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  1. Audpaud

    S09.E12: Guardians

    Overall good ep with a few slow spots. I get the build up to the Fair, and exploring all these new characters, but they really do need to pick up the pace.
  2. Audpaud

    American Beauty Star

    Idk, I kinda liked that no one left. It would suck to have to leave with your Mom....spirit or not.
  3. Audpaud

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    I like this cast minus Melissa and Joe. They've always been the fakest and thirstiest and the whole family fight thing has long past expired. She should, at most, be demoted to FOH and Joe gone please. Without Teresa, both add zero to the show. Also next season, I'd much rather have Jen's brand of thirsty, lol. I get the feeling that Marge Jr. is getting the RHoNY Dorinda edit. Popular now, but definitely living in a glass house.
  4. Audpaud

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Loved the recent courtroom/trial themes. I'd never seen or even heard of MADELEINE. (Scotland/arsenic). Really enjoyed!
  5. Audpaud

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    Oh the editing shade on Rinna was priceless this ep! When the daughter mentioned anorexia causing blindness - cut to Rinna adjusting her glasses? One of many subtle shots. I'm not "Team LVP" (haven't even seen 1 ep of VPRules), but if it's to be a Season of ganging up? How boring. 😞
  6. Audpaud

    American Beauty Star

    How prom dress-oily hair-boring make-up-white flower guy did not go home is a mystery to me. No matter what color the jewel glue dried to, lol.
  7. Audpaud

    S07.E08: Penneys from Heaven

    Hanging in there with the Show, but it is so very painful.
  8. Audpaud

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    So wishing I could give Libertarian Sluts post eleventy billion *hearts*....minus one for the "titillating return of Caroline", who I found to be a hypocritical bore. The only thing this cast needs, and has needed for a long time is for Melissa and Joe Gorga to be cut or FOH status only. The rest would be a fun watch! And it's not the Teresa show really? That's not what I saw reading the last 4 pages here, LOL.
  9. Audpaud

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Recently enjoyed Dodsworth and The Window.
  10. Audpaud

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    1 day for this convoluted (avante-garde-invention) challenge? I don't know why I can't quit watching this mess. Carpet and Dry Erase? GTFOH
  11. Audpaud

    S09.E15: Hotheads and Hookahs

    Margaret proved the emasculating point. *sips tequila at Table for One*
  12. What is...they got caught selling the dog, Alex? #shavednosenicked
  13. Audpaud

    S02.E09: The Badger

    I felt rather silly coming here to post this long after the episode, until I saw your post CBC, saying EXACTLY what I came here to say! WOW! Are there even awards for intro/endings? The diner, the uniform, the pick up truck, the skinny dipping circling to the last morning, the walk, the badger and the indeed, haunting lyrics. Perfection. Well done Show!
  14. Audpaud

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    It's been awhile so thoroughly enjoyed The Thin Man late last night and finished up with Mrs. Miniver this a.m. (I've had a few days off work - sadly, it's back to reality today). So glad I found this forum! Love the comments and the ideas for future time off you've all given me.
  15. Audpaud

    S02.E12 Recap; Head of Household #7

    Even after the recaps, I'm still not seeing the Tom hate/he's a bully? Lolo and Tamar continue to come across much worse in both real-time AND hindsight.