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  1. My degree is in History too - I took a semester course on the events in Europe in from the 16th to 19th centuries and managed to learn all about the French Revolution. Alas, these many years later I don’t remember much. I still have the books though. My Junior and Senior years in High School had a pretty good structure regarding what would be covered in History class - we had trimesters and at the end of each one we moved on to another teacher plus could be with a different group of students from our respective grades. So for History the first trimester covered a specified time period,
  2. If I had to choose I’d rather see Gary again with all his gross food choices than Jeff. Matt very diplomatically told Jeff to keep the noise down but you know next week when everyone is joined up together he’ll start up with the yelling, well since that’s what he does and we’re still near the water where he can continue to catch fish and let the entire area know he caught another fish.
  3. Matt/Ryan/Rylie are better people than I am. I’m not sure if I’d be giving away food like that either. EJ didn’t like how Max just jumped in to retrieve the fish while it was still in the water. I thought he was pretty obnoxious telling Max to clean it. Unless I missed something they each had a fish so they should clean their own fish. Looks like they worked things out. They’re getting ready to leave their settlement so I’m wondering if they’ll run into the other teams.
  4. Yeah I laughed when they were showing how warm it was in Matt/Ryan/Rylie’s shelter vs Steven/Jeff’s. 20 days is still a long way to go especially when you’re in a spot at the time of year when it’s going to get colder and maybe not get too warm again.
  5. Last night I during this episode I was reminded of the saying “good fences make good neighbors”. I’m surprised no one was killed at the end. From my experience dogs are going to roam around wherever they feel like unless their owner reigns them in. That German Shepard should have been in a fully enclosed back yard. I agree. Regardless of who threatened who first, self defense doesn’t include pumping multiple bullets into someone else.
  6. Interesting that it was going on around day 40, the end of the prior challenges. I have a hard time believing that maybe he was just done but who knows.
  7. I’d be okay with a hybrid arrangement only because the jobs that I seem to be getting attention for are in an industry that forces me to get on the train. Been there, done that enough that I want to limit the commuting time (around 3 hours a day at minimum) as much as possible. I’ve felt this way before COVID. If I get something closer I’d be okay with going in to the office most of the week as long as I don’t have to deal with that idiotic open office arrangement.
  8. Congratulations! I’ve been looking since last October when the contract from my last job ended. I came close to something else soon after then it fell apart. I had some family stuff come up in the meantime that kept me busy but I was able to get a couple of interviews that went nowhere. I’m getting attention from recruiters however some of them are annoying enough that I just ignore them. I’ll get an email saying they came across my profile and they’d like to talk to me about something they’re working on yet they give me no details about the position, or they just say I have this open
  9. He did finish his first XL challenge but I don’t remember if he got sick from eating something weird. There was some friction between him and Matt after Matt showed up with a lot of food to share with the others that was more acceptable and not rancid. On his original (non XL) challenge he ate some bad food that started burning through his insides later on so he was medically tapped. After that you’d think he’d learn. Oh well.
  10. I know this is probably a stretch but I’m wondering with how Matt and Ryan need to go farther out to hunt game that either one of them is going to run in to EJ and Max. At this point I’m not sure how far apart the camps are.
  11. The look on both Ryan and Matt’s faces when Jeff and Steven showed up was priceless. Ryan’s remark about the 2 loudest Naked and Afraid contestants showing up was funny. Jeff telling us he’s been fishing for 30+ years yet he continues to scream and yell after each catch like it’s the first time he’s ever caught something is obnoxious. I’m glad the elephant in the room was addressed amongst the teams regarding Jeff’s past behavior. Yet he is making it difficult for Ryan/Matt/Riley to get anything due to his yelling. Gary goofing around with those eyeballs was disgusting. Sad to see
  12. I’ll save everyone here the long explanation I got when I learned it in school (specifically geography class) so yeah, that brief explanation about doesn’t tell you everything that helps you remember the differences.
  13. The rental unit upstairs from me was vacated about 6 weeks ago. The person who left had been there for about 6 years. On and off over the past several weeks I’ve been hearing activity up there that indicates there’s some renovations going on. I hadn’t heard anything for about a week then around 8:15 this morning all this pounding and banging started. It started in the bedroom around the time I was sitting in bed watching TV. It was so loud I had to turn the volume up. Over the past 4 hours there’s been activity in various parts of the unit. I’ve been thinking about going up there later t
  14. No, first day of winter is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Daylight starts getting longer until the spring when the daylight equals nighttime. The start of summer is the longest daylight then it gradually decreases until the first day of winter when it starts over again.
  15. Not a fan of wintertime since it can get so cold around here. If it doesn’t snow a lot I am happy. The only good thing about the first day of winter for me is the days start getting longer again. My preference is the spring and summer when it’s warm outside and I can have the windows open.
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