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  1. I love Teddi! (Loving Lisa and Kyle as always) But she (Tedi) didn't get any money from her dad #iminlovewithjohn
  2. I can't recall what she did in a few ep back. I have wanted to ask since then but I was reading on a device I wasn't signed into. If no one else noticed that's good, it means it was just me.
  3. The preview looks like a reunion show...is it the premier ?
  4. Is Mollys young daughter special needs?
  5. Kim and Khloes asses look so ridiculous.
  6. What ever happened with the IEB or IED guy? Who always had it in for Elliot and SVU? She dated him right? I'm not up with the new ep much, I just started catching them. I marathon the oldies all day Sunday and Tuesday evening.
  7. I was under the impression she lived in her mums home. And the daughter and her share a room. I didn't notice a motel look.
  8. These girls look poor compared to the New York ladies Mexico vacation.
  9. I think I missed something....where was Jack when is wife came to get him to come home? Then the next thing was the house burned. Same night? What house? Someone help please. Thanks
  10. It's not even a nice area...I saw a highway/road and skyscraper building where the pool and pond is.
  11. What does Jermery do for a living ?
  12. Two things... what were they going to record/video why is Kail so against 50/50 with Jo....doesn't Javi have 50/50
  13. Agree. Why couldn't she just go out with the kids...why did she feel like she was dong nothing. She is a grown ass woman just take the kids and do something fun while he gardens.
  14. I'm sad there are not more people talking about this show. I like it...Alex is a dull tool. Juliette is pathic and Kelsey is ugh. I like Chloe and Amanda. Madisson acts strange and dorky...how she was with Alex I do not know. They are all pretty akward.
  15. LeeAnn is really a horrible person. She is jealous and wants Brandi to need her. Say what you want about Stephine but she has LeeAnn's number. Brandi needs to get a grip, what Stephine said wasn't bad. However she took it hard because she knows it true and then some. I am glad they made up, not gonna lie I had a tear in my eye ?. Love Cary in the TH because her faces are funny. She also really seems like a good person. Ugh that fool Pinkalious and her short but rich hubby...lord help me or him, he could use a hand to handle that hot pink mess. Glad
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