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  1. I think so, too. And the fact that he has such a large limit on his credit card--I don't think mine would allow me to buy a car, not even a used piece of shit car--is very suspicious to me.. Does he need such a high credit limit because of business expenses? Then why on earth would he give her his business credit card (that's where I think the IRS would come knocking). Credit companies' ideal customers are people who do not pay the entire balance every month, but who reliably make a payment of some smaller amount, racking up interest charges. If he has a credit limit high enough to allow the purchase of a car, maybe he is someone who carries a large debt balance, paying only a portion each month. Like the HWofNJ, all his showy lifestyle (small-penis cars, too-tight shirts, "wine dude" career) may be just cardboard.
  2. Assuming Michael and Juliana appear on the next season, I would hope that the kids would be left out of this mess. I think there have been other couples where the kids "disappeared" after being in the first season.
  3. Shows her ignorance. An inclusion in a purported diamond pretty much proves it's a real diamond--what fake would be made with a flaw? A lower quality diamond, to be sure, but a real one. And if the inclusion is tiny, who but a jeweler cares? (yes, my ring has a tiny black fleck in the stone. But it's real, dammit!)
  4. Steven is an aggressive little shit. When people treat him with any respect at all, it's because they're worried about Olga and little Steven. He's got a chip on his shoulder about things that have not been controversial in decades (i.e. everyone needs to go to college) and is so wrapped up in thinking he is the first person to discover these truths (some people like the city; some people like the country) that he doesn't notice that no one disagrees with him. But he's ready to fight about it.
  5. Have to disagree. Thought long and hard about not having implants after my bilateral surgery late last year and decided the hassle of buying and taking care of prostheses was more trouble than having fake tits. Mine are not beautiful, (no nipples and strange folds) but at least I didn't have to buy new clothes for the fit. Or explain to everyone I encountered why I was suddenly flat-chested. None of their business. I guarantee you when your tits have tried to kill you and you've had them removed, getting fakes or going commando is not a decision ruled by vanity. You just want to get on with your life. With gratitude.
  6. Thanks for checking (Google is my friend...Google is my friend...Google is my friend) but then what was the so-called scam? Why was Puppy a little pissed at Amber for ruining their future by ditching Vince? And why isn't somebody going (back) to jail for this? Has anyone ever explained what the hell Vincent and/or Amber think they are doing?
  7. As I understand the scam, Vincent adopted Puppy (and Amber's mother?) in order to receive higher benefits from the service? Even though Puppy is an adult? And Puppy and Amber cooked this up--I assume Vincent shared the extra money with them? And then if he married Amber as a married man he'd receive even more money? Are the armed forces really this dumb? Then why don't servicemen and women do this all the time? And Puppy was sort of pissed at Amber for breaking up with Vince because then they wouldn't get the extra money for a married serviceman? But they'll still get the extra money for having an adopted child(ren)? This all seems too dumb to me to be believable. When this is all revealed on TV, will Vince go to federal prison? Lose all his military benefits?
  8. I didn't know this was a thing, and I apologize for making light of it. I was thinking of the "witches' teat," an extra nipple or wart or cyst or anything abnormal that showed you were a witch and therefore firewood.
  9. I felt like Glorietta let go mightily quickly, given all the prep she'd done for her wedding. Finding out that Alex was on a date with another woman, without hinting to G. that he was no longer interested (even the fact that she hadn't heard from him in days didn't trigger any desperation as far as I could see), with no big reaction makes me think G. wanted to be on TV. Does she see another season in her future? Better invest in an eyebrow consultant.
  10. Those of us who trained at the Dr. Pimple Popper School of Dermatology know that keloids can come back worse than before if they are removed. Maybe she's been advised to leave it alone. It is distracting, though. Someone suggested it's a third nipple.
  11. <whispering> I'm such a whore.
  12. The trouble with shopping at Goodwill (even at Marshall's) is that you have to weed through a lot of stuff you're not interested in to find the good stuff. In a new clothing store, your choices are much fewer and are organized in a way that makes it easy to find things you are interested in. He should have taken her to a mid-range department store for this first visit, with a budget amount specified. To a person unfamiliar with Goodwill or Salvation Army stores, the array of clothing--individual items without a group where you simply find your size--must be confusing and sort of awful. Plus it's not where you want to shop with your husband--you need time to poke through everything. IMO it's insane to buy jeans anywhere else.
  13. Wikipedia: Thomas Wiseau (/wɪˈzoʊ/, /ˈwaɪzoʊ/) is a European-American actor and filmmaker, best known for writing, producing, directing, and starring in the 2003 film The Room, which has been described by many critics as one of the worst movies ever made and has gained cult film status. Me: there was a movie a couple of years ago about "The Room" and Tommy Wiseau, "The Disaster Artist" which was a treat and a half. Truly. Go see it. <smooch>
  14. I want to bear your children.
  15. Well, I suspect there are so many everyday differences between US and Turkish cultures that it would be difficult, especially for dummies, to anticipate everything and prepare one's dummy family for them. What I don't get is why both the US family and the Turkish guy don't act like they have some manners and behave courteously to one another when there's an obvious cultural difference. Why wouldn't they all assume that there is no evil intent in anyone's strange (to them) behavior and accept it with a smile? Why wouldn't the Turkish guy ask, as best he could, "Oh--you don't do this?" and the Americans say, demonstrating in a kind manner, "This is how we greet each other?" What's the matter with these people? Oh. I forgot. They're stupid as shit. Maybe not the Turkish guy--he's on his own and trying hard to make a good impression. But the rest of them? Feh.
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