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  1. About this scene, when Izzy said “found her” my first thought was could there be a bunch of other women with the same name? I know when I’ve googled my name or someone else I know chances are a list of people with the same name pops up. That web search was far too easy. Oh and they now seem to know how to get a plane down the sinkhole without crashing. As stupid as I think this show is I’m hooked.
  2. Cobb Salad


    My go to channels on Pluto are currently Johnny Carson and The Carol Burnett Show. You don’t need to see the whole episode so coming in the middle is okay for me. Plus you see celebrities from back in the day or some who are still around when they were much younger. I’m not a big fan of the game show channels either.
  3. MeTV+ showed up in my listing a few weeks ago. There’s some shows I haven’t seen much lately (Mayberry RFD, Family, Mod Squad, The Rookies, Streets of San Francisco as examples) and others that I could live without like Mama's Family. More chance for overlap!
  4. I’d think it has to be reported somewhere. What I don’t get is these people probably don’t consider what happens if their dog does bite or injure someone else or they don’t care. A number of years ago there was someone in another part of town here who got into trouble for letting their pit bulls roam their neighborhood. The case ended up in court. I don’t remember the outcome but these types of dog owners have to consider the determination of others to guarantee their safety vs animals.
  5. I watched the later seasons of Family Affair during its original run. Loved it. Watching it now I’m trying to figure out why. Maybe it’s because now we know how they were trying to make us keep thinking Anissa Jones was a little girl although she was a teenager when the show ended. Then she died young. The Prisoner was an interesting show. It’s worth a watch.
  6. I’m not a dog person, rather a person who likes specific dogs. There were a couple in my neighborhood growing up that didn’t bother me. A couple of my neighbors here had dogs that were well behaved and did not misbehave if off leash. The woman I’ve encountered a couple of times lately - I’m not sure if she realizes it but there are a some other people who have taken their dogs to that same park and let them run around off leash (I’ve managed to avoid these people) - these dogs are bigger than hers so I’m wondering what the result would be if there’s an encounter where her little dog decides
  7. The water treatment plant may go offline? It happened here when Hurricane Floyd hit central NJ in 1999. They had to evacuate the workers there by helicopter since the area got so flooded. We were also under a boil water order for about a week.
  8. A couple of weeks ago I had an encounter with a dog walker who was letting her little dog walk off leash. It was on this car width size path in a mostly wooded area. There was no way for me to get around them when I got closer so when I was a few feet away the dog of course started approaching me and began to bark. I had my umbrella with me and was using it as a shield since I didn’t know what this dog was going to do and I didn’t want this dog getting any closer to me. The owner was more concerned about what I could potentially do to her dog rather than try to restrain/leash it so I could
  9. I’ll 2nd that although here in NJ we do get some light snow winters from time to time. Then there are the winters where we'll get almost no snow until around February then we get a blast of too much. Other parts of the year, even hot summers are okay for me here.
  10. I have a Memorex cross cut paper shredder. I’m not sure how old it is since I took it from my parents house when I was cleaning it out. So far it’s doing the job for me. I have all my tax returns going back to the 80s but I think the recommendation is 7 years?
  11. I did a similar thing years ago taking a cookie sheet out of the oven. I was excited to have the cookies and I forgot the oven mitt. Thankfully the burns and blisters healed so all it is is a memory and lesson learned. Then there was the time I was trying to boil water - I turned on the wrong burner and ended up ruining an empty pan. Another lesson for me.
  12. Give it enough time and any of the shows on those digital sub channels will probably show up somewhere else that’s easier to get or they’ll be posted on YouTube, or available through something like PlutoTV. Every so often I’ve considered getting an antenna for my spare TV (right now it’s hooked up to a cable box) but given where I live I’m hesitant since it seems to be a challenge finding one that’s good. I follow this guy on YouTube who talks about this stuff from time to time and he points out some that are garbage. I know I’ll pick up something but whether or not I’ll pick up what I’m
  13. Please do. I am several weeks into a grand jury service and so far we’ve heard some cases related to theft, one of them was for shoplifting at the local Target. They didn’t catch the guy to arrest him (he was identified via security footage and a fingerprint found on something they knew he touched in the store) but he’s got an indictment waiting for him when they do find him. Chances are the thief who used your CC will do it again with someone else’s information and I’m sure you’ll have a great sense of satisfaction knowing you helped shut him/her down.
  14. Did you report this to the police? Perhaps there’s a security camera at this Walmart that recorded the pickup so they can try to catch the thief?
  15. I loved the Seinfeld reference. The Mike Lindell impersonations are always gold - I’m always waiting for the ending … da bears! For me that can replace ”Mel?” I’d enjoy more TNG references as well.
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