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  1. Yeah, pretty much. There’s another one next Sunday. I saw the episode with Dani J. and yeah, she got a raw deal. I’d like to see her come back. Later on they showed one of the 14 day challenges. The guy was pretty good but the woman was almost useless. They both made it the 14 days. They also showed the one with Ryan and Amber (from the last XL) - they showed him shaving off his long beard beforehand so he went through the challenge with a short beard. He looks better that way IMO.
  2. Discovery’s having a Naked and Afraid marathon today. There will be a new episode next week!
  3. It’s available via the ID app + login through your cable provider. I just watched it and that woman wins the prize for the worst neighbor ever on this show. She got off easy punishment wise in my opinion. I hope anyone who would consider going to her for treatment does their due diligence and go somewhere else.
  4. IMO it’s annoying only when it’s still there for days afterwards. I’ve done food shopping at lunchtime a few times and put the perishables in the work refrigerator for the afternoon. I took them home at the end of the day. Never had a problem.
  5. @Frost No, because he only needs to win the race with the cumulative lowest time over the 21 stages. He’d need to win the last stage only if #2 behind him was so close in time that they could win the stage and take the title. The last time it was close was the 1989 tour when Greg LeMond won with a 8 second advantage over Laurent Fignon. He won the final stage to do this. About this year’s race the deficit between #1 and #2 is too great for #2 to make up in one stage - unless Pogacar falls off his bike and doesn’t recover he’s the winner. Oh, in the case of the ‘89 Tour the yellow
  6. Don’t forget the smoking cockroach which I’m sure will be joining the Cicada, Cicada references going forward.
  7. I don’t know how these riders do it day after day. I’ve been wondering about Cavendish’s chances of a record breaking stage win this Tour and the possibility of doing it on Sunday on the Champs. More impressive is Lachlan Morton riding the entire route plus transfers this year solo: https://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/biking/lachlan-morton-tour-de-france-route-solo-alt-tour/
  8. Thanks for the input but I don’t think the person who contacted me is a fraud. It was a message sent to me through my LinkedIn profile which I think he found and decided to contact me. It’s one of several I’ve gotten over the past months from bad recruiters that follow the same pattern of I’ve got a slot to fill, your background is impressive, send me your resume and we’ll talk. I don’t respond to them because of their piss-poor approach. Ones I do respond to give some information about the the job first so I can decide myself and not send my information in to some black hole for who knows
  9. At risk of sounding like a broken record … I got an email this morning from a recruiter representing a well known search firm about a job he’s looking to fill. It starts off telling me my resume stands out and I’m on their short list, tells me the job title with no details then proceeds to ask me to send him my resume if I’m interested. (He has it so he wants me to send it to him? Hmmm) I know this firm and I know they’re legit but I’ve never sent them my resume nor have I ever spoken to them about any position that I could be qualified for. I haven’t posted my resume anywhere recently s
  10. I think life coach is part of or associated with self help and there’s been plenty of books written about that topic. Tony Robbins was a big name in this area a while back with his books and seminars.
