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  1. I wish someone there with Tammy would acknowledge that trying over and over to make her stick to a diet is fruitless and just give up on that. They've tried so many times to get her to follow a diet, and it's just not going to work, so please can we try something else? I'd like to see a dietitian sit down with her and ask her what she would like to eat, then help her understand that she can continue to eat what she wants, just lesser quantities. This will take a long, long time--years, in fact--but it will take out the message of failure and at some point she will find a feeling of succ
  2. And *flat*--how can chanting and spoken word be *flat?* but they are. Edit: They have an unfortunate body type: they are very short, with all their height apparently from the waist down. They choose to emphasize their breasts, which makes them even shorter-waisted, so the overall effect is blockish. I think that a woman with a very short waist who is also very short in height would be better served by not inflating her boobs (in fact by deflating them) and working on making her (long) legs the alluring part of her body. These women, with their flowing hair and enormous tits, tiny wa
  3. Never even considered that but holy moly, Princess. Right on the money.
  4. A Dumpster fire! An honest-to-god Dumpster fire! I can die satisfied.
  5. Whitney always was pretty, with skillful makeup (she has little pig eyes which were well concealed--the pigness, not the eyes. Plus you know how I feel about pigs; I wouldn't change their little eyes for all the tea in China--on pigs). She had Babs' true Cupid's-bow lips, so unusual and I think so pretty, and she's gone right ahead and over-plumped them so she just looks stupid. Babs seems to have restrained herself on the lip injections. I'm interested to see what if anything the Botox does to Babs' face. And do those lip injections last forever? I remember somebody on TV who had hi
  6. And he's receiving Social Security, all of which means he isn't having to touch his capital (not a euphemism). Between SS and pension a single person who doesn't live in an expensive location could live very comfortably indeed. Not only is Lisa a second person; she is a second person who believes she is married to a millionaire and doesn't understand why he is being such a tightwad when she wants to spend a thousand or so on clothing. If she were to marry him and of course outlive him, and if his will doesn't contain the dreaded "Fluffy Clause" which leaves the bulk of the estate to the car
  7. That blew my mind, too. Does she just not bathe? And does she just turn on the shower to clean that litter box? You're supposed to have more than one box if you have more than one cat (I read somewhere one box per cat, plus one)--her whole toilet must be unusable due to the odor. Is she hooked up to some kind of cess pit? Won't that absorbent litter eventually clog her pipes? And what a lazy slob to not bother with litter boxes! Re: Gabe's braces: on other reality shows, young women seem to wear braces forever, and I thought it was some kind of new cosmetic thing, but with all thos
  8. I swore I would not watch this (just like I swore I'd never watch Darcey & Stacey), and I should have kept my word. I happened upon the marathon and am currently under doctor's care. But I want to know something: Are braces the new swooping false eyelashes? or are swooping eyelashes the new braces? And where can I get me some? My son wore braces (not for cosmetic reasons--poor child took after his father's side orthodontically) and it seems to me he didn't wear them for more than a year. Am I still hallucinating? I kind of see the appeal: when women are very thin, their teeth do t
  9. I have worked for an accountant in my long and storied career, and it might surprise you to know how many old folks, once they've paid off their mortgages, have a net worth of a million dollars or more. I look at Stan in his sad little house and think about his bragging that he is a millionaire and smile. Old people who have paid off their mortgages and their car loans, who have no more college tuition or other expense of children, especially old people who benefited from 401K plans or other saving plans where employers matched employee contributions, can easily rack up a net worth of a mill
  10. This is all my fault. I was trying to be funny. I don't really think anyone, doctors or the state or the Flying Spaghetti Monster ought to deny Whitney the opportunity to become a mother. And I don't think anybody has expressed that *seriously*. But I still think anyone who aids and abets her in this enterprise ought to be ashamed of themselves.
  11. I want to know where they got that whole package of cookies. "Chuffed?"" Somebody's been watching Drew Pritchard.
  12. Olivia is a daughter-in-law who is trying to be "in charge of the Plaths" by saying she won't participate if the parents are there. She is creating the conditions under whether mother and father are able to attend a concert performance by their child. I think Olivia should back off and counsel Moriah to put her parents' feelings first *in this situation*. I loathe the parents, but think of the choice Olivia and Olivia alone has created for them: either they do not attend a concert by their child--which imo is a pretty big deal--or they risk having the keyboard performer what? walk off
  13. This show absolutely delights me. Who is stupider, Shawn or Daonte? Who is more dangerous, Sammy or ---? Nobody. Amber, get far far away from Sammy. He might kill you. Lacey you whore--although Chane is clearly up to *something* imo (I never ever heard of a healthy young man turning down sex with a woman who apparently appeals to him physically)--she wants Chon and I bet she ends up with Chon but please don't be such a whore. Maybe Chane does have something to hide, but you do, too. Amber is smart and industrious imo but I really do fear for her. And at least dumbass Daonte ha
  14. Christ, I don't know. The one married to Olivia. They really do all look alike to me. In any case, thanks.
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