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  1. I loved the first couple of episodes of PT (except for the twins Slutsky and Itch), and now I don't watch. Everyone is trying too hard; most of them are not intelligent enough to make interesting comments (except maybe Alex, and he keeps his mouth shut most of the time), and all of them think they're funnier than they really are--or were, when the big breakout comedy pair was David and Annie. Now it's just ho-hum for me, and a little irritating, to watch these guys. That's a hard pass.
  2. I think if Debbie had half a brain, or wasn't so befuddled by her love for Coltee, and just shut up about Larissa, she'd be rid of Larissa a lot faster. Her bad-mouthing her d-i-l to Coltee just makes him feel compelled to come back with "Yes, but she's my wife, and I don't want bad things to happen to her." If he were allowed to have the bad thoughts himself, maybe his defense of Larissa would be less automatic. He wouldn't feel like he had to pretend to be a good husband. If Debbie would just be the sympathetic listener--even chime in with "Yes, but she is your wife" once in a while--it would be a lot easier for Coltee to ditch Larissa. JMO, but then I've never been in competition with any of my son's girlfriends.
  3. Mothra

    S01.E06: Another World

    What I want to know is why Jenny wanted to move to India. She doesn't like the clothes she is expected to wear, she is, in fact, "an American woman. No one tells me how to dress" or words to that effect, despite the fact that she went through her clothing while packing to decide what would fly in India and what wouldn't. It's not like she wasn't there before and this is some big surprise to her. And her shrieking "oh my god!!!!" and cringing every time their rickshaw or whatever it's called passed another vehicle--what did she expect? A Yellow Cab? I think *one* "oh my god" would have been enough. I think it's downright rude to have felt compelled to announce loudly every fucking time they passed another vehicle that she felt unsafe riding in the traditional mode of transportation *in the country she chose to live in*. What was Sumit supposed to do about her terror? Buy her a Buick? She must not know much about Indian culture not to understand how big a deal Sumit's betrayal of his family means to him and on just how thin the ice in on which she skates. Every time she acts like a fucking tourist there's another crack in Sumit's resolve to choose her over his family, and she has no clue. For her, it's like an American teenager sneaking off on a date his family has forbidden him to see--"How did it go when you told your family"--like it was really no big deal and in time his family would just have to come around. You just wait, Jenny my dear, you just wait. Even the aunties can see mutton dressed up as lamb, and I think Sumit is going to get a bellyful of smirks from his compatriots quicker than he thinks. Jenny is either going to be sporting a sari or on the next bus to Cleveland before too long.
  4. Mothra

    S01.E06: Another World

    Remember, before they set off for the airport Deavan tried to wipe Dracula's face, and Dracula took the washcloth? Deavan said Oh you're going to wash your own face? And Dracula made one swipe, and that was that? 'Member?
  5. She doesn't even have to spin weight loss as a reaction to body shaming. She is all about being healthy at any size and being able to do what anyone else can do even if she is technically obese. We have seen her being told that her health is in danger (diabetes for one thing) unless she loses weight. We could watch her losing weight not to attain some goal of xxx pounds but in terms of monitoring her blood sugar--i.e. check her blood sugar every week instead of her weight--or some other indication of better health. She could dramatically throw away her scale and keep a record of how many pushups she can do as she eats a more healthy diet. There need be *no* body shaming involved. Unlike what she is doing now, announcing what size clothing she wears. How does clothing size indicate physical fitness? The sad fact is that Whitney, because of indulgent parents, has never had to work hard for anything in her life. She does things that are easy for her (weight-lifting vs. cardio) and that she is able to accomplish fairly quickly. She doesn't do anything that is difficult, takes a long time to master, or that she plain doesn't like. Her parents, over-protective, have shielded her from the hard facts of life, and she likes it that way. She will never lose weight through body-shaming, trying to become fit, to please a man--anything--because it would require an effort that her parents can't make go away.
  6. This. I don't know when the idea that when an adult, or even a child over the age of four, feels hungry, she needs a snack. We were never given snacks when I was a kid, and with only a couple of dramatic exceptions, none of us was overweight. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe, if we were watching a movie on tv, the whole family would share a batch of popcorn--my mother would give each of us a paper napkin with one corner filled, about a cup of popcorn. IMO no one needs a snack ever unless there is a medical reason for it. Babies and small children are growing and need to be fed when they are hungry, but those of us who are full-grown should be able to wait for the next meal to eat. I've found that if you wait out feelings of hunger, they subside. It is not coincidental that Dr. Now's first rule is nothing to eat between meals. I think most of us could lose a significant amount of weight by not consuming any calories outside of meals.
  7. Me, too. My top weight was 287, and when I figured out what I should be eating, I was dropping 1-3 pounds a day *minimum* until I hit about 220. Then it slowed down. I've lost over 100 lbs, taking about 18 months, with no exercise whatsoever. I mean *none*. I'm at around 170 and have to be sure I'm eating enough to maintain a loss of about 1 lb./week or I get weak and dizzy.
  8. I did understand your point; I didn't phrase myself well. FWIW, I think you're right. Just like really, really fat people can drop weight amazingly fast when they're on the same diet as not-so-fat people. I just can't pass up a chance to remind people that exercise alone won't do it. It's an obsession of mine, probably because my husband insists he can lose weight with sit-ups!
  9. Mothra

