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  1. I thought this was going to be Silva Squared, but it's not. I agree with those who posted that these women are behaving this way for tv time and nothing else, and the Australian ones belong in a zoo. I'll give it one more episode, but I'm real close to checking out. And my sister Mortha agrees with me.
  2. I do not have a great memory, so this might be totally wrong, but I think back (was it two seasons ago?) when June was losing weight, we were told that she'd had gastric sleeve surgery. I'm sure if she did it was comped, but I don't recall any of her doctor visits, so who knows? About Alana: If she's getting minimal health checks, surely someone somewhere has checked her blood sugar levels, whether the doctor knew about Sugar Bear or not. I'm no doctor, but I am a sentient being, and I think any child who had been chubby, then obese, for her entire life would be at risk for diabetes, r
  3. Holeee shit. You bet your ass I'm in.
  4. I had no idea. I thought there was some kind of legal consideration in open adoption which guaranteed the birth parents some kind of minimal contact with the child. Well, that makes Dawn even more of a jerk than I thought she was. On the show (of course we don't know what she told them when we weren't listening) I think I recall her saying things like "It's entirely up to B&T how much contact you have with Carly," but I never got the clear message that they (C&T) really had no enforceable rights to any relationship at all; more like "B&T get to decide which activities you g
  5. From: God (Me) To: Garlic Re: I (God) tryeth again For Garlic's eyes only. I (God) meaneth it. Over and out. And thanks, Mothra. There wilt be something a little extra in thy pay envelope this time. Buy thyself something nice.
  6. "I have to take care of everything," while she uses a bulldozer to move the dust off that tv. I bet she was surprised to find that it was a color model. That tv just astounded me--it was big and obviously the centerpiece of the room, and I would bet good money that Jeanne and mom spent a lot of time looking at it. The filth was just staggering, and I myself live in filth and squalor because I am too busy watching reality tv to do anything about it. My tv is up on the wall, and I don't clean it because I would have to stand up. But Jeanne has to pass her tv every day on her way to the shit
  7. I had not thought of that. I suspect they believed that by the time Carly would be aware of what was going on on the TV show--maybe three or four years?--the show would be winding down. I doubt that they ever imagined Carly would be exposed to C&T's tv life--and have her friends and teachers exposed to it as well for so long. I am not a nice person, so I believe that if this whole mess were not on tv, C&T (and especially C) would not be in contact with Carly and her family and would not think of her more than once or twice a year. They certainly wouldn't be budging themselves t
  8. And how about that cyst on the tip of that lady's nose? Gold, I tell you. I was amazed by the almost invisible scar that was left--what a nice job.
  9. Couldn't agree more. We've already seen this show become a vehicle for damaging the children involved (Sophia, anyone?), and if that's not enough to get MTV to stop this madness and cruelty, I don't know what is. Damage to the kids aside, it can't be good for people like Amber, who have genuinely serious mental illness, to be paraded for our entertainment, and it can't be good for Gary and his family to be put in the position of opposing a crazy lady, who truly isn't responsible for the paranoia she spews at them. It can't be good for these (now) adults to continue to have the MTV t
  10. Well, I don't think Tyler was talking about literally writing a letter such as you suggest--of course he could do that. But should he intrude himself into Carly's life in that way, especially since he and Catelyn have not maintained a regular, dependable connection to Carly during all these years? There have been spates where they reached out, ghastly times when they introduced Carly to Butch and the whole gang, then months if not years of silence, during which they periodically bitched about how hard Brandon and Theresa were making it for them to have a close relationship with Carly. There
  11. Dr. Drew pooh-poohed the threat of covid-19 until he contracted it and got really, really sick: In April, a video compilation circulated online of Pinsky downplaying COVID-19 in multiple interviews from February and March and telling people how the virus is less severe than the flu. In one clip from February, when asked if he could foresee 20,000 deaths caused by coronavirus, he said “it’s not gonna happen.” As of Thursday, COVID-19 has killed more than 1.8 million people worldwide, including at least 343,818 Americans, according to Johns Hopkins. “It is a press-induced panic,
  12. I actually thought Tyler's (and boy has he ever gained weight) attitude toward contacting Carly was much saner and adult than Cate's. I wanted to punch her in the nose when she said she was going to send letters to Carly every month, with stamps and paper enclosed. Tyler said he did not trust his ability to communicate what he means, so he is not going to try to contact Carly--and he pointed out that B&T are Carly's parents and have to make decisions they feel are right for her. Catelyn is living in a fantasy world where Carly wants to have a close relationship with these two, who are n
  13. I call him Drew or Dr. Pinsky. I hate this fake intimacy these guys try to pretend to. That goes for Dr. Ish and Dr. Phil as well. It's like they're inviting you to call them by their first names but not really because *they* are *doctors.* There were opportunities for all kinds of interesting exchanges on this episode, and they didn't take advantage of a single on. They could at least have forced people to watch what actually was said--by Ryan and by Amber, especially. Why didn't they? Are they afraid someone will walk off? Amber is nutty as a fruitcake, and I feel bad abo
  14. I think there's a lot of truth in what you say about Dimitri's personality. It makes even more of a puzzle to me why he would want to risk exposure on a tv show focused mainly on his sex life. Hubris, for sure, and insatiable thirst. But he and Ashley must have known that eventually one of these women would out them. I wonder if participants sign a nondisclosure agreement that covers spilling details about the various couples' sex lives, and that's what Dimitri and Ashley were relying on, and why Vanessa didn't speak out. Was there a tell-all last season? If so, I'd love to watch it
  15. No. What happened to you was never, ever your fault. Nothing you did caused this dreadful thing to happen. Nothing.
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