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  1. I read on another site that after the second round, Maddy cursed out Gill for falling. I don't know if it's true, but if so, the editors really gave her a gift by not showing it.
  2. This was TVCC and it was something I didn't like. It's hard to know if Navarro has a similar type cheer (they do have the FIOFMU thing, which is somewhat similar). But yeah, I think it's poor sportsmanship. My old cheer coach would have never allowed that. Along similar lines, I didn't like that after the basketball game, Vontae was yelling "Ya'll lost" to the Navarro cheer team. I thought that was in really poor taste. The coach should be held to higher standards.
  3. I like Morgan, too, but watching her in her third year, and comparing her stunts to the other girls, she was not at their level. Gabi, Maddy, Gillian, all of the other girls had great technique and POINTED TOES. Side by side, Morgan was just not as good. It was also evident in her tumbling and jumps. It's a little unfair to judge, because we only see a very small piece of their life, but what was Morgan doing to improve her technique? A ballet class might have helped, any dance class, really. Did she do stretches daily, was she working on it on her own? Or was she fine with what she was do
  4. I think he was on the team for two years and he came back as a student trainer his third year (when he was also in the play). I remember that he was also the team tutor because he had good grades. I imagine he earned his associate's degree.
  5. I liked him and felt like I understood where he was coming from and why he was the way he was. But I also wondered what the full situation with Kailee was. He said he asked her to look after his dog, she said he gave her the dog. She said he was about to knock her door down, he said he could hear her on the phone inside talking to Andy. And she still had the dog at the end of the show. He has persevered through some incredibly difficult situations. He holds himself to very high standards and clearly gets frustrated with other when he feels like they're not doing their part. I don't know...
  6. I don't know who did the art (James, I guess, but we've seen Jana draw things, too), but it's really nice. Had they been able to go to real school, maybe on to college (training, community or 4 year), who knows what their potential could have been.
  7. Well, she said that Ileana as her decorating buddy. Which probably means Ileana did all the work while Jill sat down and took photos. So don't feel dirty about not hating it.
  8. Try opening it in an incognito window.
  9. When she first met him, she made a comment that she sometimes took his credit card and used it to buy things. And made a joke that some call it fraud, but she calls it love.
  10. As much as I wish this conversation would have happened, I think it's more likely that she had to cry and grovel for it. Although if speculation that she's taking the fall for someone else is true, than maybe JB told her not to worry and that he's take care of everything.
  11. Seeing the older unmarried daughters without heavy make-up and their hair pulled back...they look so much better.
  12. I was just on instagram and saw this in Jana's stories.
  13. Thank you! I forgot that Laurie's ig handle didn't include her first name.
  14. I looked at Amy's insta and there were too many comments to go through and find Laura's comments. Can anyone summarize or point me toward them?
  15. No, not at all. You're correct. He bought the space next to where she's buried. I don't know if his family honored those wishes or buried him someplace else.
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