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  1. Kendal is an arrogant, emotionally abusive, narcissistic prick. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
  2. New York was their legal residence, but Connecticut is where the crime actually occurred.
  3. Sessa

    S25.E04: Week 4

    “Tonight on an explosive and dramatic episode of The Bachelor, dumb ass women are shocked to discover they signed up to be on a manipulative reality show”
  4. But... Kathryn's a horrible human being. Being dismissive towards such horrible people is reasonable. YMMV, of course, but I don't see how anything Cameron said wasn't the truth. As stated by someone else last time, K's damaged injenue role only holds for so long. Yes to all of this. She is an immature bitch plain and simple. Everything Cameron has ever said is accurate, it was accurate when she said it and it still is
  5. Well I don’t mind saying that I hope it works out between them. I have to say I’m a little baffled why anyone would actively root against it. Now do I think it will work out? Probably not. Am I annoyed by how much crying she does? Absolutely. Plus, I feel like she could turn on a dime if he does anything to piss her off. But hey, stranger things have happened. This is 2020 after all. And honestly I have to say I was not particularly impressed by the group of guys. Dale is definitely the one I found most attractive.
  6. Thank you. I have always thought she was a really nasty person inside. Craig: “Why is she saying these things?” Um because she’s a hateful bitch, always has been. I miss Chelsie and her dog.
  7. Well I guess I’m in the minority, because I like Sarah and Mark. I get how he could come across as kind of douchey, but I think they both truly believed they were in an organization doing good and that they were genuinely helping people. I think it’s very easy for those of us sitting at home on the couch to say “Oh I would never” “ How could they fall for this” etc. Obviously if they took me into a room on day 5 and said we’re going to brand you I’d be like “I’ma Head Out....” but after years of being in an organization that you truly believed in, with your closest friends, the people you trul
  8. Not married. Divorced. Engaged to Sienna Miller though 😳
  9. Someone needs to tell him that his “talent” is average at best. Personally I would call it mediocre.
  10. And I miss Bethenny. I deleted Beverly Hills season pass once I realized I disliked most of them intensely, and I cannot come up with any good reasons to continue watching these nasty women either! It’s just not fun anymore. ☹️☹️
  11. I do not feel at all sorry for Betty Broderick. Lots of people get divorced, lots of people have affairs, nothing justifies her behavior. Nothing. She murdered two people, one being the father of her children because she couldn’t handle him leaving her. Her “If I can’t have him no one will” mentality, combined with her unwillingness to take responsibility, or express remorse over the years will garner zero sympathy from me. I also strongly disagree with the characterization of lying about an affair as “Gaslighting” or “ Brainwashing”. Give me a break. I hope she spends the rest of her life in
  12. I watched about 20 minutes of these horrible people and then deleted the season pass from my TiVo. I’m so proud of myself, I feel like I had a colon cleanse. I can’t believe I used to like Kyle Richards, what an exhausting bitch. And I would rather spend 6 hours listening to Aaron ramble on about his crystals and healing energy then spend any time with Lisa Rinna or Dorit. The only women I would ever want to hang out with would be Denise or Garcelle. The rest of them can eat dicks. Now I’m down to Dallas and New York City. We’ll see how long they last. 😂🙄
  13. I have a brilliant solution. Dorinda should vacation with Kyle Richards. They could drink lots of wine, cry 24/7, and talk about how completely articulate and rational they are, not to mention emotionally stable, and how it’s EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS CONSTANTLY MEAN AND ATTACKING THEM!! God these women are exhausting. I have no idea why I am watching any of the Housewives at this point. 🤬🤯🙄
  14. Come on people, you know damn well if Jax cheats again it will be Tom and Ariana’s fault! Just thinking about their non-furniture having selves is enough to drive him into the arms of another woman. Then they had the nerve to have a pool party the same day as his? This is clearly an attack on his fragile mental state. Do you not know how brains work? You should, Jax gave us an ohmygodyoutotallydontsoundlikeamoron tutorial on how brains work. Sadly Brittany will be just stupid enough to buy into this. It couldn’t possibly be because she married an arrogant, childish, completely self i
  15. Thank god Dorit wasn’t there 😂
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