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  1. Malia being sent under the yacht seemed like a total set up. Did anyone catch the little adoring look captain sandy gave Malia as she dove? Part of the Malia/sandy rehabilitation effort. I’m not buying it.
  2. This is the entry in the Reddit timeline that sealed the deal for me: Oct 25 (2019)- Erika signs an agreement that Counsel Financial that as the sole heir to Tom's estate, she waives her rights to his estate until Counsel Financial is paid off. This document surfaced in April 2021, and to date, neither Erika nor her lawyers have disputed that this is her signature. Erika gave up any inheritance rights to Tom’s estate. She knew he owed millions. My guess is that she either thought she could continue to ride high until he died or started funneling money into secret accounts. Or
  3. They should have given these instructions to the contestants. “We’re looking for a designer to create ready to wear which is inexpensive to manufacture and generic enough to sell globally.”
  4. Seems to me that Rinna has consistently been wearing oversized clothes. I wonder if she is hiding something. Like being even skinnier than usual.
  5. The cheating Erika was describing to the ladies was the one from ten years ago. Erika had to pull her complaints from social media. Is that the best she could come up with to validate her estrangement from Tom?
  6. I rewound that bit and when Malia said she swung both ways in college, she followed it with “I still do.” Guess Sandy wasn’t that far off during the Cameo she made.
  7. If Erika wasn’t involved, why did she get so upset when the info on Tom calling her slipped out on camera? If she is so innocent, what would be the problem with her saying she couldn’t take it anymore, moved out, doesn’t receive any monies from Tom, but the poor dear keeps calling her and asking her to come back and it breaks her heart?
  8. Since it appears that his was put forth by Rinna, I can’t trust it to be totally true.
  9. Just caught Ramona on WWHL. She looked great! I think she lost some weight and maybe had her face done. I don’t know exactly, but she looked terrific.
  10. I really enjoyed this episode. Christmas, gorgeous dresses, caviar, and some good laughs.
  11. Gosh, Ramona turned 64! Damn, she looks good! LOL about Rihanna. From what I understand, it was her daughters father – the artistic guy – who actually did most the work on that clothing line. FYI, I think Leah got her nose fixed because she broke it when she got into a drunken fight with a policeman in front of the hippodrome Theatre some years back. Class, always class.
  12. If anyone needs a contract, it should be Luann to protect herself from Leah. Featured artists make very little money off of recordings. The majority of the money goes to the production company, the label, and the songwriters. Songwriting royalties are protected by law. That’s why some powerful artists have it written into the contract that they are given writing credit even if they haven’t penned a word or a note. Sometimes they write one line and are still given the credit. I recall stories of some singers giving paid up front songwriters a notebook of their thoughts. The songwriters creat
  13. That candle had a notch on the lip on both sides. I don’t see any notches on the candle on the website. I wonder if it broke when someone (Kathy) didn’t pick it up from the bottom. I didn’t mind Sutton at all on wwhl.
  14. This episode broke me up. First off with all the ladies going on and on about Bershan’s inappropriate behavior when Leah acted like a crazed banshee last season and they pretty much ignored it. I guess it’s because Leah has an apple and Bershan doesn’t. And then later saying she wished that people would do an intervention for her if she acted like Sonya. I nearly laughed out loud. And we got to see lots of hair extensions being applied. How many does Leah wear? It was also apparent that Ramona knew about the fight before Leah told her. I also suspect that Sonya knew that the ladies were goin
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