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  1. I think Shannan resembles Audrina Patridge in this photo!
  2. Nope, not sad at all IMO! 😊 I love doing rewatches of old seasons!! 😊 And I'm the exact same with recognising familiar faces, my latest find - one of my favourites, Chantel (with straight hair), in Season 5's finals! I knew she auditioned in season 6 but didn't notice her brief appearance before in season 5! 😊 Totally agree that it is one of the best parts of rewatches! 😊
  3. Big swimsuit calendar: Alexis, Tess, Miranda, Maddie, Christina, Ashlee, Savannah, Molly, Daphne, Madeline, Lexie and Amber! 😊 Sideline Calendar: Heather, Ashlee, Amy, Madeline, Hannah, Daphne, Savannah, Alexis, Rachel W., Briana, Gabby, Erin, Rachel A., Lexie, Taylor and Lauren! 😊
  4. Could be wrong and misremembering but I believe Meredith said she was 27 last season when she was featured. 😊
  5. Season 9, episode 7: Titled 'A Lucid Dream'.
  6. Has the squad photo been taken yet? 😊 Or does anyone know when it is taking place? 😊 Cannot wait to see that and the new cameos!!
  7. Yep, that is them! 😊 Two of my faves! 😊
  8. Nicole (Season 5 Rookie), Emma (Season 6 Rookie), Danielle (Season 7 Rookie), Lacey (Season 9 Rookie), Stephanie (Season 10 Rookie), Tasha (Season 11 Rookie) , Kelli (Season 11 Rookie) and Khalyn (Season 11 Rookie)! 😊
  9. @ClosetDCCFan I see the Megan Fox comparison! 😊 Love Meredith, I see Megan Fox meets Former season 8 TCC Ashley Paige, just IMO though 😊
  10. That is what I thought when I first saw the picture, that she looked a bit like Lacey! 😊
  11. Yay! 😊 I'm so glad that they took 37! 😊 Congrats to this small new rookie class of 10 and of course the 27 returning vets!!! So happy for Amanda, Chandi, Kat, Kelcey, Kristin, Lily, Lisa, Meredith, Taylor P and Victoria, their dreams have just come true and their journeys as Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are just beginning! 😊 So exciting!!!
  12. Wow, this is amazing! I had no idea about the alternates!! Would love to know more about this!
  13. I am so ready for the final squad to be announced! 😊 Going to be so happy for this small new rookie class and looking forward to seeing some dreams come true! 🤗
  14. I'm so excited to see this year's cameos now! 😊 All of the girls I seen featured on Social Media (basically all of the vets) looked amazing and hair and makeup looked great on everyone! How amazing does Hannah look with straight hair?! 😊
  15. Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I was watching the last episode of season 12 and it appeared as though Savannah and Lexie were in every group lol when they were dancing during the last rehearsal! The Group Leaders kept interchanging as well during the same song between Jenna, Jinelle, Lacey and KaShara when Kelli had just said 'Let's see Group Three'! And they introduced the groups during Meet the Team as Groups led by KaShara, Jinelle, Lacey and Jenna even though Jenna was Group 1 Leader! I also recall from past episodes seeing loads of girls called in the wrong order during Finals and TC announcements like for instance I recall Amy L. is seen still sitting in the crowd during season 10 as the last Finalist Amy Simone is called! In I think it was Season 12 as the Vets perform in episode 4 to inspire the Rookies some of the Vets (I think Robin was one of them) are seen sitting as Kelli applauds them! That one is hard to get your head around lol. The same goes for show group announcements with the editing! Sorry for the long post, I could write a book about this show lol! Love it and the editing too! 😊 Always makes for great viewing!!
  16. Thank you! 😊 Lol I'm obsessed with this show and I love catching little continuity errors etc. in the episodes 😂
  17. Was watching Season 12 episode 10 and caught a glimpse of Holly I am certain, after her leaving the squad was addressed (It is her distinct haircut). This was during the show group Big & Rich performance. Anyone know if she performed at this before she left and it was just a case of being broadcast in a later episode and it was edited around her? As rookie Show Group members Gina, Lauren and Kalyssa weren't featured so was it earlier in Training Camp than what was shown continuity wise on the show?
  18. This is so exciting can't wait for Season 14!!! 😊 I wonder if we will be getting 13 episodes again this year? 😊 I also wonder if they will be changing the promotional shot with the cameos since Lacey, KaShara and Khalyn have now retired?
  19. I think it was Rachel Le Ann in season 8! Injured in TC in season 7 and came back and made the team in season 8! She was a great DCC! Wish she hadn't of retired so soon!
  20. Heather got the Star Magazine Swimsuit issue cover! 😊 Very Farrah Fawcett esque pose! 😊 She looks great! https://shop.dallascowboys.com/dallas-cowboys-star-magazine-swimsuit-issue-2019-191140236.html?dwvar_191140236_color=NONE&cgid=
  21. I was looking forward to seeing more of the solos 😥 I'm sad that the coverage of Finals seems to have stopped 😭
  22. I was just thinking about this when Lauren announced her retirement! 😢 IMO Season 12 had a great Rookie Class! I wonder which of them will be the last one standing!
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