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  1. evasworld123

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    Isn’t the flight crew director a former dcc? I totally see what you’re talking about. Just considered maybe it’s a professional courtesy of some sort
  2. I was shocked this didn’t get more discussion when it happened. IMO if she cannot fulfill all the potential responsibilities of being a DCC (including the calendar), then she should not be one. People cannot pick and choose what aspects of a JOB to participate in based on personal preferences — regardless of how noble the rationale is. This is hard for me to say because I have adored Lauren ever since her bread comment (still do), but this situation in particular seems wildly inconsistent and hypocritical. I admire/respect her reasoning when it comes to maintaining a professional image in her nursing career, but then how do you support the project overall and all of your other best friends risking their professional image? Lauren and Lauren alone has a special enough job where she can request to skip the calendar? I’m surprised Kelli is okay with the idea that Lauren is ‘above’ anything DCC related. Lauren skipping it calls the tastefulness of the entire calendar into question. ie Kelli maybe we tone down the sexiness of the calendar so you aren’t asking your prized women to objectify themselves to the point of being afraid it will impact their professional image outside dcc? Or do we not care? ... except only care when it comes to Lauren? Not to mention setting that precedent is a slippery slope. Posters here are already now asking why elementary school teachers would choose to participate. Lauren could have done a more ‘fun’ shoot versus a sexy one (as acknowledged seasons back by K&J for Mackenzie who smiled on a bicycle instead of ‘rolling around in the sand trying to be sexy’). Hell, put Lauren in a one piece even. We saw Rachel posing in them looking amazing. That’s more tasteful than the actual uniform itself. I’m not sure why I care so much truth be told, but it just seems overall confusing/weird.
  3. Thank you for the insight, @ShellyB! I wouldn’t have guessed this. [I neridly work in IT consulting so actually very interesting :)] To to all the people that are following the dcc Instagram and complaining about spoilers.. I can’t stop laughing this morning ? Let’s send them the link to this forum. Jk, sorta.
  4. I think @ShellyB confirmed this last year (but I could be mistaken so please correct me if so!), but they like to update the website with the new squad photo, cameos and bios in sync with the squad photo episode airing on CMT. Which I sort of understand because you watch the episode and think oh hey I want to go take a look at the finished product! And squad photo episode obviously the team is announced, so no spoilers :) But for us impatient people who clearly need better hobbies.. I wish it were earlier! and so the new girls could share sooner rather than later after a long summer of hard work.
  5. Does this help at all? Former laker girl. Her teammate was at the Vegas shooting. She’s barely been featured though.
  6. Editing again because my initial post was worded harsher than I intended. Some photos of Maddie this season have been pretty unflattering, but then I’m wildly confused because this one is gorgeous? Hard to tell I guess :/
  7. 1) Tara was one of my favorites last season and I was so disappointed to hear she was cut. I saw the weight gain (even though she was tiny to begin with sooo) and the ‘bad’ hair, but she was so powerful/likable I thought she deserved to stay. Especially amid the VK soap opera this season has become lol. In the words of Kelli ‘It’s awkward for me to say this, but I will say it:’ go back and watch the veteran scenes of the most recent episode a couple of times. Tara still could not do the field entrance very well :/ The ‘weird style’ pointed out last year may have improved a bit, but every other vet seemed very confident with it per the hilariously timed Demi Lovato song. I still love and miss Tara, but I’m now wondering if this contributed to her cut as well? It wasn’t the most comfortable looking. 2) If I were these girls I’d be so mad/annoyed the website wasn’t updated until months into the football season. The cameos and squad photos should be updated the day the new squad makes their first official apperance. Anyone else feel this way? I’m bored of seeing irrelevant Alexandria and Kalyssa online lol. They have active twitter accounts! You’re not hiding any spoilers by waiting to update the freaking website. Come on. Eye roll. 3) I caught up on maybe 20 pages today. Despite differing opinions I so much appreciate this outlet to come discuss the show. My boyfriend simply can’t fathom all the intricacies of the Dallas cowboys cheerleaders ? Thanks all for your opinions and insider info at times. For example I finally learned about the Olivia drama just today :) again thank you!
  8. evasworld123

    S13.E08: Here Comes Kitty

    I have so many thoughts/emotions on VK, Dayton & Tara this episode but I don’t even know where to start at the moment. Emotional episode for sure. In the meantime, does anyone have any opinions/insider info on Kitty’s points about: 1) Madeline’s supposed attitude, 2) Other attitude problems on the team, 3) Miranda’s 70s hair?
  9. evasworld123

    S13.E07: Big Time Dance

    Mind Blown. You are so right
  10. evasworld123

    S13.E07: Big Time Dance

    Thank you for recommending! I usually watch all the CMT extras but somehow I missed this one. Definitely a must watch. You are right, how very interesting. I think Kelli's justification to Denise is a bit off.. Victoria has not been "dynamite all of training camp." She was one choreographers favorite outside of the DCC style, and multiple veterans plus now Denise didn't have her top 36. At first when this season started I found myself so ticked off about the favoritism, but now I've almost shifted to just feeling bad for Kelli? I always joke that my mom genuinely believes my sister and I are the 2 most beautiful and talented individuals on the planet lol. If some one told her otherwise she'd have a reallllll hard time hearing it. That's what this reminds me of. Misguided albeit sweet well intentioned mother bear.
  11. Agree it's more lack of maturity than true entitlement issues. It's 100% fair for her to be disappointed. What's not fair is 1) Being so disappointed that your performance suffers for an entire night of training camp, & then 2) Actually admitting it in the way that she did. I posted this in the episode forum, but Angela got called out in a huge way by a guest choreographer and Kelli for being disappointed / not performing her best as a 5 year veteran not making SG. I'm sure other rookies were equally as disappointed, but no one knew about it. Part of being professional / mature is hiding that disappointment and continuing on. Like you said, lack of filter.
  12. evasworld123

    S13.E07: Big Time Dance

    I was more being rhetorical, but she was only 10 when it first aired on CMT :) As her self proclaimed sole life dream, I assume she’s watched almost every episode multiple times via iTunes/Amazon etc. I myself didn’t see the Angela episode until last year.
  13. Jessica! She was great. (Not the most recent Jessica, another one)
  14. evasworld123

    S13.E07: Big Time Dance

    Did VK not watch the episode where FIVE YEAR VETERAN Angela got reamed for being disappointed about not making SG / therefore not performing her best? Can’t believe any rookie candidate would admit that. Say you have a cold or something. Jesus Oh good and then we cut the super in shape humble blonde girl instead. Yes, how logical