    S07.E27: June, Chad & Pauline

    While I agree that a lot of these WATN eps are boring beyond bearing, I can't help myself: I sit there and grin when I see success stories like these--not Pauline, of course, but I take a great deal of pleasure in seeing her fail (and I'd be available to help Dylan/Dillon murder her)--but I get this shit-eating grin and my mood is lifted and I'm so happy for them.
  10. Remember, 1 pound = 3500 calories. 3500. I don't care how hard she's exercising, she isn't going to lose weight unless she eats less. Exercise makes you feel better, makes you stronger, firms you up, but you cannot lose weight using exercise alone. 3500 calories, so easy to take in, so hard to take off.
  11. Mothra

    S01.E06: Another World

    Exactly my impression. And I think her sex books and sex toys are going to have zero effect on his performance, plus they will insult the hell out of him. "Male-dominant culture" includes the bedroom. Didn't she watch Game of Thrones? Is she planning to shave her pubic area? She'd better find out how the culture she's moving to considers pubic hair--some cultures find a hairy crotch a good thing, the hairier the better--and I wonder if some cultures see a hairless crotch even on an adult woman as approaching pedophilia. Surely she is not hoping to introduce Aladin to cunnilingus? Didn't she watch The Sopranos and what Uncle Junior went through when it was learned he went down on his gf? Aladin seems to be in love with the woman in the internet photos, so in love that he doesn't see reality right in front of his eyes. He said she was a Muslim man's dream, blue-eyed and blonde, and she does look in those doctored photos like a 1950's pinup girl. I don't know how she is pulling this off in person, but in trying to make him care about her sexual pleasure she's treading down a dangerous path. She needs to leave well enough alone until she finds out a little more about Muslim men's attitudes about jiggy jiggy.
  12. Mothra

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Ikr? What is the matter with Marcellino? He doesn't understand that taking a confrontational attitude with Tino (or whatever his name is) will end any visitation rights they have now? Why oh why is he trying to fuck things up? I get it that it's a dick-measuring contest, but I though Marcellino was smarter than this. If they just keep their mouths shut and carry on as they're doing now, with the kid essentially living with them full time, what's the problem? Why stir up trouble? I never thought I'd think Brittany had any kind of brain power, but I have to give it up to her. Marcellino is going to fuck this up; he's determined to do it.
  13. Mothra

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Whoever bought those boobs should get a refund. In fact, I'm not sure those are store-bought at all--they're mighty saggy. I think maybe Lizzie was born with big tits, and Mother Nature's first cousin Gravity has had his way with them. In any case, she needs a better bra, one with underwires.
  14. <whispering> Here is what happened: Ashley and her friends saw an ad participants in a TV show about Americans who sought spouses overseas, all travel expenses paid.
  15. I'm tired of Pillow Talk. Loved Annie and David when I was surprised by how funny they are and all the bed cooking. Both of those things have grown old. Never could stand the Fartsy/Tartsy twins. Ff right through them. Tarik and Dean? Dean's being smitten with Seabiscuit was funny two or three times, now it's predictable and boring. Alexei and Loren are kind of cute but not enough to carry the whole damn show. Besides I keep watching for her to tic, so I don't really pay much attention to what they say.