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  1. I spotted this online...This year's Star Magazine swimsuit issue featuring Ashlee on the cover!
  2. Putting this in Small Talk. I see that Ashlee got a calendar cover. Good for her! Savannah, Gina, Rachel W and Tess got the other ones.
  3. I see a slight similarity, looks wise, between MTT Season 3 Rookie Jordyn Ketchum and Claire W! Anyone else see a little resemblance? 😊
  4. I like your predictions! I think it's so hard to call group leaders this year with the deserving and likeable upper vets to choose from and the incoming third year rookie class which is so strong! 😊 I think Erin (the comeback Queen!), Briana, Rachel W., Madeline M., Cianna, Alanna, Jalyn and of course Hannah all have great qualities too and are such well spoken ambassadors! Listening to them on KaShara's recent Boots in the bubble podcasts really highlighted to me how eloquant this 14 strong season 13 Rookie Class is! Hoping we will find out soon the definitive list of allocated Groups.
  5. I'm curious to see which Vets and TCCs are in each group and how they are dispersed..the suspense is real! My guesses/predictions for First and Second leaders based off of last year's Group leaders, tenure etc.: Group 1: Maddie, Rachel A. Group 2: Tess, Savannah Group 3: Lexie, Ashlee Group 4: Gina, Brennan I'm probably totally wrong lol but it's my best shot at a guess 😂 I feel like these personalities would work well together in each group! I also think all of the incoming 3rd years are qualified for Group Leader positions so am very excited to see the outcome of this.
  6. I think Shannan resembles Audrina Patridge in this photo!
  7. Nope, not sad at all IMO! 😊 I love doing rewatches of old seasons!! 😊 And I'm the exact same with recognising familiar faces, my latest find - one of my favourites, Chantel (with straight hair), in Season 5's finals! I knew she auditioned in season 6 but didn't notice her brief appearance before in season 5! 😊 Totally agree that it is one of the best parts of rewatches! 😊
  8. Big swimsuit calendar: Alexis, Tess, Miranda, Maddie, Christina, Ashlee, Savannah, Molly, Daphne, Madeline, Lexie and Amber! 😊 Sideline Calendar: Heather, Ashlee, Amy, Madeline, Hannah, Daphne, Savannah, Alexis, Rachel W., Briana, Gabby, Erin, Rachel A., Lexie, Taylor and Lauren! 😊
  9. Could be wrong and misremembering but I believe Meredith said she was 27 last season when she was featured. 😊
  10. Season 9, episode 7: Titled 'A Lucid Dream'.
  11. Has the squad photo been taken yet? 😊 Or does anyone know when it is taking place? 😊 Cannot wait to see that and the new cameos!!
  12. Yep, that is them! 😊 Two of my faves! 😊
  13. Nicole (Season 5 Rookie), Emma (Season 6 Rookie), Danielle (Season 7 Rookie), Lacey (Season 9 Rookie), Stephanie (Season 10 Rookie), Tasha (Season 11 Rookie) , Kelli (Season 11 Rookie) and Khalyn (Season 11 Rookie)! 😊
  14. @ClosetDCCFan I see the Megan Fox comparison! 😊 Love Meredith, I see Megan Fox meets Former season 8 TCC Ashley Paige, just IMO though 😊
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