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  1. Pillow talk got me into 90 day fiancé and all of its various shows. I also watch many of the other TLC reality shows, but I’m not going to the plus. Yeah I like those shows, but there are 1 million other shows on cable and Netflix and prime and I’ll find others to watch.
  2. When Kelly said she couldn’t be friends with someone she can’t trust, I laughed out loud. And congratulating her for being such a good mom? That’s why her ex is trying to get full custody. Emily looked great. They all knew that they were supposed to bring it at this party. Otherwise, I think they all would have had a good time. Kelly needed to find more than one target.
  3. Ah, Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant drinking pink champagne in An Affair to Remember.
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2020/12/03/erika-jayne-ex-tom-girardi-real-housewives-sued-embezzlement/3806393001/ legal documents obtained from a Chicago law firm accusing Tom and Erika of filing sham divorce .
  5. 4g became widely available in 2010, so those pics have to be a minimum of ten years old. I don’t think that Erika being on the board is enough to nail her unless they can prove that she was aware of what was going on. She’ll probably claim ignorance, but the investigation may eventually turn up enough proof. A full financial investigation could identify loads of issues.
  6. I loved hearing Kelly groveling and lying on wwhl in order to keep her orange.
  7. Just read that Petrossian crab comes from the Red King crab of Russia and it’s the largest crab in the world. To me, there was a lot of food on the plate. It was just on a big plate and the group had just stuffed themselves on charcuterie. Were they able to film a regular season or were things shut down early? There could be A lack of drama because fewer episodes were filmed and they had to show us more of each charter instead of being able to edit a lot of footage to create drama.
  8. I thought I saw a glimpse of Tamra dancing at the party. Just for a moment. Shoulder length hair. Anyone else notice?
  9. Does Deavan ever smile? She’s the Grumpy Cat of 90 days. And she (like Chantal) speaks like she’s under water. Why do Sumit’s parents think, if Jenny was out of the picture, he would marry someone else and have children? He may never marry. Jenny is 29 years older than Sumit. Kenny is 26 years older than Armando, but no one seems to have a problem with it. Jenny and Sumit may have only some years before death or disillusionment separates them, but they’d have those some years. Hey, Ari! Maybe it was the Old Testament side of the Bible shoved in your face.
  10. In an interview Gina gave to US Weekly a couple of weeks ago, she says that she and Matt have joint custody with alternate weeks and will spend holidays together. So, I guess things have calmed down.
  11. My jaw dropped when I heard Gina say that Braunwyn needed to stand on her own and not depend on Sean. This from a woman who moved her whole family into a new boyfriend’s home just months after leaving her husband. And it’s a small house with a lot of people thereby cocooning and protecting herself from the world. Then, she says that her children will be proud of her standing up for herself if she sends her ex to prison. Guess what, Gina? They will never understand and never forgive you. They are just little kids who want their Daddy. Jacob’s description of why he likes to wear drag was so similar to how the Queens on the show Queens to the Rescue described their own reasons to do drag.
  12. AA has some open meetings where family and friends are welcome to attend.
  13. I have NEVER been a fan of Braunwyn’s, but I am totally on her side. None of these women must have ever really liked her because I see no empathy from them. There is some peripheral concern, but they drown it in their own petty indignations. I would guess that Braunwyn did not go into rehab because she wrongly convinced herself that she could do it on her own as she was able to quit drinking when she was pregnant and believing her children needed her. That may have been the wrong choice, but it’s the one she made. Now she crawling out of her skin. She is in physical and emotional pain. Her brain is torturing her and these ladies are laughing and saying she was more fun drunk. Shame on them. If Braunwyn was going through chemo and radiation, would they be laughing and saying she looked better with hair? Cancer isn’t something you get through on your own and it’s the same with addiction. There is a reason she is going to AA twice a day. She needs every bit of support possible.
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