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  1. Kelli herself came on the forum to address this. It’s on page 55, but the speculation started on earlier pages. There isn’t any absolute confirmation of what happened, but she seemed to hint. Regardless I actually thought it was really brave for her to confront it here directly. I’m sure every female on this forum has fallen for the wrong guy at one time or another. I know I have! Go Kelli. God has major things planned for her.
  2. At this point, I am surprised whenever she is not in content like this 🙄
  3. I was under the impression it was only definite for Amy, Molly & Heather. Is there firm confirmation for Christina and Bridget?
  4. This 1000%. That scene was heavily edited to make her look better, not worse. Everyone on this board and in life has been dishonest at some point. What’s important is that you own up to it. Be accountable. Regarding the Maddie comparisons, the difference is that Maddie is a vet who has been around four years. VK is a rookie. The show has shown that VK falls out of turns — repeatedly. That being said I do think she is fun to watch and has a bold presence on the field. I enjoy the fact that she’s confident and always appears to be having fun. The irony of the whole VK situation to me is that if TPTB stopped promoting her so much, people would warm up to her. It’s the forced nature of it that’s not helping.
  5. I always found it funny how Kashara picked Caroline, not Maddie or Amy.
  6. Is this the year Kelsey made it? If so squad had 37 to begin with, so minus Yuko and Simone is 35. Add Emma to get the infamous 36.
  7. If you watch the judging from that season, it’s clear Judy did not vote to bring her back into training camp. Because as you said, Judy knew she could never handle the choreography. My interpretation was the other judges kept voting her in because she had a great look and figure (some one mentioned Julia Roberts as a look alike). Other judges don’t care as much about the dance ability, especially in the earlier seasons. Ratings could definitely come into play, but I’m one of those people that naively believes production doesn’t have as much influence when it comes to who makes camp.
  8. Amy has a story on her Instagram of her PB group dancing. I think she looks great in this. Stands out in a good way.
  9. Couldn’t agree more. She was my absolute fave when she was on the team. Had that natural ‘it thing.’ Probably would have been point of the triangle. Sigh. Wish her all the best.
  10. 🙂 never a need to be cruel! (Unless you start posting about VK’s stellar technique.) Kidding, sorta. ps I live in Atlanta as well.
  11. The Instagram story was from the Kat who is current member of the team (African American). Isn’t MLB wife Kat the blonde who was gymnast / previously cut after one year?
  12. At first I thought this too, but I’m fairly sure she meant approved by God. I doubt the girls send all their Instagram stories to some one for approval before posting them.
  13. God is all forgiving, that’s kind of the point. DCC clearly is not lol. I am a religious person but I’m sorry this response makes no sense.
  14. What season was the two hour special? Is it available anywhere?
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