  11. I was surprised to see that as well. IIRC they listed ‘93 and ‘95 before his tour “wins”, maybe they were outside the timeframe of the officials investigation? IMO he’s “one who shall not be named “. I checked the stage wins for the 2000 tour and saw he was stripped of his win for the 19th stage and if memory serves he had other stage wins in that time period that were probably stripped. Anyway the only ones I really cared hearing about were the first and last. I couldn’t believe it when they said the last American stage win was 10 years ago, I watched that stage when it happened, it d
  12. IMO texting is good for things like telling someone you’ve arrived, be right there, etc. or some FYI comment. Conversations - no. My pet peeve for today - spoofed calls. My phone had been quiet most of the time up to about a week ago when it would ring every so often with a phone number listing the city and state. I looked some of them up and came up with nothing. Had to be some scammer calling. I don’t answer them so I don’t know if they’d address me by name or not. I spent some time a while back getting my name and contact info removed from a lot of these data broker sites so I’d
  13. I’ll never understand people who think it’s ok to make as much noise as they can in the middle of the night and give no consideration to anyone trying to sleep. I’ve been a night owl myself but I’ll be quiet about it. That guy Jim obviously had problems and most of them were probably fueled by alcohol. Another person who lets his dog run around the neighborhood? Haven’t any of these people ever heard of fences? This neighborhood looked like a typical suburban development where the lots aren’t huge so the dog could easily end up on someone else’s property if not in the street. When Tici
  14. Nice photos, @Moose135 I live within walking distance from town hall where they launch the fireworks every year so all I have to do is go outside and walk down the street a short way. A few years ago I set up my camera on a tripod and got some shots of the fireworks. They turned out nice but they didn’t have much of a foreground except for some trees.
  15. That’s one of the things that I liked about Team Savage. The mailbox, the chair, the sign and making the soap all showed they weren’t just sitting around being lazy like some people on other XL challenges.
  16. I don’t know however the show’s end credits may indicate if it is.
  17. I agree. The first time seemed fishy but how could it have been dismissed the same way a second time. That neighborhood must have otherwise been pretty wonderful for the Xander family to come back to after the fire and their house was rebuilt. I would have taken that as an opportunity to move somewhere else.
  18. I don’t do much social media myself - I deleted my Facebook a while back - so I don’t bother with anything like Facebook Live. Sadly I think with the positive reception Jeff got during the Discovery Channel session that means we’ll see him again. I hope I’m wrong. I’m glad he was called out on his behavior in the Philippines during this last challenge so there’s that. Where was Laura? Busy? We haven’t seen her in a while. They didn’t want more than one person who already did a 60 day challenge? Maybe next time? Since we have a number of 60 day people I wonder what the next
  19. Whoever they are I’m betting it’s a safe guess they don’t come to this site at all or we’d be hearing from them en masse. 😆
  20. There were some toxic people in that first XL group. At the time I didn’t blame Jeff and EJ staying away from them. In retrospect maybe they should have merged with them to set some of them straight, maybe Dani J. might not have tapped as a result. I remember Ryan tapping from his Africa XL challenge from eating the monkey piss fruit after going off on his own. I couldn’t remember what prompted him to leave though. I guess if he didn’t have his unfortunate run in with the fruit he could have made it, everyone else caught up to his new site anyway. There was another Naked and Af
  21. I know, how would he know how big that pig was without seeing it. It must have been some trap for that pig to work it’s way out /sarcasm/ When it was all over I was sad because next week there won’t be any XL. I was thinking they’re probably planning or filming the next one right now. Overall even though we had to watch Jeff I thought this was a pretty good bunch of people this time. Last years group was just awful IMO (with the exception of Wes who unfortunately was forced to tap). I’ll miss coming here to read everyone’s posts too. Then there’s the regular Naked and Afraid but tha
  22. Yes, they showed 2 prior seasons when they were in Bryant Park, when the show first went to color and started broadcasting on CBS.
  23. That’s my take on it too. They were already spending a lot of time together and everyone else would have considered her a part of the family anyway so what was the hurry. The show needed something big to start each season so they kept going back to the well to have another wedding.
  24. Watching them as a child I didn’t see them as too bad but now - yes, they are bad. Her constant whining and then wanting to marry Chip. Their living in the dorm apartment after getting married makes no sense. Where do they live when school isn’t in session? I guess I’m putting too much thought into a TV show. I watched the episodes this past week. No Polly, no Chip but unfortunately we got lots of Dodie. Ugh. I don’t know why I’m watching these episodes. Soon they’ll be showing the Fergus episodes.
  25. About a year ago there was a woodpecker in my area that was doing the same thing. I haven’t heard it in a while. Maybe they’re related? 🤷‍♀️
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