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  1. Cobb Salad

    Retro TV Channels: ”The Good Old Days of Television”

    The Verizon Channel guide shows the 1st part of the last episode at 12 midnight then the 2nd part a few hours later in the early morning so I suspect it is the information ZLiving sends.
  2. It is not but it appears that Pluto is adding new channels every so often. I’m sure they won’t add A&E by next week, lol. @deaja I agree - while I watched each episode with interest, how much more new material would they come up with. We know enough about $cientology now that anything new would probably have to cover what they’re doing to bring them down which is better to do without the TV cameras nearby.
  3. @GHScorpiosRule you are welcome. Regarding the ads, I’ve noticed on some of these apps plus You Tube that they tell you how long the break is - that’s helpful so I can step away to do something quickly and come back.
  4. Cobb Salad

    Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet

    For anyone who is interested, MNet (available through Verizon FIOS, I’m not sure where else) shows episodes Monday-Saturday at 7 am Eastern. I hadn’t seen the show since the late 70s so it was fun to watch some episodes after all this time. I don’t think they ever said what Ozzie did for a living on the show if he did anything. He always seemed to be at home.
  5. I loved the original V too ... the part that had me screaming though was when Robin gave birth to her twins. I picked up the mini series on DVD a while back. When they made it into a weekly series I looked forward to it - it was so, so bad and disappointing - Elizabeth the Star child and her transformation? Ugh. I pretend those episodes don’t exist, LOL.
  6. Either Ken Griffey Jr didn’t take batting practice or @Kel Varnsen and family arrived early enough to watch batting practice.
  7. I would have continued to watch if there was another season but I’m wondering what else they would cover beyond what’s been shown already - the lawsuits, etc are reported in the news so we have that to keep us updated. I hope that A&E keeps the episodes available for a while for those who have missed this the first time around. I am curious too about what Mike said regarding the TV constraints. Maybe we’ll find out sometime?
  8. Sad this is the end of the series but from the article it appears Leah is continuing the fight.
  9. Doesn’t she spend most of her time with that goop website and the garbage it tries to sell?
  10. I watched the video and the girl talked about how in the end Olivia Jade will probably be “just fine”. Perhaps, but I’m wondering if she’ll be able to get those sponsors back or any ... can one be an influencer without them? With that photo she’s coming off as a loose cannon as well as an entitled brat.
  11. IIRC there isn’t much of garage parking by the park. The Muni is nearby but I’m sure he wouldn’t be riding it, LOL. It’s been a while since I’ve been there but if my memory is correct there is some parking at the park but not much. Anyway I’m surprised he drove himself to the park too.
  12. Cobb Salad

    Aftermath in the Media

    No date has been announced yet. https://premieredate.news/tv-series/3873-leah-remini-scientology-and-the-aftermath.html
  13. Cobb Salad

    Retro TV Channels: ”The Good Old Days of Television”

    Mnet is showing 2 episodes tonight. There were jokes about Senator McCarthy and Marilyn Monroe. Then there’s an episode of Secret Agent (precursor to the Prisoner), a show I’ve never seen and only heard of. I’ll be checking it out.
  14. Cobb Salad

    Le Tour and Other Cycling Talk

    Yes, I liked the Phil/Bob pairing as well - I’m glad they did it that way (pairing Phil with someone we already knew as part of the team) and added the new guy Chris Horner at the finish line booth. If history is any indication I’d expect this team to return next year.
  15. Cobb Salad

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Tuesday night was Sci-fi movie night. Wednesday was a tribute to 20th Century Fox.