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  1. Have you heard the gossip that Kourtney is seeing Brad Pitt!? And what do you think? I am kinda impressed, although he is ~slightly~ past his prime.
  2. What a cop-out. IMO, this resolution missed the entire point of the Legion character, especially as an allegory (? too on-the-nose to be mere allegory?) of mental illness. Farouk's presence in his head, his adoption, his sister! all shaped who David is. What a cheat just to call "do-over." And it's not like the visuals this season were so trippy as to distract from the repetitive and banal so-called story. I would rather have seen David transcend the circumstances that made him rather than simply start over. It's boring. And I am sure people with mental illness wish they could start life over from the beginning. It's more interesting to explore how life can be improved with a shitty hand dealt. ETA: What was the point of the robot stuff with Switch? And calling Farouk a robot? Huh?
  3. And she raped her own mother by using the mother's body without the mother's consent for sex with the mother's boyfriend! All kinds of f_cked-up.
  4. Very interesting take considering we have a character whose power enables her to body swap.
  5. Syd is such a hypocrite. She sexually assaulted her own mother and her mother's boyfriend. Two wrongs don't make a right, but I can't stand her. "Me First" indeed. Lenny is still sporting Amy's eyes, I believe. Why is Switch helping David? What's in it for her? Why is she drawn to him? I wonder how many times she'd "met" him before we were shown?
  6. I have a feeling that trying to augment the time travel field is what ends the world. Any theories as to why Switch speaks Japanese and French in addition to Mandarin?
  7. I miss fat Chelsey Grace.
  8. How TF is Cole's diaper bag not just Old Glory with a drawstring!?
  9. Watson is such an a-hole.
  10. nikita

    S09.E07: Surprise

    I think since Kail would make zero MTV and Instagram money if Isaac didn't exist...and Isaac wouldn't exist without Jo....get that money, Jo.
  11. The Bench of Jenelle Drama.
  12. That cracked me up, too, but for a different reason. Like, Pinterest Instagram Chelsea, don't act like you wouldn't have been adding those quotes to the wall a few years ago.
  13. Like Ninny said, he had sex with the guy ("I usually don't like doing it with guys, but...") and had pictures he'd taken in flagrante delicto. And not only was he getting the guy's pee in exchange for not showing the pix to the wife, he also got the leader to sign off on the therapy session for court when he knew John was full of shit *and* took all the cash from the box the guy had there (donations?).
  14. I knew his withdrawal doctor was sketchy!
  15. If, like me, you are tired of uninformative TV listings of upcoming shows while waiting for a rerun of the Dateline ep, feel free to PM me for a link to a site that has the video. (If that doesn't break any forum rules.)
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