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  1. I can get John Elvis felt angry that Jared had done something to his friends but image can destroy a show before it gets off the ground and right now with all the stuff happening, you don't want to get negative fan backlash. Had he just said something short and sweet and thought it out, he could have voiced his opinion but attacking Jared and using violence in his message got him fired. He doesn't have the clout to do this. As an actor, sorry but he should know better. You get jobs based on who you know. They still black list, even if they will never admit it. Those involved can't talk about it. The more they do, the more people that will not be valid for a jury. I dealt with something not great this year and I had to keep my mouth shut and I wasn't even allowed to socialize with my work friends. So those involved staying silent basically have to especially if they are trying to work out a deal. Jared has to get it under control though. Once he is off Supernatural he will lose some of his clout. If the show doesn't get the ratings or keep fans happy where they believe it is worth continuing his show, the show will be canceled. It is a business about profit. Remember Rodney Downey Junior, his drugs problem got him in jail and when he got out he had trouble getting work. He's also very talented. There are many very talented actors that never make it. Those actors at the top, which by the way is a very small percent, make the money. The rest struggle or don't make a living at all. Even as a teacher, although now I'm retired, I had to watch any online post. It could get me fired. Hence having names that don't really show my real name so I can post without having to worry about someone seeing it and it coming back to haunt me. No one is perfect. Which is one reason I wondered if John had not been sober when he made his post. He played with fire and right or wrong it cost him. The field of performance is about clout, about who you can draw in to watch you. Jared isn't a A list actor. He will need to make changes or it will cost him. We don't know all the details. But I will say this. What happened to me this year, makes me careful about throwing stones. Anytime something happens you there are two sides. Even in teaching I seen middle school best friends horse playing around and one gets mad. Then oops it's a real fight. The one that pushed it too far, usually always states, "I was just kidding or I didn't mean to fill in the blank." We may never find out the real story. Nor do we need to know IMO. I just know how it feels when your accused of doing something you didn't. So hopefully they will come up with a solution that is a win/win. In the long run only the people involved need to know the details. Us knowing is because we are curious or nosy. lol.
  2. He will find he did some major damage to his beginning career. You have to think about what you say. Honestly, social media is the wrong platform when you must go out in the workforce. I know that there are actors that believe any attention is better than none, but I don't think this will help him find any work. I do wonder if he was on something when he posted. Just because it is easy to share your thoughts online, doesn't mean you should. Wonder if he's learned his lesson now?
  3. I have zero problems with passing them for the end of the year. But you can only do it once. If not, those that don't will not be prepared. So I do agree with you. It's another reason I'm glad I'm done. Not sure how you do a play production with social distancing...luckily I won't have to figure it out.
  4. I'm trying to get my muse kick started once again. I stopped writing and I've been working on one story but keep hitting roadblocks. Trying to finish my unfinished works as I find that I can get to the middle and then it just stops. My biggest obstacle is matching the image in my mind with words, without sounding so cliché.
  5. Well it's official, I'm retired. I do feel for teachers that have to go back next year. There is so many issues for online teaching and the ones that don't do their work normally in a classroom, well let's just say that the number has grown with doing it online. Too many of the students have the feeling that doing it online is optional. I feel the most for any student that was a senior whether it was high school or college. A very strange ending to my 31 teaching career.
  6. I've kind of binge watched but you only hear he has a daughter and it is clear their relationship isn't good but nothing's been explained. Just given tidbits through the shows. Richard Kind is good friends with several in the show and he evidentially golfs with some of them. Just like the Librarians, the show has gotten stronger as it has gone on so hopefully it will get a second season. The interview explains some things so if you have seen the show with Alex's Uncle it does have some spoilers. https://precincttv.com/2020/05/13/almost-paradise-christian-kane-episode-7-interview/?fbclid=IwAR21neSqIVU_R7JHUP7b5P6YmS-AVF6qp2ZJmcajNzpEgiHu-OLrcCNVKuU It's a kind of a fun read. I didn't realize all the connections Richard Kind had.
  7. Well I got Dean, but honestly of the answers the options were limited. I don't like beer and I don't like coffee. But I do like Dean... surprised I got who I wanted, lol.
  8. I had a major crush on Shaun and I found a video with him and David singing and they were awesome together. He didn't have the looks for Joe Hardy if you thought he should be the brawn but I didn't think about things like that when I was watching it as a youngster. I did like ROAR, so I'm glad he found success even if his music career crashed and burned. But I did get a kick watching him sing on the Hardy Boys once again as an adult. It is funny what parts you remember when you're young and how your memory of something doesn't always match with the real thing. Back on Topic, I do Hope Jensen's music career spans more than one album. I will admit to listening to it over and over.
