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  1. new article with jennie https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/why-jennie-garth-says-90210-135804100.html
  2. rachel will be a host on fox news
  3. heather's also coached for vanderbilt and a dance studio / she's been busy
  4. breelan and her husband nick are going to be parents / she posted on instagram
  5. the episodes are still airing now / there's going to be about 6 or 7 / every thursday at 9 / they filmed this in late 2020 i think / I asked Eric on instagram he said the special with Andy was filmed before homecoming
  6. i think its a rope attached to the side of the deck
  7. erin, carlin and whitney have that online store / erin does have her music too like lawson does
  8. Irene was a cop / Aaron was going to school I think / Tami and David were fine at the first reunion with the first 4 casts
  9. who could they have sold the rights to for the 5-11 seasons? i wish those seasons would air again, road rules too especially the earliest ones 1-5
  10. they saw norman in a room by himself talking
  11. i thought they did in the basement when some of them were watching norman talk during the last episode
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