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  1. Apparently the next two weeks of My Hero Academia will be repeats as well.
  2. “Power” was a really well done filler arc. I think I liked it better than your average 4-5 episode stretch of the main show. (It didn’t hurt that the power monster from within the earth was a Big O monster, kind of.) Too bad that we’ll probably never see this alternate Naruto transformation again.
  3. I like that Trish is no longer luggage. This was a great way for her to come into her own.
  4. I’ve finally caught up thanks to the DBZ marathon. The recent anime quality power-up has been nice, but my favorite of the last few eps has been the Tsunade vs. Raikage arm wrestling match.
  5. I liked stagiare week 2, because Soma really had to stretch and learn something. And it made him a little more humble.
  6. I’m glad we finally met the rest of the Gotei-13 Hashira. No surprise that they generally don’t like the protagonist. I’m not a big fan of Zenitsu and Inosuke, mostly because they are both really yelly and a little of that goes a long way. I enjoyed the plot about the spider kid who wanted to build a family. It was a nice turnaround that the giant Dad was not the big bad. They never explained why spider kid was picked for powers by the ultimate big bad, though.
  7. So is Bucciarati possibly a zombie now? JoJo brought him back just a moment too late, and he will now wreak Pet Sematery chaos upon them all.
  8. Aoyama the disco ball: “I’ve been preparing for this moment my whole life!”
  9. Anybody still watching this one? Shaeta, the integrity knight with the wore sword, is the most interesting actual character in this show in a long time.
  10. I’m pretty sure that at one point in this ep, Abacchio calls Narancia “Fugo”, but whatever. Babyhead is a pretty powerful stand but I love that Giorno figures out that his is the opposite. Now he can make organs - is he functionally immortal?
  11. I really enjoyed this season. I called the “we’re going to need another cell phone” way earlier.
  12. It definitely got better, and I liked the art style a lot.
  13. Finally we’re all going into VR. I can’t remember - why do we need to get Alice’s soul particularly, and not just any fluctlight?
  14. It was weird that the hamburger they illustrated at the beginning had actual ham on it. I thought I was really going to like Mimasaka, at least until he stick his gum on Takumi’s mezzaluna.
  15. I like that the bad guy is referred to as a Pillar Man. “Purple Smoke” is a nice reference to Smoke on the Water, by Deep Purple.
  16. I had the exact same thought. Megumi’s Stand looked like something from the season of JoJo where they used “Walk Like An Egyptian”.
  17. “Shut up, you minor characters!” Also - thank goodness we got a flashback to the Northern Japan rednecks.
  18. I wasn’t that into this show, but I shotgunned the last 20 eps since the holiday break, and it’s grown on me. I’m over Boruto’s dad issues but I really like most of the other characters. I found that “let’s defend Denki’s capitalist overlord” plot vaguely unsettling. Next thing PETA will be the enemy.
  19. Did toonami not air Shippuden last weekend? The last one I saw was where he argues with the nine tails.
  20. I’m somehow bummed that our protagonist beats the arrow demon by just remembering to do his mystical techniques but moreso. Then I remembered that was the plot of shows I really liked, like BLEACH, so I guess I can’t complain too hard. I guess I just wanted there to be more of a trick to it somehow.
  21. The dance number / torture may have been the actual peak bizarre moment of the series.
  22. Was it just me, or did Iris have a thing for her? I’m really liking Maki’s new gear.
  23. I finally caught up and I’ve been really enjoying this one. It seems like each episode answers one question but raises a couple more. I am getting a little worried about Tsukasa, but I guess he’s big enough to take care of himself.
  24. Yeah that was confusing - apparently the zippers went into the wrong boat when originally looking for the enemy stand. (Which turned out to be one of the forgettable thugs in the car from last ep, that was a surprise.) I enjoyed how the stand personified the fly, even though really it was the one guys shoe really.
  25. I wouldn’t want the jellyfish in my mouth after that, though 😞. Yuck.
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