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  1. i think it says bride to be but you just can't see the b
  2. i think the rookies went to a salon before training camp
  3. are they going to even put up the rookies twitter pages this year ?
  4. I'm having issues with the courtney video it says try again later / i hate when websites do that
  5. veronica's getting married today / holly, nicole, katy, kelsey and britney are there / britney also bought a new house
  6. danielle's wedding website https://www.theknot.com/us/danielle-barhold-and-jeff-adams-nov-2020
  7. i wonder if maggie and heather will be at the wedding since they went to megan's shower
  8. breelan and ashley tried out together twice / the first time ashley made it to training camp but got cut / breelan made it her second try with caila
  9. what is bridget's other twitter page they got rid of hers and the others
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