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  1. She has a much worse rep at CDAN than this, though. There was a blind a while back where she was thought to be the subject....a story of a non-American lead with an alliterative name, on a superhero show, leaving a lot of #metoo victims in hir wake... ETA: my bad. IDK how I got ONTD and CDAN mixed up....
  2. That's one of my favorite Superstore plots! Can't tell if the winking emoji means you are joking, but I interpreted that reveal to mean the woman was a model for the photos used in the frames Cloud9 sells and their store's signage. She never really worked with Amy & co. at the Ozarks store or any store. Amy didn't realize she recognized her from seeing her in pictures versus real life. If I am overthinking this, forgive me. I hate when people do that to me when I am joking.
  3. The older woman customer was played by Earl's mom from My Name Is Earl. ETA: Her name is Nancy Lenehan. And she totally looks and sounds like the District Mgr Laurie actress.
  4. Knowing how it works (a relative manages the service at a local store) made it less funny to me and wishing they went for a different kind of funny. First of all, the service took months to set up with hiring dedicated employees and managers. So Dina springing it on them in the morning meeting made me roll my eyes. Customers go to the store's website/app, log into whatever location they want to shop at, and choose each item themselves. The only way a store employee would choose an item is if a customer selected the option for if an item is out of stock and they'd like a substitution (which some stores even allow you to specify what to substitute with). The stores have dedicated "pickers" who shop the store, filling the orders. Then they have employees dedicated to taking the orders to the cars. These are not the store associates running in-store services. Also stores don't take unlimited orders. Customers reserve pick-up time slots and when they're all taken, the service is only available for the next open time slot the next day. I'm not only a spokesperson. I'm a customer ;)
  5. The animation introducing a Chelsea segment was edgier...a flannel slip dress. I was actually prepared to be impressed because I thought Chelsea's line was going to be like feminine shapes in plaid fabric....or like a tailored plaid shirt or a plaid tank with shaping around the bust or something.
  6. I just found out my (late, abusive) grandfather moved my grandma and my mom and her sisters from their beloved childhood home (my grandma still talks about it even now in her 90s with memory issues) into a newly built house while they were at school ... and without taking anything from the old house. I don't think they even knew they were moving, but I would need to confirm that part of the story. You're welcome, Kail.
  7. Genius take on Aubs' costume! ROFL
  8. Did not care for Chelsea's and Cole's 'tudes toward Aubree during Chelsea's car ride near-panic attack.
  9. Aubree's costume is a mermaid? (I am not snarking. Just trying to confirm the emoji corresponds to the costume. I feel old, but I miss captions with words.)
  10. Peach was Javi's friend originally. So he got her in the divorce. Not sure about the others. Cole's romper was provided by MTV IMO (contradicting Chelsea's narration) because he bitched about the fit and the cameraman was wearing a near identical top. Is there any reason why Barb and Jace couldn't be on the show rather than Jade? Although Kloie is so adorbs. Why her name isn't spelled "Chloe" is a bummer. So sweet, too. Please save her from her dad and Jade's mom!
  11. Have you heard the gossip that Kourtney is seeing Brad Pitt!? And what do you think? I am kinda impressed, although he is ~slightly~ past his prime.
  12. What a cop-out. IMO, this resolution missed the entire point of the Legion character, especially as an allegory (? too on-the-nose to be mere allegory?) of mental illness. Farouk's presence in his head, his adoption, his sister! all shaped who David is. What a cheat just to call "do-over." And it's not like the visuals this season were so trippy as to distract from the repetitive and banal so-called story. I would rather have seen David transcend the circumstances that made him rather than simply start over. It's boring. And I am sure people with mental illness wish they could start life over from the beginning. It's more interesting to explore how life can be improved with a shitty hand dealt. ETA: What was the point of the robot stuff with Switch? And calling Farouk a robot? Huh?
  13. And she raped her own mother by using the mother's body without the mother's consent for sex with the mother's boyfriend! All kinds of f_cked-up.
  14. Very interesting take considering we have a character whose power enables her to body swap.
  15. Syd is such a hypocrite. She sexually assaulted her own mother and her mother's boyfriend. Two wrongs don't make a right, but I can't stand her. "Me First" indeed. Lenny is still sporting Amy's eyes, I believe. Why is Switch helping David? What's in it for her? Why is she drawn to him? I wonder how many times she'd "met" him before we were shown?
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