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  1. it was an ok episode but as for next weeks show........KEVIN KELLER!! And he's Katy's step brother!! If the show runners have any sense they'll move Casey from Riverdale that barely uses him and give him a a full time part on KK(doable since Katy takes place after Riverdale right?) Let Jorge take Kevin under his wing after he sees a video of Kevin doing Hedwig.
  2. Casey brought it tonight,especially with that liplock with KJ. Even NPH and Darren Criss would agree, but I'm finding it hard to believe that's Cole actually singing.
  3. 😆 I love your posts. agreed but how about this for an alternate ending for Chipping: He jumps out the window but we don't hear a body hit the ground. A smirking Jughead and Betty calmly walk over to the broken window to see a very alive Chipping slightly bouncing on the safety net set up by the waiting FBI agents pointing guns at him. Chipping looks up and yells "I would've gotten away with it, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!!"
  4. the only thing i hope is that when hopefully ian and mickey do get married the writers pull a surprise appearance from Fiona. But knowing them right afterwards the cartel shoots Mickey in a drive by
  5. This is why I miss Fiona, if she heard about this she'd rally the family and put the fear of God into Paula, don't fuck with a Gallagher. Maybe she's on the cartels hit list and Mickey can set her up so he can even things up with them. Am I the only one who adores them acting like a real partnership? If the show has any sense, the finale will have them getting married. Going a bit off topic, but Cameron's had a great year. He got rave reviews for his performance in Gotham, his Star Wars game is a hit and he's back on this show.
  6. Both Curran Walters and Conor Leslie have both confirmed they're coming back for season 3 but when Donna comes back I really hope that she becomes Troia with a black and silver costume. oh and I'm shallow enough to cheer that the last Titan we see in the end shot was a freed Krypto!!! and as much as I loved Bruce ruining Cadmus's little massacre auction, I would've much rather it had been Oracle. Am I the only one thinking Karen Gillan (Nebula/Amy Pond) would totally work as a cameo?
  7. madhacker

    S02.E11: E.L._.O.

    ok, I admit I don't know any sign language.....wth was Jericho signing to Dick while he was in Slade's body?
  8. Exactly!! At least in Roanoke, in the last episode some idiot ghost hunters broke into the cursed property that had a military fence complete with barb wire, and what happened to them? Deservedly slaughtered that night. I forget the name of the character but she even said "you fuckers deserve to die!!" I just want to know who Cody Fern pissed off cause the last 3 episodes he was basically a stand in extra. Next season (witch supposedly might be the last) I want a great story to end it on. Murphy said he wants to make this a total star fest of all the previous seasons including Evan, Sarah and Jessica. Sounds great, but I just want one thing.....for it to be SCARY!! Seriously were you guys even slightly scared this season? This is American Horror Story and 1984.....I wasn't horrified
  9. Bu-bye Spicey (really wish I had the SNL plane clip)
  10. Yes!! As far as I'm concerned Zach Villa deserved to be in the opening credits way more than Gus Kenworthy (did he actually have any lines this episode? He just stood around like a glorified extra). Zach's this season's breakout star. Not that that's saying much but I really hope we see him either next season or on another Ryan Murphy show. But the biggest disappointment in acting has to unfortunately go to Cody Fern. He was the breakout in ACS, and in my opinion killed it as Micheal Langton. This season he was basically eye candy. He was really trying but when your character is that shallow you're screwed. I'll bet Evan Peters is relieved he decided to skip this season. The only thing that'll save this season is if Lana Winters shows up to cover the aftermath.
  11. Gotham.. Is a legitimately horrible place Since she calls herself Alice,is it possible that she was raised (and driven nuts) by Jervis Tetch aka The Mad Hatter? Wouldn't that be an awesome twist!!
  12. that is my only nitpick with that and what happened in general with Chet. My mother is a registered ER nurse with over 20 years experience (yeah it sucked cause I could never use the feeling sick to get out of school trick), so I do have a slightly better knowledge of medicine than the average person and I can say that in the real world Chet would be unconscious and in shock from the impalement and blood loss. And the shot is the last thing you should do. Yeah lets just inject the guy with adrenaline and watch him bleed out even faster..... On the other hand wow Ryans really making sure we see Gus Kenworthys chest as much as possible. not that that's a bad thing....... Yeah I'm doubting there are any kids coming tomorrow morning But add me to the surprise resurrection of Night Stalker. But that's the only thing that I'm watching for next week. There'd better be one hell of a twist coming cause we're only at the half way point next week kiddies...........
  13. madhacker

    S02.E03: Ghosts

    I understand that they were trying to do this as subtly as they could but cmon! At the very least Dick should've brought some smoke pellets and batarangs, and while Donna brought her lasso she didn't think she might need her bracelets? I'm pretty sure those could deflect Light's blasts As for Jason, yeah hes a total brat but you gotta admit Curran is totally knocking it out of the park. I feel about him the same way I felt about Jack Gleeson (Jeoffery from GOT), hate the character but love the actor (btw look up Curran Walters anytime on youtube. He's totally adorable and the complete opposite of Jason Todd)
  14. ok next season is F.O.W.L with the vultures and some other hidden in shadows bad guys. Please let the head of the group be Sher Khan. Yeah I still want Tail Spin crossover
  15. i do see one small thing from Spicer: Melissa McCarthy playing him one more time on the cold opening of SNL this year
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