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  1. LadyAmalthea

    S04.E12: Providence

    I didn’t even recognise Lord John in the scene until Fergus called him by name! The Idiot Hut indeed, it’s hard to muster much sympathy for the Priest and his Completely Avoidable Death. I found Roger’s speech utterly self serving, likely far more than I was meant to, but kudos to Rankin - very well acted.
  2. LadyAmalthea

    S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    I’m fairly ambivalent to Lord John, although I do find his obsession with Jamie slightly creepy, but dear god Brianna was truly despicable with the blackmail, knowing what would happen if Lord John was outed. Why she couldn’t calmly outline her plan for a marriage of convenience and why it would benefit them both, rather than jumping straight to ‘marry me or else’ was baffling. Well, I suppose not, since it was to further demonstrate why she is apparently like Jamie, hot-headed and saying things she doesn’t mean (although isn’t blackmail usually Claire’s MO?) Book fidelity isn’t always the best choice. The scene with Lizzy was nice, and I’m glad Bree absolved her of any guilt (as she should), although I wish she’d direct some of that understanding towards Jamie. However, I did like the implication that it was more the truly terrible things he said to her that kept the rift between them rather than just the Roger misunderstanding, which is perfectly understandable. The Jamie and Claire scene was wonderful - I think this show is at its best when it’s a quiet scene with these two.
  3. LadyAmalthea

    S04.E10: The Deep Heart's Core

    Plus Roger barely got a look at Jamie before he was flattened - another piece of book stupidity made slightly more palatable by the show.
  4. LadyAmalthea

    S04.E10: The Deep Heart's Core

    While I appreciate that the show has tried very, very hard to make everyone involved in the Great Misunderstanding slightly less moronic, seeing it condensed on the screen only highlights that this plotline is dumb af. Slapping is a pet peeve of mine, I hate seeing characters getting all slap happy, but I do like Bree and Sophie, and think the criticism they get here is unduly harsh. But Bree was starting to lose me this episode with no ability to understand the nuance of the situation - while it wasn’t Jamie or Ian’s place to unilaterally decide what was done to Brianna’s rapist, they thought they were protecting her and it was a genuine mistake. No one had any reason to believe Roger would be roaming around, plus they eliminated the nonsense of Roger and Jamie talking past one another in the most contrived conversation of all time. The “You don’t get to me more angry than me” line was excellent; I understand Bree’s anger in that moment, but I don’t think what happened to Roger was anyone’s fault. Which is why I don’t get the Lizzie hate either. She told Jamie and Ian what she saw, and what should she have done differently? Not tell them that the man who raped her mistress was nearby, so she could go find Bree to tell her first? Who knows what he could have done in that time, and on seeing Bree in the aftermath she had every reason to believe he was a violent man who posed a danger to them all. And then there’s Roger, who I found offputting in DiA and Voyager, and downright hateable in DoA. I was pleasantly surprised that I found him rather charming in seasons two and three of the show. But then we got to this season, and I was like ah, there’s the asshole I remember from the books.
  5. Apologists for Rush are out in full force. The first comment from another actor hits the trifecta of mansplaining, gaslighting, and infallible creative genius. Yuck. "Why didn't she tell him to stop?" Well, look what happened to Eliza Dushku when she did exactly that.
  6. LadyAmalthea

    S03.E04: The Snowplow

    “Binky” is not a word generally used in Australia - Simone should have said Eleanor needed her dummy, or “chuck a tanty” if they wanted to go full Aussie slang. Minor inconsistencies, but with this show you do have to wonder...like Chidi with the socket wrench and lost time in the previous episode, which felt like a clue to set up a later reveal. That said I do really like Simone (and the accent has improved slightly) so hope she’s not a demon - angel or infiltrator from the real Good Place would be interesting.
  7. Geoffrey Rush has been accused of "inappropriate behaviour" during production of King Lear. So far two actors who were also in the production have come forward in support of the victim. The director is standing by Rush.
  8. LadyAmalthea

    Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

    Was it mentioned or implied who Hela’s mother was? I assume it wasn’t Frigga.
  9. LadyAmalthea

    S03.E05: Damage

    If it wasn’t known he was returning, trust me, I wouldn’t have mentioned him. I wouldn’t even have been thinking about him, the show has moved beyond that arc and character, imo.
  10. LadyAmalthea

    S03.E05: Damage

    Good episode, female characters front and centre, decent plot, some nice material for the actresses to work with. The “lock her up” was way too on the nose, of course there should be political commentary, it’s a superhero show, and it doesn’t need to be subtle but we shouldn’t be bludgeoned with it either. It’s the same with “I’m a REFUGEE on this planet” in the opening, we don’t need it literally spelled out for us. I’m dreading the inevitable return of Mon-El, this episode proves more than ever that he’s surplus to requirements.
  11. LadyAmalthea

    Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

    Well, he was also killing people on the regular, so yeah, probably best that Banner doesn't remember. *smacks forehead* I can't believe I didn't make that connection.
  12. LadyAmalthea

    Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

    As someone suffering Marvel fatigue (didn't bother with Doctor Strange or Spiderman) this movie re-ignited my interest in the franchise. Of course it helps that Thor was always my favourite Avenger and I think the original was the best of the stage 1 films. Re: the actual ragnarok: The music was sublime.
  13. LadyAmalthea

    S03.E03: Far From the Tree

    They finally get rid of that silly opening voiceover, only to replace it with a worse one? Seriously, what needs explaining to new viewers that couldn't be gleaned from just watching the show? I've been a fan of David Harewood since BBC's Robin Hood, it was nice to see him get some screentime.
  14. LadyAmalthea

    S03.E06: A. Malcolm

    My biggest issue, and I had this problem with the book as well, is why on earth Claire would take a photo of Bree in a bikini to show Jamie in the first place. I think Sam's instinct was a good one, and outwardly "falling to pieces" would seem out of character for show Jamie. I didn't mind the transition to Willy either, although it perhaps would have been better if they then went back to talking about Bree, or she was discussed later. But I haven't been waiting for years for this reunion to be shown onscreen, I've only read Voyager in the last year and so was not attached to the way it plays out in the book.
  15. LadyAmalthea

    S03.E06: A. Malcolm

    I have zero issue with Claire leaving the room in search of breakfast - it didn't seem to be "business hours" and it wasn't like she was wandering in and out of rooms, she went straight to the meals area which seemed to be workers only. Is she meant to stay locked in a small room or at Jamie's side at all times? I enjoyed the reunion as well, although I think Sam does a better job of selling older Jamie - loved the glasses and didn't mind that he wasn't weeping over the photos, I don't think that would have really worked on screen. As someone above indicated that it was indeed in the script, I wonder if they filmed it and it just wasn't right so they stuck to the more subtle reaction. Loved Fergus, his reaction to Claire and their hug was precious. Edit: Sam just posted this on twitter re script to scene: "I use action lines as guide only "falling apart" doesn't have to mean tears, can be internal. Was my creative choice. Plus felt melodramatic."