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  1. If you think the show has gone dark, don’t read the books. I sobbed through each one of her memoirs. The show sugar coated a lot of the reality of those books!
  2. It is when someone is a Misogynistic creep and everything is Kate's fault.
  3. Complete side track, but we just visited the FLW House and Studio in Oak Park and just loved it. Can’t wait to visit the other FLW sites!
  4. Agreeing to go along with a direction is not the same being outranked or being required to follow a direction.
  5. Using “being a man” to represent strength and using gendered insults to diminish someone (calling him a pussy) is pretty sexist sounding. He can be called out for acting wrong without using sexist language, and without implying that doing the right thing is manly (being a man) but doing the wrong this is womanly (pussy).
  6. I think they meant Randall's house in NJ, not the house they grew up in. I thought that’s where they were going with it too, given that they made the point of showing Randall's house in the today timeline. The cabin completely surprised me!
  7. That’s not at all how I interpreted her sadness. She wasn’t crying because she could only rate an entry level job and somehow she was entitled to better. Instead of a two-member team supporting their family, she is now the sole supporter of her family, and her late 40s she has to start over, which requires an entry level job. It’s demoralizing to all of sudden have do it alone, especially when it wasn’t your own choice. That she’s starting from scratch is hard. She and Jack were talking starting a business together, or even if she rejoined the workforce she’d have him by her side. She’s
  8. I also think the boyfriend may be the one pushing her to lose weight. Making her feel bad about herself is another thing abusive boyfriends do.
  9. We didn’t even see her jumping to any conclusion. She saw it, looked concerned (maybe she’s worried about him) and going to take the photo.
  10. Well, let’s not forget that before Toby left he told Kate “only boob juice” (ugh) until he got home so he wouldn’t miss the big first bite. He communicated to her what a big deal it was for him (perhaps he was overplaying it, but she wouldn't know that) and she was reacting to that. Then unexpectedly she let the moment get ruined (her internal monologue no doubt) and felt guilty. Then Toby got baby Jack to eat, seemed so happy, and didn’t want to ruin it again. But then he’s so excited about “Jack's first bite” video getting likes, so she felt compelled to be honest. Maybe so he won
  11. Right, read too fast. I don’t think she’s with child- they explicitly said they wouldn’t have sex until they were married so I think it was just something GC and she said to stop the marriage.
  12. Yes, she told Ned in his cell before he died. ETA never mind, thinking of wrong character
  13. I think she legit realized that she didn’t want to marry. She was dubious about marriage to begin with and repeatedly said it would limit her too much. I think she truly loved/infatuated with GC, but realized it wasn’t her path. I think she’s traveling to the New World to be free and be independent.
  14. That’s where I know him from!! Thank you!
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