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  1. I think some elements of her personality stay, no matter who she's with. She talked about being a Star Wars fan on the show and still is, judging by her Baby Yoda Christmas tree. She's always liked dressing in themed costumes. I don't know if she still studies French, but she took lessons during and possibly after the show. While I agree that she does adopt hobbies of her SOs, she still has some of her own interests and doesn't give them up.
  2. I find the whole Rodrigues clan to be interesting, because aside from Jill, we really have no idea what any of the kids think or how they behave. Remember back when the Bates family would say things like "We love having Jana visit" or some other comment that indicated Jana was the one they really liked and everyone else was sort of tolerated? I wonder if the Keller clan feels that way about Nurie.
  3. I occasionally listen to audiobooks and have heard mispronunciations from narrators. They're people, too, and make the occasional mistake.
  4. I don't know about Arkansas, but when I worked as a substitute teacher in Kansas, subs and paras (a teacher's assistant) needed an associate's degree.
  5. Jana posted a video of her getting her hair trimmed (not enough) and colored. Just some more blond highlights. It looks nice, but she could have lost a few more inches.
  6. Probably! Remember when she cleaned out her room and when she moved? She seems like the type who keeps everything, but probably doesn't know where it is. No judgement, I'm the same!
  7. Ashley works as a hairstylist. I think she is mostly a colorist. She posts a lot of her work on instagram. Not sure how many days a week she's in the salon.
  8. Why didn't they? I remember she did a podcast interview and said that she wouldn't film again. She was also upset about how some scenes went down. But she's been silent on social media about it. And very quiet on instagram for months now. I hope she's doing okay.
  9. Which ones did pass the GED? I think Josh and Jill did. For some reason, I don't think Jana did. Not sure about JD, Jessa, or Jinger.
  10. This is so interesting, thank you for posting it! Wouldn't Keisha be transferred to a prison after a mental institution deemed her "cured"? I realize cured isn't the right word, but after completing treatment, would she be expected to serve the rest of her term in prison?
  11. I was re-watching #FindKaylaWeber yesterday and was wondering what the legal outcome might have been. If I were sitting on a jury and heard everything that led up to Jim Weber killing his wife, I probably wouldn't be inclined to find him guilty. I'm assuming a lawyer would claim temporary insanity or something like that. The show usually ends before the trail and verdict, but I wonder how the writers would have handled that.
  12. I've sometimes wondered if Carly goes by a different name now. I remember that Carly was a nickname, so maybe she goes by her actual first name or middle name. Unfortunately, BrandonAndTeresa (which always sounds like one word when Tyler and Cate say it) is almost automatically associated with Carly (at least for casual watchers of this show), and that gives them far less privacy. I know they can't all change their names and go into witness protection, but it feels gross that their names are so public.
  13. Yes! Which is funny, because Hef at one point made a comment about one blond being the same as another. And I'm sure the network thought it was about the formula, not the personalities. The season with Crystal and the twins showed it was much more than that.
  14. The thing about Crystal's statement about how these women shared an uncommon and rare experience and can't get along...when Holly's book came out, Kendra said so many things about Holly and what she did at the Mansion. It was beyond tacky, she was demeaning. That's not really something to forgive. At least, not for me. But I don't think Holly dragged Kendra in the podcast, but just stated Kendra wasn't being totally accurate about not sleeping with Hef. Crystal also said that Holly and Bridget still despise her for no reason. However, I've never heard them really say anything about Crys
  15. Is anyone else surprised that Crystal Hefner hasn't come out with a tell-all? I always expected her to do that after Hef's death. Both Kendra and Holly's books came out while he was alive and he commented on both (in support of Kendra's, said Holly's wasn't accurate). I wonder if there's some clause in Crystal's pre-nup that she couldn't write something or do a tell-all interview and if she does, she'll have to forfeit some or all of her inheritance.
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