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  1. danielle's wedding website https://www.theknot.com/us/danielle-barhold-and-jeff-adams-nov-2020
  2. i wonder if maggie and heather will be at the wedding since they went to megan's shower
  3. breelan and ashley tried out together twice / the first time ashley made it to training camp but got cut / breelan made it her second try with caila
  4. what is bridget's other twitter page they got rid of hers and the others
  5. Breelan is in ashley's wedding party / she was part of ashley's bachelorette party / there are pics of the 2 of them together on their instagrams / go to the pic that has BACH & BOUJEE in the background from July you'll see Breelan in the pics
  6. https://www.instagram.com/nathanielwblackburn/
  7. maybe they got better as the season went on
  8. I found nicole's instagram / look up nicole bohannon , her married name
  9. pedro was the first then michelle
  10. dont know where to put this but is there a road rules thread on this board / i looked but i couldn't find one
  11. i wish lindsey , janet and rebecca would come out of hiding / i follow nate on instagram
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