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  1. madhacker

    S05.E10: I Am Bane

    ok I posted my opinion earlier but it seems to have vanished so here goes another try: So basically the writers are ripping off Arkham City, but instead of an elite force with helicopters destroying a walled off section of Gotham, the military's going to to the whole enchilada. I just want Ozzy and Eddie to get to the docks just in time to see the sub get blown away. Their meltdown will be awesome live Tv and movies have tried 3 times to do Bane and failed each time but this time they made him a Darth Vader wannabe. I swear the scene in the hospital corridor when he walked through the explosion with his arm on fire I half expected him to pull a lightsaber out. No offense to Shane West btw. Barbara, you were definitely the MVP tonight but I think it's pretty safe to assume that Nyssa or Banes is gonna kill you. Grief stricken Jim and Lee will naturally name the future Batgirl after you There's no way Alfred is dead, he still has to rebuild Wayne Manor while "improving the foundations on the northeast corner (making what will be called the Batcave)"
  2. madhacker

    S03.E16: Chapter Fifty-One: Big Fun

    my 2 cents: Was I the only one who felt like this was kinda like an episode of Glee? This was definitely Coreys time to shine this episode. He rocked that opening number. In my opinion, he's the best singer on the show but then again he has the most stage experience of all the younger cast. speaking of singing.... Cole is an awesome actor but he really lacks in the singing department(not his fault) Betty's really turning into a pyromaniac.... Hey Jughead, here's a plan, just let Hiram know about your mom is the one moving in on his drug business and just get Veronica out of the line of fire. The two of them will take each other out hopefully. Kevin and Fangs? I'm good with it as long as we get to see some Kangs sex Chad Michael Murray? Well we know who'll be dead by the end of this season At least we didn't see Fred this week.
  3. madhacker

    S03.E08: The White Elephant

    I just have one tiny question about the finale: Could Victoria take Snidley Whiplash (aka the Duke) title away? Or would that take an act of Parlament? Everything else, yeah agree on. I'm hoping if there is a next season they give Tommy Knight the subplot story. He's been on the show for 4 seasons and is little more than a glorified extra. He's too talented an actor for this.
  4. madhacker


    was waiting for everybody else to comment but here's my thoughts: -not enough Simon but next week looks like it'll make up for it. Swear to God Alberto can say more with one tear than most of the cast. Why hasnt he been cast in anything yet? Looks like Simon and Maia broke up but at least we got to see Raphael. Btw where's Jordan? I need my hot werewolf boy back -Malec was awesome tonight. Glad to see Alec stepping up in the protective side of their relationship. I swear that had better be thier wedding in the preview. Next week should be fun, the two of them sparring is probably foreplay for those guys -Figures Alaric would've figured out what happened to Clary. -NuJonathan is ok so far. But I miss Will in the role. Anybody know why he wasnt available?
  5. madhacker

    S03.E05: A Show of Unity

    My question is, wouldn't the punishment for what the tutor did to Bertie be uuuuh severe? I mean the guy was abusing the heir to the throne, I know times were different then, but still. I'm surprised that Albert didn't attack the guy, seeing how protective he is to his kids. and Yeah, the Duchess and the footman's subplot isn't going to end well. I'm seeing a duel between the husband and the footman in the season finale.
  6. madhacker

    S03.E03: Et in Arcadia

    yeah, I know but Victoria could have her deported quietly. Elizabeth I would've had her hanged.
  7. madhacker

    S03.E03: Et in Arcadia

    yeah, she's undermining the monarchy and shell be lucky if she keeps her head if not spending her life in the Tower. I just found it had to believe that Albert actually locked Victoria out. I'm certain the staff has a spare set of keys and if they had too would've knocked the doors down. I also agree that this is the least interesting season. I just have one question: Tommy Knights character should've aged a bit by now right?
  8. madhacker

    S00.E156: Resolution (New Year's Day 2019)

    Personally I loved it but I would've had the ending be The Doctor deciding the since the Earth isn't defended she'd do a recruitment drive to restart Torchwood. I'd be worth it just to see who'd she'd get besides Jack. I'm thinking River, Martha and Mickey, Donna and Luke Smith. Hey I know it'll never happen but it'd be fun though
  9. madhacker

    Titans [DC Universe]

    yeah, it was but on the other hand.....Donna has the Lasso of Persuasion(at least that what they call it in the comics)!!! And star-shaped tracers! I dont care, next season is all about her leaving "Wonder Girl" behind to become Troia. Dick's the leader but Donna's always been the heart of the Titans. Now it's a pipe dream, but it'd be awesome if they got Either Lynda or Gal to play Diana if just for a 5 minute cameo As for next weeks' finale promo......
  10. madhacker

    Titans [DC Universe]

    Donna MUST be a regular next season as Troia, leaving her "Wonder Girl" identity behind like Dick. Can I get a "So say we all!!" on this? She mentioned she still has her outfit in her closet. Her relationship and advice to Dick were absolutely perfect. The last scene of the season better be Dick walking out wearing his Nightwing uniform carrying escrima sticks with taser tips. My only very small quibble is the fact that Donna is Diana's daughter now (so does that mean Steve Trevor is her father? if so AWESOME!!), in the comics she was Diana's either adopted or real sister. But if this is Berlantis way of finally, finally giving Donna a clear origin story I'll take it gladly. How many origin stories did Donna have in the comic? at least close to a dozen. Has the show been renewed yet? If so, besides Trigon showing up (we all know that's coming) who else would you guys like to see? Personally, I'd love it if they could get Colton Haynes and Keyan Lionsdale to guest as Arsenal and Kid Flash, either Keyan or get KJ Apa (hey he looks exactly like Wally to me). Also would really love to see Jericho, I'm thinking Cody Fern from AHS if he's available.
  11. madhacker

    S03.E03: Chapter Thirty-Eight: As Above, So Below

    I just want one thing during sweeps now: Kevin performs at the speakeasy. Seriously guys, Casey has a awesome voice (but it runs in his family) perfer a solo, but a duet with Josie is ok too after what happened to Joaquin, I really want him to escape and hide out in the Keller attic. boy they really are pushing the shirtless scenes, Coles starting to catch up to KJ, not that I'm complaining.......?
  12. madhacker

    S03.E02: Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's Eyes

    I just want one thing to happen: Jaoquingets out of juvie the same time as Archie, just so we can see a plot romantic triangle with Moose and Kevin
  13. madhacker

    S05.E02: A New Life

    this should answer any questions about Addy: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bomi-K6A8Ym/?taken-by=znationcrew
  14. madhacker

    S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    Couple of things: first am I the only one thinking that Hiram is going to murdered this season? They seem to be setting up the suspects. Also I call shirtless shenanigans tonight on the show! Every male character on the show had a shirtless scene tonight. I think Archie spent almost an equal time with and without a shirt tonight (not complaining about that at all). But Kevin and Moose go to a pool party and nothing? Cmon! Kevin I can see with Corey's shyness but Moose? Hell, we saw an extended Reggie and Dilton down to his undies! Speaking about those two, Kevin it's not a good idea to put a time limit on having sex with your boyfriend. I'm suddenly getting the feeling that when school starts Moose is going to give Kevin the cold shoulder treatment.
  15. madhacker

    S08.E04: Could It Be . . . Satan?

    while I was at work I had a thought that would've made the Cortez part even more awesome: While Cordelia and Queenie are leaving for the first time in the hallway they pass by Sally (whos way too busy on her phone to notice them), Cordy looks back with a "what the hell" expression on her face... Cmon tell me that would have been great and really easy to shoot with a body double