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  1. WhatsUpDummy

    S04.E06: Episode 6

    I can't believe Jeffrey Charles is really a teenager already. The show makes it seems like he's around 15 or so, and Julia would've been around the same age. This just doesn't seem accurate, especially because the other Poldark children still seem so tiny. Has it really been 15ish years since Demelza and Ross got together?
  2. WhatsUpDummy

    S06.E01: The Clock Is Tickin'

    Colts voice reminds me of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.
  3. WhatsUpDummy

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Diego is a rude little bitch. Emily and that baby will be better off without him. Cut that dead weight.
  4. WhatsUpDummy

    S02.E02: Face to Face

    I hope this Ricky story is all fake because I can’t believe someone could actually be that stupid. Two hours late and you still think she’s showing up? Come on.
  5. WhatsUpDummy

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Yikes Lexus. Those are some unfortunate bangs. Poor baby Scarlet seems to look like homely Shayden Mikayla is an ungrateful little B who needs an attitude adjustment. I cant get over how genuinely stupid these girls and guys are. The naïveté and entitlement is mind boggling.
  6. WhatsUpDummy

    S02.E01: And So It Begins

    Darcy, you deserve so much better. Stop being so desperate and work on your self esteem. Jesse is a controlling, rude jerk. You deserve better.
  7. WhatsUpDummy

    S02.E01: And So It Begins

    Good god Ricky. Get a clue already
  8. WhatsUpDummy

    S02.E01: And So It Begins

    All he does is belittle her. Can’t stand his smug, controlling face.
  9. WhatsUpDummy

    S02.E01: And So It Begins

    Ugh, Paul is creepy and weird. Stop hanging on your mother like that. His mother also seemed weirded out by it.
  10. WhatsUpDummy

    S02.E01: And So It Begins

    Jesse’s always been an ass. Controlling and gross. Darcy has her faults but Jesse gave me the creeps the second he opened his mouth.
  11. WhatsUpDummy

    S03.E12: Tell All Part 1

    Ok, so Andrei can’t work until he gets his paperwork done, they knew that going in. So Elizabeth’s dad asking how they’re paying bills... how did she she pay her bills BEFORE Andrei got there? Her financial situation hasn’t really changed that much. She was paying for everything when she was single and now she’s paying for everything while married. He can’t work, everybody knew this. Why are they surprised?
  12. WhatsUpDummy

    S03.E12: Tell All Part 1

    Courtney is the biggest airhead dummy to ever grace this train wreck of a show.
  13. WhatsUpDummy

    S03.E12: Tell All Part 1

    Patrick is a pushy creeper. Back it up, she’s not interested. Learn to take no for an answer.
  14. WhatsUpDummy

    Lost In Transition

    THIS! Thank you! Karen and Cas were talking down to her and treating Beverly like she's an idiot child. And Cas needs to butt out. This argument has nothing to do with her, let Karen and Bev work it out amongst themselves. I just started watching this show and straight away Karen came off like a controlling jerk.
  15. WhatsUpDummy

    S03.E10: No Turning Back

    I can’t listen to Danielle talk for more than a few minutes. The way she speaks just grates on me.