstitious belief that actors still use today, lol. I've never heard them doing it for TV or Film since they reshoot and shoot more than once for any scene. It's connected to live performances. :)
  15. I usually search through writers' favorite stories of the ones I've enjoyed reading. Here are the favs that I marked when I read them, but I haven't been reading that many lately. Don't know if that helps or not. https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1080405/7kstar
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