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  1. Sulador

    Little Women

    Haaaaated. But I've always found the book mawkish and saccharine. And to paraphrase dear Oscar, anyone who can watch the of Beth March without laughing must have a heart of stone.
  2. Sulador

    Other Characters Besides Elizabeth & iCandy

    Jareth was charming. Plus he had the best name... Worst Hair in the World Award: Sara Ramirez. It looks like a dead ferret that perished in an oil spill and was buried on a punk's buzzcut.
  3. Sulador

    S11.E16: The Neonatal Nomenclature

    What the freaking hell is up with Leonard's and Sheldon's hair? Is the stylist on drugs? Or should be? Their follicles look like permed waffles soaked in canola oil.
  4. Sulador

    Chip & JoJo: It's All In The Family

    In their little stock shots of the natural beauty of Waco, the idiot producers have the sun going the wrong way! Sun always rises and sets from east to west, which translates on TV as from left to right . They show a sunset sun flopped and going up the sky backwards. They are not the only ones. Some years ago the NBC national evening news had their logo globe impressively spinning clockwise, which it def does not. Does no one check these things?
  5. Sulador

    S02.E08: Trip to Stabby Town

    Yeah, she's called the Shekinah, among other things. Translated by Catholics into the Holy Ghost, the Ruach, the spirit that moved upon the face of the waters. And Hinduism has Kali, who is both Creator goddess and Destroyer goddess at once. Having grown up Catholic myself, I've always said that a Father God needs a Mother Goddess to stick his divine dick into, even metaphorically, if Creation is going to happen. But a brilliant episode indeed, for all the reasons y'all have mentioned.
  6. Sulador

    S13.E01: Undo

    Haven't watched regularly until last season's finale. I come back for the opener and it's the same bullcrap childishness as when I left two years ago. Still the misunderstandings that could have been so easily resolved if someone had just said YO, y'all step back and shut up and explain in order starting with you. I cannot stand Maggie: what does it possibly have to do with her special wittle self if Mer didn't tell her about Alex the first of all? Petulant little cow. I don't even know where she came from. How many half sisters does Meredith have, for pete's sake. Alex: yeah, you should really keep a lid on it there, kiddo, or no mother is ever going to trust you again with their sick child. Mer and Riggs: who cares, really. Jo is THE most annoying character I've seen on any show in a long time and someone should just grab her and shake the truth out of her except I really don't give a crap by now. April vs. Catherine was great, though. I wish to God there was something else to watch in that time slot. I am going back to watching Blu-Ray "Game of Thrones" and fuck this noise. My blood pressure is at stake.
  7. Sulador

    S10.E01: The Conjugal Conjecture

    Agreed. And, and, the preferred pronunciation of "coitus" is CO-ih-tus, as I learned it back in biology class and as the OED lists it. You'd think someone as allegedly smart as Dr. Cooper would be aware of that. Though COY-tus seems to be sneaking in, thanks to him...
  8. Sulador

    S02.E01: Everything's Coming Up Lucifer

    Oh, show, you are back and I am one happy little camper! This episode was hilarious indeed and I love all the comments, but never having watched BSG (except for the glorious original and a few clips of the reboot online, which I hated), I did not get the Cylon connection in the slightest. And perhaps y'all are right to connect it, but I just got that "All Along the Watchtower", one of my favorite songs ever, was cued into the overall vibe of the show. Doomy, gloomy, warning, ominous... for me it didn't need any spurious or superfluous linkage to be slammin' effective. YMMV, clearly...
  9. Makes Me Crazy: People who pronounce the word "coitus" as COY-tus. It's three syllables: CO-it-us. Dr. Sheldon Cooper clearly does not know everything, especially when it comes to words he's only read in books, and, until recently, had not encountered personally in his own real life <runs to find the brain bleach>.
  10. Sulador

    S07.E03: Beyond Good and Evil (US)

    What was that gorgeous hotel with the beautiful wooden staircase?
  11. Sulador

    S09.E01: One For Sorrow

    I know it's early days, but I do not care for the new boss. And what college was that with the beautiful wrought-iron gates? I was thinking Worcester, but maybe not...
  12. Sulador

    S13.E08: Saviors

    Normally Ducky can do no wrong in my eyes and all I want to do is hear him talk, but not in this episode. He pronounces "posthumous" (twice) just as it is spelled: poast-YOO-mus. Sorry, Ducks. It's "POSS-tchoo-mus." And you should be ashamed of yourself. Unless perhaps you were erroneously directed to pronounce it so for illiterate Amurricans.
  13. Sulador

    S03.E04: Coda

    Absolutely a shoutout to Terry Pratchett! Sergeant Vimes of Cable Street...love it. Quite the "She's Leaving Home" vibe about Joan. So Thursday has only got three weeks to live, yet he tells no one. Morse could have stopped Joan if he'd had that information. Oh, and I adore those fusty Oxford houses. They're probably all glam and renovated and lived in by merchant wankers these days, unfortunately.
  14. Sulador

    S03.E02: Arcadia

    "Frazil: soft or amorphous ice formed by the accumulation of ice crystals in water that is too turbulent to freeze solid." Hence, Thaw. Miss Frazil played by John Thaw's daughter... Or am I reading too much into this? What the hell happened to the baby? Was a scene cut where it was restored to its mum? Bright seemed really creepy with everyone, just about borderline flirty, but especially so with Truelove (oh really, now we are in James Bond Nomenclature Land: can we expect Pussy Galore or Holly Goodhead?). A very disjointed episode. Though I did really covet House Beautiful.
  15. Sulador

    S05.E10: The Day the World Went Away

    Sorry, I just don't buy that the waitress recognized him AND his order after TEN YEARS. My coffeeshop servers barely recognize I'm there when I'm standing right in front of them, even though I go there a lot more often than once a year, or once every decade, or whatever the hell it was. I too live in New York, and just...no. So Samaritan would have to have been tracking Harold and waitress was a tool of same.