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  1. First to the poster who asked about how the shield got repaired....they never explained it in Endgame but I always figured T'chala had Shuri repair it. And as for Walker doesnt the Sokovia Accords still exist right? That means that the U.N. will be demanding he step down. If he doesn't he might be facing a very pissed off War Machine. I'd love to see how the other superheroes reacted to seeing the footage (they'res no way Peter Parker watched that without throwing up) Walker better be grateful that Tony's dead and Wanda's off the grid. Just imagine their reaction
  2. no argument there This was the most screen time Kevin has ever gotten and most character development so now he'll likely mostly disappear for the rest of the season Also just saying Casey has got a seriously hot bod. His fiance is a very lucky woman. Am I the only one thinking Fangs was lying about Reggie?
  3. madhacker

    S07.E03: Mother

    Hopefully the splitting of the Speed Force that was several colors means that Wally has also gotten his powers back
  4. I'm hoping Berlanti is saving Lara for a future episode. One of my biggest pet peeves with Man of Steel was the fact that the krypto key only had an A.I. of Jor-El. But I'm really disappointed in this version of the Fortress compared to Supergirl or even Smallville. C'mon this is the freaking Fotress Of Solitude. Morgan is gonna rue the day he crossed Lois. One of the few constants in the DC Universe is Bruce Wayne is the smartest guy on Earth and Lois Lane is not to be fucked with.
  5. Still thinking Dr. Strange will show up so here's how I hope it'll go down.... Vision wont die again but will be merged with the White Vision somehow. Will he remember Wanda is the question. Monica will somehow be the key to defeating Agatha proably with her Spectum/Photon powers emerging The only thing I'm almost certain is the twins will be fine. With Cassie Lang already introduced and Kate Bishop confirmed for the Hawkeye show it's obvious that Marvel is moving quickly for the Young Avengers. Billy and Tommy are way too popular in the comics for them too be killed off. Especi
  6. I'd settle for a Skype or Zoom call just to establish the "Aunt Kara" cause they'res no way they'd call her cousin
  7. I'm totally in!! The only thing missing in the end would be if Jordan said "Hey!! Does that mean Aunt Kara is.....?" They'red better be a crossover this season just to see how the twins get along with her
  8. ok I'm still going to watch this crazy train but honestly Riverdale for me has offically gone to the Ryan Murphy show levels of unreality. I'm talking Glee levels here, a show that I love still to this day. Remember when in the final episode when Sam took over the Glee club even though he had no college degree? That's what I'm talking about. With the exception of Kevin and possibly Fangs....none of them have any teaching skills. What are they going to teach these kids anyway? oh and buh-bye Polly.....guess the twins are kinda doomed
  9. random thoughts: was it just me or did the plot seem kinda like Stephen King's IT? Archie seems to be the least damaged one witch is kinda ironic Ok, Cheryls finally lost her mind. Either that or she's become an art scammer Betty's turned into Clarice Starling, and we all know the GBK will show up in Riverdale if not this season then surely next one (show has already been renewed just FYI) Not much to say about Jughead or Veronica except they'd better have Cole do more next episode, that was the least amount of Juggy Reggie's gone to the Dark Side? Lastly I f
  10. my only nitpick is couldnt the writers have Ben break in after Charlie was down to his undies? Yeah I'm in the shallow end of the pool but Mike Manning is absurdly hot!! He could give Ben a run for his money with his abs......
  11. Hey at least today we got a sample of the *Absolved via softcore nudity* with Charlie today. Wow, those shirts were hiding an awesome body. BTW in case anybody's interested Mike Manning is openly bisexual and has done several gay themed movies including nudity. Just sayin'
  12. it was an ok episode but as for next weeks show........KEVIN KELLER!! And he's Katy's step brother!! If the show runners have any sense they'll move Casey from Riverdale that barely uses him and give him a a full time part on KK(doable since Katy takes place after Riverdale right?) Let Jorge take Kevin under his wing after he sees a video of Kevin doing Hedwig.
  13. Casey brought it tonight,especially with that liplock with KJ. Even NPH and Darren Criss would agree, but I'm finding it hard to believe that's Cole actually singing.
  14. 😆 I love your posts. agreed but how about this for an alternate ending for Chipping: He jumps out the window but we don't hear a body hit the ground. A smirking Jughead and Betty calmly walk over to the broken window to see a very alive Chipping slightly bouncing on the safety net set up by the waiting FBI agents pointing guns at him. Chipping looks up and yells "I would've gotten away with it, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!!"
  15. the only thing i hope is that when hopefully ian and mickey do get married the writers pull a surprise appearance from Fiona. But knowing them right afterwards the cartel shoots Mickey in a drive by
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