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  1. Yes! Why?! Either let it all flow around your face or pull it all back in a ponytail. He looks like a bald man who photoshopped in some hair. Just shave it already. This is not a good look.
  2. I don't have kids and I fully admit to not knowing much about babies and children but I definitely feel like they need to put a hat and sunglasses on that newborn baby. Protect that new baby from the sun!
  3. I feel like unless it’s Aurora having a panic attack or someone daring to defy His Majesty, King of the Personal Goals, Kody wouldn’t notice if one of his kids was bleeding out in front of him, shooting up heroin, writing a Pulitzer Prize winning novel or finding a cure for cancer. Like when Truely was literally dying of kidney failure right in front of him back in season 3 and Aspyn insisted that she be taken to the hospital?
  4. I really felt for Christine this episode. Going into the Utah talk she really (inexplicably) felt Kody would back her up and show some support. Not only did he not show support, he sat there and did nothing while she quietly cried in front of everyone. At least Meri got up and comforted her. I didn't love her nonsense "You don't get to leave" pep talk but at least she gave her a hug and showed some support! Janelle has always been my favorite wife, she always seemed logical and practical and non-dramatic, but my opinion of her is really changing this season. I'm shocked she's not f
  5. I remember that. And Robyn immediately jumped up and said "I knew he didn't want a laptop". Why didn't she say something at the gift brainstorming session the wives had? Christine was pissed! Basically said that from then on he can pick out his own stupid gift and they'll go and pick it up.
  6. That speech was so cringy and that antiquated mentality about sex is disgusting. Not to mention a total slap in the face to her three older children. The worst mistake of her life? Gee, thanks Mom. I get that she hates her first husband but he's still in the kids lives and has never, in all this time, said a word against her or Kody. I'm dying to hear his side.
  7. Oh yeah. And when he saw some of the women from the Escaping Polygamy show were there counter-protesting and said he wished they would just shut up. Asshole.
  8. Does anyone? I honestly don't think I've ever heard one person say they like him. Except for his wives, who have to say that I guess.
  9. This stood out to me as well. She's 4!! In what way did they expect her to contribute to this conversation of decriminalizing polygamy? And Kody said they were reluctant to punish her? Punish her for what? For being a chatty little 4 year old?
  10. Yep. Goes to show what an extra 50 pounds and a lack of personal grooming will do to you.
  11. Right?! Mykelti dropped out of college to go work at a pawn shop. How does she think she's capable of teaching others?
  12. And yet when 4 year old Truely nearly died of kidney failure on his watch, not a single tear.
  13. The diagram of the plots means nothing at this point. Whether Meri wants the trees or not means nothing right now. They haven't had the land surveyed yet so this diagram is 100% theoretical. They have no clue how the lots are truly shaped or where the boundaries are. There's no point in them arguing about who gets what until they get definitive answers from a surveyor, which it sounds like Kody is unwilling to do. Also, that's not a f#@$ing pond, it's a drainage ditch full of bacteria and mosquitos. Gross
  14. It bothers me too. When he's around other men he acts like a needy teenager, desperate for laughs and attention. It's so cringey and painful to watch. He was sooo much more into Joe than Joe was into him.
  15. Can someone please tell the Brown's that you are not a felon unless you are convicted of a felony. None of them have even been arrested let alone convicted of anything. None of you are felons. Stop calling yourselves felons.
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