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  1. Ericka certainly isn't one of my favorites, but count me in as one of the people enjoying the friendship between Kyle and Ericka develop and between Eileen and Ericka.
  2. brinpol

    S07.E16: Big Buddha Brawl

    Younger, sure. But prettier and more thin? Not sure about that. They are both atttactive and good looking women, and Ericka has always seemed to be confident about her curves (her too much make up is a differnent issue).
  3. I suppose anyone who would want to be Dorit would be classified as sad and crazy...
  4. brinpol

    S07.E15: Hong Kong Fireworks

    Didn't she also seem to bring it up (maybe not as directly as she did in Mexico or with LVP) with Eden and then Kyle, or tried to, but neither really took the bait? I used to like Lisa Rinna but she has worn out her welcome.
  5. No Meghan! Don't go the dark side. I kind of like you.
  6. Who is ridiculing Riley? I thought she came off looking rather well from the whole Block story.
  7. brinpol

    All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    I always saw Blanche as the most attractive due to how she was dressed. Nothing to do with her being "easy". That and her outgoing personality. The show really did a good job with the wardrobes of the women with regards to how they were perceived. Blanche wore bright colors and tending to be the most stylish. Rose was a bit frumpy and conservative. Dorothy was a walking disaster. And they all overdressed for Miami (yes I realize that had more to do with the studio more than anything, but still).
  8. brinpol

    Santa Barbara

    Yeah Eden got a crappy exit. Whether Louise left or was fired...good for her for opposing the Augusta/Dash pairing. I realize we all have our preferences, but fore, I'd put my golden years of the show from 1985 to 1989.
  9. brinpol

    The Best and Worst of One Life to Live

    The third Tina was messy, for sure.
  10. brinpol

    S07.E15: Hong Kong Fireworks

    While neither of these women are my favorites, I'd choose Ericka over Dorit.
  11. brinpol

    S07.E11: Backed Into A Corner

    Yeah, I agree. The only person in this situation I have any sympathy for is Kyle, who keeps getting dragged into it.
  12. brinpol

    Santa Barbara

    Another great scene, this time Elena faces off against Cruz.
  13. brinpol

    Cold Case

    I know this sounds silly...but I always liked waiting until the final moments of each episode, to see who the victim's ghost would give the nod of understanding/redemption/forgiveness to.
  14. I liked her too. I wish she had stayed. Since she is apparently friends with LVP, she could always come back as a "Friend of"/ally of hers.
  15. brinpol

    S07.E11: Backed Into A Corner

    I think she was aware, LisaR saw that Eden was trying to engage Kyle regarding Kim at various times(most noticeably at Lisa's own BBQ), and should have tried to shut Eden down. Or at the very least, pull Eden and maybe suggest to her she should discuss it with Kyle one on one, as opposed to doing it in front of the group. And wasn't Eden already asking Kyle some very personal questions about Kim and their family history before LisaR made the death/enabler comments? LisaR knew what she was doing, she just played it very, very badly. I really don't want to see Kim or hear about her anymore on this show, but sadly, looks like she will be back. Please, Kyle, Mauricio is making tons of money now, you have your store expansion and your upcoming TV show...you guys can afford to pay her to not come back to this show just so she can cash a paycheck.