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  1. Maybe if Kim would mind her own GD business Lydia would get to know this mystery boy. And let’s face it this b.s about not being able to know someone over the phone is ridiculous. Because you know it is not like she would be able to go visit this guy! The texting and calls is all she has. So let her talk to him. Maybe she will realize they are not compatible and drop it. Hello! Maybe if Ethan and Olivia had been allowed to talk more than an hour every 3 months they would have realized they would never work out! Or maybe Kim just wants Lydia to get married at First site to someone, because cle
  2. There are 3 other people on the boat that get part of the tip. The 1st mate and 2 engineers of some sort. I think one is named Martin. He was the one that got Mat off the boat several episodes ago and maybe the one who told Captin Sandy about the alarm. They show them once or twice and never really explain very well that they get tip money also.
  3. News flash Steven plenty of Americans thinks Mormonism is a cult, it’s not just Russians!
  4. I don’t understand what kind of bra Tiffany wears. I have much smaller boobs and I,can’t wear a dress like that., how is she wearing all these tops!
  5. I am in the US, just like Angela. Her whole surgery seemed suspect to me. I had a pre-op visit at least 2 weeks ahead of surgery. They told me all the things I was not allowed to do. It was very detailed. Including stopping my vitamins. Vitamins! But Angela is smoking the day of surgery. That is ridiculous! And I woke up in a recovery room already in a sports bra, with a nurse! My doctor was not trying to wake me up in the OR!
  6. I had a reduction and a knee surgery. I was home an hour after waking up both times. Once your up, you can go. They don’t keep you for most things these days. And honestly a reduction is not major. I was fine the next day, knee surgery was way worse!
  7. But I don’t need vagina surgery! I need to flush my toilet! And good luck, plumbers are very had to get these days!
  8. Lawrence I am pretty sure plenty of pregnancy ARE planned! My best friend planned her’s. Including adding short term insurance 3 months before she started trying. So she would be covered. People plan things, idiot. Also he scares me!
  9. She is emotional. But she is also right that Mike is selfish. I mean like day 2 when she was talking about being homeless, he basically told her he was not interested in hearing about it! I feel like he is emotionally abusive to her. All this heat is coming down on Heidi but Mike is a problem. You should be be telling your wife all the time her feeling are ridiculous.
  10. When I had knee surgery, I was scared to brush my teeth in the morning, in case I accidentally swallowed some water. Also they told me no nail polish because they have to see your nails to check your oxygen, or something. Angela you are luck as hell you did not die on the table!
  11. Maybe now she can afford some shirts with shoulders! And now her mom also. What is the deal with these women!
  12. I have heard of Covenant Eyes! I have some religious friends. It is a browser and it sends reports of every website you visit to your accountability partner. One of the moms I know was mad because her kid took it off his phone. So she lost the ability to spy on him! She was losing her mind. It is mainly to monitor for porn and gambling!
  13. How does Tiffany store all these shirts you can’t hang them in a closet?
  14. Is Natalie drinking! I thought she was 100% against that. She screamed about root beer!
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