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  1. I can't imagine that FID would clear Provenza. First of all, Rusty wouldn't have had a police firearm. So Stroh would have been shot with a non-issued weapon and FID would be ok with that? Even if they got Firearms Francine to vouch that Stroh was shot with Provenza's police weapon, there would be other inconsistencies. And there would have been some regular police officers at the LAPD that they could have pulled in. Not every single officer was at the airport. We know Duff identifies with Rusty, but trying to make him the hero of a show he never should have been a central character in doesn't work.
  2. Strong agree on everything. I just binge-watched all six seasons, but I can't remember if Rusty was still under protection by season 3, or if Sharon had decided that he was no longer under immediate threat. The Rusty/Gus relationship was always uneven. Had they been good friends, sure, I might have bought that. But I don't know if it was the actor's chemistry or what, but the two barely seemed to tolerate each other at times. Something I noticed from the last few episodes that made me uncomfortable...Gus needs protection from Stroh, too, since Stroh was a customer in his restaurant. So he moved in with Flynn and Rusty and pressured Rusty to let him sleep in his bedroom. He even got Andy's approval. If we were watching a show with a male character pressuring a female character to let him sleep in her bedroom, well, that would be the beginning of a Major Crimes episode. But it's ok because they used to date? And are the same gender? Nope, not to me. The rest of the squad is great and could have been utilized more. I didn't mind Nolan being brought in, but disliked Cami.
  3. It's a cute picture, but it makes me sad that these kids are fed all of this ultra-conservative crap from such a young age. There are so many great books and they're reading one by Rush Limbaugh? The American Girl books about the American Revolution would be great for them. A quick look at amazon showed me plenty of other books that are about real history, not written with a political lean.
  4. That was the most affectionate I've seen Lauren. Whichever J-sister got her as their Secret Santa (or whatever they call it) lucked out. They most likely got new and stylish things.
  5. Rewatching season one and I wish Amy had been more like her later season self. She transferred to major crimes from SIS and served in the military, so I would assume that she knew standard procedures. But interrupting the Captain while she was questioning a victim's wife and saying out loud that he was accused of rape (episode 2) and walking into a room and saying "I searched the rest of the barrels and no more dead guys" without knowing exactly who was in the room...sheesh (episode 5). She's really likable, because of the actress, but did some really dumb things.
  6. Last night I was thinking about buying a few of the holiday episodes on itunes and was able to get all six seasons for $30.00. I don't know if it's a limited time offer or what, but it's way cheaper than buying each season separately. Slowly making my way through season 1 (again). Just letting everyone know! Also the boyfriend in episode 3, wow, just a terrible person.
  7. Thank you for posting the episode Ginger! I live in Germany, so I can't always find episodes online. I thought it was nice to see Felicity's grandparent's reading her a book (an age appropriate book, not the bible) and involving her in the decorating. I didn't think about the baby's coming home outfit until another poster pointed it out, but maybe Jing/Jer were trying to make Felicity feel like she was a part of things. It will be interesting to see all of these cousins when they get to be around 10 or so. I doubt there will be a tv show by then, except possibly for the occasional special. But they will all live on through social media. Izzy, Sam, Felicity, and Evie (Ehvie?) will all be in real schools and will probably have surpassed their uncles and aunts socially and developmentally. Hopefully John and Abbie will send their kids to a real school, as well. And I can't imagine Lauren wanting to homeschool, so maybe her kids, too.
  8. I can't imagine this family carving jack o'lanterns. They probably think carved pumpkins are a sign of the devil or something. And it's possible they only got them for Thanksgiving decorations (doubt they do Halloween), so maybe we're talking about pumpkins that are only a few weeks old.
  9. She has a nice easy rapport with Preacher and Hope likes her more than she likes most people. Paige was friendly to her in the first episode (asking about her bag and suggesting the kale salad), so that was a potential friendship that wasn't explored. The people in town are either young (Ricky and Lizzie) or older. There's not a lot of people in their 30s and 40s.
  10. I listened to her on the Mouthing Off with Olivia podcast (with Olivia Caridi from The Bachelor). Davina is from Hamburg and went to an international high school there (which meant most, if not all, of her classes were in English) and went to Pepperdine. She didn’t give dates, but she’s been in the US since she was 18 or 19. She said she talks to her parents very regularly and always in German. The podcast was kind of interesting. We got more background about her and the show. Apparently she was filmed for season one, but the producers wanted to focus on houses, not condos. She was still doubling down on the “there’s two sides” thing, which was annoying. She seems to have a very black and white view of the world. But I didn’t come away with negative feelings about her.
  11. Or if the twins are born (and twins? seriously?) and they're obviously not Jack's. Either the wrong blood type or a different race. Also, I don't understand why Jack isn't looking into his legal options. He should be consulting with a lawyer. And Charmaine's idea that she'll get married and that man will the twins father could get her in trouble with a judge.
  12. I binge watched the entire second season in two days. It seemed to me like the timeline for all ten episodes was only a week or two. Did anyone else think that? And what was the timeline for season one? How long after Mark died did Mel sell her house and move to Virgin River? Because she was only marking the first year of his passing in episode 7 or 8. Other thoughts: Yes, Charmaine was terrible. She wasn't even out of the first trimester, right? So why is she telling everyone? Shouldn't it be kept quiet at that point? (Full disclosure: I have never been pregnant). Ricky and Lizzie scenes: I used this time to check my email or look at pinterest. Although I did watch the scene with his grandmother and thought she was great. But Ricky needs to tell Lizzie to not call him away from work so often. Did Jack work at all over these ten episodes? Maybe Preacher becoming partner would help him with the cash flow to buy a house. Also agree that maybe Jack isn't the father. Why was a birthing center not an option for Charmaine? I realize there probably isn't one in the middle of (Alaska? Northern California? Oregon? Where are we?) Virgin River/Clear River territory, but there's a doula? OK show. Also, Mel shouldn't have to put up with abuse or mistreatment from a patient. And Charmaine is crossing some lines, so Mel would be within her rights to turn Charmaine's care over to someone else. And from a professional standpoint, probably should. She doesn't need to be a long-term caregiver, but could agree to treat in an emergency.
  13. She is very cute and is not wearing tights! I also noticed she wasn't wearing them in a few other insta pics, plus there was one where she was definitely wearing pants. Small things, but go Abbie!
  14. I like Eddie as a judge and host. Yes, he may not be a professional pastry chef, but his comments seem to be pretty on point. He's done these kinds of shows for a while, so I imagine he's picked up a lot over the years.
  15. Speaking as an American who lives in Germany, I am amazed at Davina's English. I wish I could speak German half as well as she speaks English and she's also pretty much accent-less. Everybody has an accent, of course, but her German accent doesn't dominate or even come through.
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