  9. The ears, the fingers don't match. I've gotten a little better at spotting them, but in the early years I really didn't know what to look for and there are so many images with his head on someone else's body. Things fans do when they can't find the look they want. lol Some are really pretty good if you make them B&W.
  10. What I kept laughing about was him comparing Supernatural Brothers to the Hardy Boys. Jensen's reaction is priceless. Another reason I found it funny, is I just finished watching the 70's series of the "The Hardy Boys" with Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy because it reminded me of my childhood. I kind of forgotten how in TV shows you never really had anybody really hurt not like we do today. The differences between the shows, makes the comment even funnier to me.
  11. A little late to the party because I just found the article, but I really did love seeing Kane and Jensen together. Since Kane is involved in two shows, "Almost Paradise" and the reboot of "Leverage", maybe Jensen can guest star on one of them. They do work well together. I'm still hoping that Jensen, Steve Carlson and Kane would sing together again. Carlson and Kane did some albums together. Who knows.
  12. No I don't think it should end with it's Sam's turn. I want BOTH brothers side by side. period. I won't destroy my dvd's but I won't be buying anymore either. I guess this is where fanfiction helps. Example "Merlin" ended in a way that many fans never wanted to watch the show again. Some fans instead wrote their own ending and ignored the real ending or took the real ending and moved on to create their ending. It would be nice if I was satisfied with the actual ending but I'm not expecting that at all. Now I'm not expecting to keep my cable so I may not even see the real ending. I guess since fanfiction got me to even watch the show, didn't start watching until the end of season 3, I can create my own ending. It's a shame. I wish the writer's care to create an ending that honored BOTH brothers, but I doubt we have one that can do that and another swansong isn't wanted or needed. JMO.
  13. The Hawaii Five-0 Series Finale: What Cliffhangers for Season 11 Got Cut? https://tvline.com/2020/04/04/hawaii-five-0-ended-over-season-11-spoilers-tani-junior/ I wouldn't read until after you have seen the finale. But it is clear that plans were being made to continue with Alex's character being gone for a bit. Hence him leaving and saying goodbye. So if you do read the article the ending that we saw was sections cut so that cliffhangers weren't running rampant since the show wasn't coming back. Well the actress grew up literally playing the part. It shows 2019 being her last time and I wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to do college or something else. It would have been nice to see her but I think the time frame they had that this was the end didn't really allow for that. I used to watch this show live. Then they started messing with Danny's character. I didn't mind him complaining because at first they showed him to be the guy that helped the others deal with things. But it seemed when Scott went to less ep that he wasn't really part of the group that much and I didn't like some of the things they did. He would get some good eps showing his acting abilities but many times he didn't feel part of the team. I did wonder if he got along with the cast and if that played a part of it. Don 't know. My biggest issue was Danny is obviously still hurt pretty bad and to be left alone didn't feel right. I guess I'll just have to add that he told one of them to look after Danny for him. The big deal with the money just didn't fit with how his mother had already died because she needed to make sure her kids were set. I think I would have rather it been more about payback and wanting Steve to feel the lose she felt from losing her husband and that the money was just an added bonus. So do I think they did it well, no. But at least it wasn't as bad as some other's I can think of. Ten years is a good run, but it felt more like okay, how can we make this seem like this is it than a plan that wrapped it up for the fans. I can handle Steve with Catherine but it just shows why I wasn't in love with this show like I once was.
  14. I wish we had so many more that we all were so excited about. But I do remember enjoying this one even if I thought some of Dean's characteristics were too much. But the two stories did blend well, so I'm glad it uplifted you while your dealing with such stress. Sorry about the death of the friend. I hope you can keep yourself and your family safe.
  15. Well I did have one advantage, I'm theatre so any movie deals with acting techniques. As the times changed I couldn't spend days letting the kids watch as it is considered babysitting and not teaching. Not true, but I did have to change how I did it. Holland Opus wasn't too risky for the 7th and 8th graders but conservative 6 grade parents, well it is almost crossing the line for an affair. Sad fact, even though he didn't do it, he did cross the ethics and would be fired for it today. It is seen as improper relations. Dead Poet was the section on killing himself even though it was powerfully done. I just had to figure out which of my kids would complain. I was guilty of saying "If you can't watch you can read from the book and answer questions instead." Or my favorite, "I get any parent complaints you'll only see old Disney G Rated movies from here on," most likely something they had to see all the time due to a younger sibling. Since I'm retired, I can say I also cheated. Movies were never listed on my lesson plans, so if someone came in I had to switch to using it as a warmup and move on. I was good at it. And yes everything that Trudysmom said is true. I did teach in Texas. My lesson plans were written for the administration to make them happy. I didn't worry about following them and my best lessons usually were the ones I put together in about 5 minutes. Lesson plans are supposed to be to help a teacher, but it has become a way to say, "Got you!" So it's another reason I was planning on retiring in May. Circumstances just moved the date up to the end of March.
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