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  1. Is it me, or does Squidward's swirly-dusty mind control power look like it would easily be negated with a box fan? Instead of a suicide vest, shouldn't they just give Lincoln a leaf blower? "Okay, when the sandy stuff comes out of his hands and twirls toward you, just fire up this sucker and crank it to high. If it breaks down, run and find the nearest hand-held hair dryer and wall outlet..."
  2. Yeah, how could that possibly backfire on Selina? LOL I might be wrong, but I think we're supposed to gradually forget that she's there filming so that there will be a big joke payoff when her film gets leaked and we get to revisit her mom's biggest gaffes all in a row, one after the other. I think we're supposed to assume she's there even if we don't always see her, so the big payoff doesn't get telegraphed too early?
  3. Yeah, who knew the show was keeping Chloe Bennett on such a short leash acting-wise? The minute her face lit up I thought, "Oh look! She has an emotional third dimension all of a sudden!"
  4. It's a clever little charm of this show that the less seriously you take it, the better it gets. I have kinda high standards for FLASH and AGENTS OF SHIELD, but for this show the best thing you can do is shift your brain into park, let the motor idle, and just enjoy an hour of silly fun on the tee-vee screen.
  5. They showed this. Apparently the suit has a limited power supply and he had it dialed down while pummeling her for fun. He cranked it up to 11 to deliver the death blow before Hobo McFortunecookie touched him and gave him the vision that frightened him so.
  6. Yes please! The second I saw Coulson's death-blow hand-print STILL on Hive's chest, I thought, "Oh boy, Phil. Hope you're ready for one hell of a tussle with him; he REMEMBERS." Lash is gonna be the cure for what ails Coulson -- but when HiveWard strikes, can Coulson be sure that Lash is there and is ready to party?
  7. Good episode, easy to watch, no filler, lots of action. Can't wait for Lash the undefeated Inhuman killer to square off versus the Inhuman WormWard.
  8. Woof! I want to believe this show is good -- but the dialogue clunks along like eight crusty bricks in a spasming clothes dryer. Eventually, I envied the Hindude who went spelunking in his own skull with a metal spike to his ear.
  9. Felt genuinely sad for Will. FitzSimmons fighting over what turned out to be a now-dead man's no-longer-existing contribution to a love triangle they didn't know was now just a two-point line between two over-thinkers; and yet, the only reason they were able to argue is because that dead man loved Simmons while he was alive, and sacrificed his life to guide her home to Fitz. Hm.
  10. Zombie Illyria GOA'ULD Ward! Cuz of the lil wormy bits up in his skull. Squirmin and such.
  11. Pushed aside, come on. Simmons got an entire episode to herself; she wasn't pushed aside, it was just time for someone else to get to be in the show for once LOL. Maybe you're re-writing the show in your mind until it becomes a sexist thing that it really isn't. Again: Simmons got an entire episode to herself. Which means all the male characters' story lines were pushed aside for that entire episode. Why no concern for their 'agency' on your part? Come on, admit it: some of the strongest characters on the show are females (May, Bobbi, Daisy), and it isn't a sexist show at all. It just might have some sexist viewers, projecting their misandry, onto the show.
  12. I have DirecTV and they decided to cut off my recording of DOCTOR WHO whenever they damn well felt like it but after reading these comments I'm not sure I'm too upset about it.
  13. Good point. She's not bullet-proof though, maybe they're worried about HYDRA putting one in her before she can get around to quaking all of them? Or maybe she DOES end up doing that and we just haven't seen enough of the episode. I'm down for another Winifred/Illyria style story arc, that was an awesome twist on ANGEL. But: more interesting if it kills then possesses Fitz...imagine him leaving as a mousy sort of lab nerd and coming back a grand, high-powered supervillain! Mwah ha ha!!
  14. I know. That's why the truth is, they were actually cooperating. Or did Ward have them separated for some other reason? Ward might have issues LOL. I think his internal clock is set to Crazy Standard Time.
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